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Catalonia to Defy Spain, Declare Independence Next Week

by Jason Ditz, The Anti Media:

Spain’s Constitutional Court does not appear to be having much luck stopping an imminent Catalan declaration of independence. After ruling on Thursday that the regional parliament won’t be allowed to meet on Monday to declare independence, Catalonia looks to be doing an end around: they’re going to make the announcement Tuesday.

Spain has been struggling to find roadblocks to put in the way of the independence declaration by Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, but suspending a Monday session that was never even officially announced appears to have been useless. Catalan officials say Puigdemont will be addressing parliament Tuesday at 6 p.m., and MPs are expecting he’ll be submitting the declaration to the assembly at the time.

Catalan MPs say the text of the declaration is still being debated, but that at this point there’s no reason to expect any further delays. Spanish courts are unlikely to have time to try to block another session of parliament before it takes place.

Catalan voters overwhelmingly approved secession over the weekend, and a violent crackdown by Spanish police has only added to calls to quickly split from Spain. Spanish officials insist the referendum didn’t count because the courts forbade it. Catalonia’s leaders, however, maintain that the vote was valid and will stand.

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Futility at its Finest: Spanish Court Blocks Catalan Parliament from Declaring Independence; Civil War?

by Mish Shedlock, MishTalk:

What’s the point in telling someone they cannot do something, you know full well they will?

Prime minister Mariano Rajoy said there would be no Catalonia independence referendum. He lied. Despite sending in 10,000 troops to stop the referendum, there was a vote and it was 90{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} in favor of kissing Spain goodbye.

On Thursday, the Spanish Court Blocked the Catalan Parliament from Declaring Independence. Wanna bet?

Spain’s constitutional court has moved to stop the Catalan government making a unilateral declaration of independence by suspending the regional parliament session in which the results of Sunday’s referendum were due to be discussed.

The court warned that any session carried out in defiance of its ban would be “null”, and added that the parliament’s leaders could face criminal action if they ignored the court order.

The Madrid government has refused to rule out invoking article 155 of the constitution. The article, which has never been used, makes provision for the central government to step in and take control of an autonomous region if it “does not fulfill the obligations imposed upon it by the constitution or other laws, or acts in a way that is seriously prejudicial to the general interest of Spain”.

However, given the heightened tensions in Catalonia and the huge protests seen across the region this week, the move could prove counterproductive, and Puigdemont has already warned that the triggering of the article would be the Spanish government’s “ultimate mistake”.

Catalonia ‘Civil War’

The Telegraph reports Catalonia ‘civil war’ warning as independence declaration fears grow.

The EU’s budget commissioner has warned of the risk of “civil war” in Catalonia, as fears grew over a looming independence declaration and major banks prepared to relocate their headquarters.

As another day passed with no sign of dialogue and pro-independence parties pushed for the declaration of a Catalan Republic as early as Monday, Gunther Oettinger, the budget commissioner, urged the two sides to talk.

“The situation is very, very disturbing. A civil war is planned in the middle of Europe,” Mr. Oettinger said in Munich.

Bank Attack

Reuters reports Spain to make it easier for firms to move base from Catalonia as business alarm deepens.

Spain’s government will issue a decree on Friday making it easier for firms to transfer their legal base out of Catalonia, two sources said, in a move that could deal a serious blow to the region’s finances as it considers declaring independence.

The decree is tailor-made for Spanish lender Caixabank, sources familiar with the matter said, as it would make it possible for the bank to transfer its legal and tax base to another location without having to hold a shareholders’ meeting as stated in its statutes.

“The government is working on changing the law so that it’s no longer need to have a shareholders’ meeting, which would delay a change of the legal base in a case of emergency,” one of the sources said.

The board of Caixabank will meet on Friday to study a possible transfer of its legal base away from Catalonia due to the political uncertainty in the region, a source familiar with the situation said.

Caixabank is Catalonia’s biggest company by market value and accounts for around 50 percent of the region’s banking sector.

Another Catalonia-based bank, Sabadell, Spain’s fifth-biggest lender, decided on Thursday to move its base from Catalonia to Alicante, on Spain’s eastern coast.

Early next week, it’s highly likely Catalonia will tell Rajoy and the Spanish court where to go.

Then what?

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Catalan Independence: Why The Collective Hates It When People Walk Away

by Brandon Smith, Alt-Market:

I have written many times in the past about the singular conflict at the core of most human crises and disasters, a conflict that sabotages human endeavor and retards critical thought. This conflict not only stems from social interaction, it also exists within the psyche of the average individual. It is an inherent contradiction of the human experience that at times can fuel great accomplishment, but usually leads to great tragedy. I am of course talking about the conflict between our inborn need for self determination versus our inborn desire for community and group effort — sovereignty versus collectivism.

In my view, the source of the problem is that most people wrongly assume that “collectivism” is somehow the same as community. This is entirely false, and those who make this claim are poorly educated on what collectivism actually means. It is important to make a distinction here; the grouping of people is not necessarily or automatically collectivism unless that group seeks to subjugate the individuality of its participants. Collectivism cannot exist where individual freedom is valued. People can still group together voluntarily for mutual benefit and retain respect for the independence of members (i.e. community, rather than collectivism).

