Friday, August 23, 2019

On Rabid Ruskies, Bleach Blonde Informants, and Gay Dumbness Bliss


by Phil Butler, New Eastern Outlook:

Russian President Vladimir Putin is at it again. He’s testing the west’s propaganda machine. Don’t be alarmed though, for the media arrayed against the world’s most powerful villain shall prevail on the sheer power of the herd mentality (collective mooing in the background). As for Russia, there is nothing to be dumbfounded by more than the “dumbest” experts on Earth – the numb sculls from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty to Ukraine’s UNIAN news agency. Here’s the latest foolishness from them.

Putin’s Austrian Hosts: “Russia Is an Important Part of Europe”

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

There are reasons for optimism. Despite the terrible toll of destruction underway in Yemen, Gaza, Syria, and elsewhere in Asia and other points victimized by British geopolitically-stoked strife, developments are occurring, which give grounds for hope and action. Three events stand out.

In Europe yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin was received for a state visit to Austria, where the theme of dialogue was struck, going against all the British dirty operations to date, aimed at demonizing Putin and his nation. Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen said in welcome, “Russia is definitely an important part of Europe.” Moreover, as of July 1, Austria will take up the rotating chairmanship of the European Union for six months. On sanctions, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said, they won’t buck Brussels on the EU’s current policy of anti-Russian sanctions. But Austrian leaders have indicated they will move to downsize Brussels, i.e. get a large cohort of European Commission bureaucrats fired!

Disney, Legoland Employees Busted With Horrifying Child Porn of Toddlers and Infants


by Rachel Blevins, The Free Thought Project:

Eleven men are facing a total of 660 charges for possessing and promoting child pornography that depicted infants as young as 12 months old.

Polk County, Florida – Eleven men were arrested on Monday, and they are now facing a total of more than 650 charges in a disturbing child porn sting that included horrific images of babies as young as 12 months old, and that implicated employees at Disney World and Legoland, and a volunteer for Boy Scouts of America.

The arrests were made as part of an operation called “Guardians of Innocence II,” which was carried out by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office’s computer crime unit. In a press release reported by the Tampa Bay Times, Sheriff Grady Judd confirmed that the accused pedophiles may be facing even more charges, as the investigation continues.

Former Head of DNC Aided & Abetted Muslim IT Spy, Imran Awan

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Former head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is on the front line of aiding and abetting Awan and his associates.

One of the biggest stories of 2017 and 2018 is being ignored by the mainstream media and we all know why that is. It’s because it implicates dozens of House Democrats in what could be the biggest crime of spying in US history by Muslim IT spy Imran Awan and his partners.

Former head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is on the front line of aiding and abetting Awan and his associates as has been revealed by Luke Rosiak of The Daily Caller.

The Situation In Ukraine Darkens

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

Ukraine has been the epicenter of The New Cold War since it rapidly intensified in early 2014. Sadly, the situation on the ground is deteriorating once again. We can hope that good will through The World Cup will keep things in check but the reality is that hot war is once again emerging as a real and frightening possibility.

Read this:…

And then listen to last evening podcast in its entirety. Thank you for keeping yourself informed and prepared.

Starbucks’ “sensitivity training” actually just a forced “re-education camp” that subjected employees to police brutality videos


by Jayson Veley, Natural News:

Late last month, Starbucks closed hundreds of stores across the country in order to provide their employees with racial sensitivity training following the arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia store back in April. This wasn’t just any racial sensitivity training, however; this was anti-cop propaganda and social justice indoctrination of the highest order.

As reported by Information Liberation, Fabiola Cineas of spoke with two Starbucks baristas about the sensitivity training, which went on for six full hours and mostly consisted of presentations, videos and self-guided groups. However, the training largely failed to hit the mark.

The Secretive Bilberbergs Are Worried About Populism & US Hegemony In A “Post-Truth” World

from ZeroHedge:

It’s that time of the year again when the world’s richest and most powerful business executives, bankers, media heads and politicians gather for the highly secretive Bilderberg conference.

The high security three-day summit kicks off June 7th at the Lingotto Hotel in Turin, Italy – the one with the Fiat race track on its roof.

GOLD UP $1.30 TO $1297.20/SILVER UP 14 CENTS TO $16.66

by Harvey Organ, Harvey Organ Blog:


There Is No ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card for the President


by John W. Whitehead, Rutherford Institute:

When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal.“—Richard Nixon

Someone needs to alert Donald Trump: there is no “Get Out of Jail Free” card just for being president.

According to Trump’s Twitter feed, he believes that he has an absolute right to pardon himself of any crimes for which he might be charged while serving in office.

He’s not alone in this imperial belief.

Two of Trump’s lawyers have attempted to float the idea that “the president’s powers are so broad as to make it impossible for him to have obstructed justice.

Medicare Will Be Insolvent In 2026, Sooner Than Expected; Social Security To Follow In 2034

from ZeroHedge:

Medicare’s trust fund has just eight more years of solvency until 2026, and Social Security will be exhausted in 2034, according to Thursday projections by the trustees for the government programs.

While Social Security’s expected depletion is unchanged from last year’s projection, the date for Medicare’s demise was moved up three years.

Social Security is made up of several funds; the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) and Disability Insurance (DI) are combined for the designation OASDI, while Medicare’s Hospital Insurance trust fund is designated HI.

And The Worst City In America For 2018 Is…


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Before I reveal which city was chosen as the worst city in America this year, let me give you some hints. At one time nearly two million people lived there, but now the population has declined to about 700,000. It was once one of the greatest manufacturing cities in the entire world, and it once boasted the highest per capita income in the whole country. 50 years ago, thriving middle class neighborhoods peppered the city, but today it has become a rotting, decaying nightmare and a poster child for urban decay. Tens of thousands of structures stand empty, and that is after the city has already torn down thousands of abandoned buildings.

‘Elisa. E’ Shares Multiple Detestable Details About Her Experience Inside of MK Ultra

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

According to the US Government, MK ULTRA was the code-name for a secret program run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to conduct mind-control experiments on human beings from 1953 to 1964. The people used in these experiments did not suspect it, seemed to be chosen at random, and were often left emotionally crippled for the rest of their lives.

The rationale for this type of activity? Well, it’s the typical answer, for ‘national security’ purposes. Basically, the program was designed to make people do things they normally wouldn’t do whilst under mind control, for the purposes of whoever is ‘in charge’ and calling the shots atop the military industrial complex.