This distinction matters because there is a contingent of political and financial elites that would like us to believe that there is no middle ground between the pursuits of society and the liberties of individuals. That is to say, we are supposed to assume that all our productive energies and our safety and security belong to society. Either that, or we are extremely selfish and self serving “individualists” that are incapable of “seeing the bigger picture.” The mainstream discussion almost always revolves around these two extremes. We never hear the concept that society exists to serve individual freedom and innovation and that a community of individuals is the strongest possible environment for the security and future of humanity as a whole.

Thus, the mainstream argument becomes a kabuki theater between the “ignorantly destructive” populists/nationalists/individualists versus the more “reasonable” and supposedly forward thinking socialists/globalists/multiculturalists. The truth is, sovereignty champions can be pro-individual liberty and also pro-community or pro-nation, as long as that community is voluntary.

Collectivists will have none of this, however, and despite their intellectual and “rational” facade, they will often turn to brutality in order to disrupt any movement to decentralize power.

The civil unrest in the Spanish region of Catalonia is an interesting example of the tyranny of the collectivist ideology. According to mainstream doctrine, Spain is supposed to be a “decentralized unitary state” made up of “autonomous communities,” all with their own statutes and self governing bodies “loosely” regulated by the Spanish constitution of 1978. Catalonia, along with a couple other regions and cities in Spain, has long fought for true autonomy from the central government in Madrid. This separatist culture was crushed under the heel of Francisco Franco’s dictatorial regime after the Spanish Civil War which started in 1936.

After Franco’s death in 1975, Spain began its “transition to democracy” (democracy being the tyranny of the majority rather than tyranny by military regime). Once again, Catalonia’s push for independence returned.

The reasons for a Catalan secession are multitude and are of course noble or nefarious depending on which side you talk to. From my research, it would seem the primary drive for Catalonia is economic. Spain is one of the more indebted member states in the European Union with a national debt near 100{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of GDP. The “great recession” starting in 2008 struck Spain particularly hard, with around 21{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of the general population officially in poverty and over 40{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of all children officially in poverty. Unemployment according to government statistics hovers near 18{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528}.

Catalonia is the most prosperous region in Spain’s economy, accounting for nearly 20{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of total GDP. Catalans also assert that taxation in their region is a primary pillar for the Spanish government, which has not returned the favor with sufficient investment in infrastructure in the region. In essence, there is a “taxation without representation” feel to the conflict, and Americans in particular know very well how that kind of situation can end.

On the other side of the debate, it is clear that if Catalonia leaves the Spanish system on negative terms, then Spain’s already crumbling economy will be destroyed. The motivation for Spain to keep control of Catalonia is high just on the grounds of economic disaster.

Beyond the economic issue, another interesting side note on Spain is its intense social justice (cultural Marxism) programs. While Europeans often suggest Spain as being a “conservative” government, in policy and action this is simply not true.  Spain is notorious for being one of the most militantly feminist governments in the EU aside from Sweden, and this is saying something given the socialist nature of the EU. Gender laws and divorce laws in the country offer some of the most draconian double standards against men I have ever witnessed. Perhaps this will give you a kind of litmus test for the sort of culture we are dealing with here, and maybe it accounts for some discontent in certain portions of the Spanish population.

Catalonia itself is often cited as being “more liberal” in its political orientation in comparison to the rest of Spain. Of course, the term “liberal” can mean many different things in Europe depending on the nation, and American definitions do not necessarily apply. Just as Europeans tend to have no understanding whatsoever of what “conservatism” means in the U.S., Americans have a hard time understanding all the intricacies of the various levels of “liberalism” in Europe.

That said, what side of the political spectrum Catalonia sits on is irrelevant to greater discussion.

What I actually enjoy pointing out here is the fact that whether you look at the Franco era of nationalist totalitarianism, or the “semi” socialist and hyper-cultural Marxist era of today, the Spanish government STILL acts the same in its despotism against Catalan separation or independence.  It is not as if the socialists set out to right the wrongs of the Franco regime once it fell. Not at all. Instead, they merely perpetuated the same attitude of centralization while wearing a smiling face. Once again, we see that there is very little difference between fascism and communism/socialism when we get down to core behaviors and policies.

Collectivists, regardless of what other labels they use to identify themselves, have certain rules that they consistently follow in order to maintain power. One of those rules is that the collective is indivisible. They might pontificate endlessly about their superior democratic ideals, but when some people vote to leave en masse, either in polling booths or with their feet, the mask of benevolence always comes off and the true monster behind collectivism is revealed.

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How Did Things Get So Bad in Catalonia?

by Don Quijones, Wolf Street:

Will Spain trigger Article 155 of the Constitution?

Unless concrete measures are taken to calm tensions between Madrid and Catalonia, one of Spain’s richest, safest and most visited regions could soon be plunged into chaos. With neither side willing for now to take even a small step back from the brink, the hopes of any kind of negotiated settlement being reached are virtually nil, especially with the European Commission refusing to mediate.

Since Sunday the Spanish government has even ruled out dealing with Catalonia’s president, Carles Puigdemont, and its vice president, Oriol Junqueras. In other words, the communication breakdown between Madrid and Barcelona is now complete.

But how did things get so bad in Catalonia?

The answer, to borrow from Ernest Hemmingway’s The Sun Also Rises, is “gradually, then suddenly.” While the standoff between Madrid and Barcelona has been on the cards for years, it’s been brewing so slowly that many people were caught off guard when riot units of Spain’s National Police and the Civil Guard began using brutal violence to prevent people from voting in Catalonia’s banned referendum.

Now, what we have on our hands is a full-frontal clash between two diametrically opposed nationalisms that has roots dating back centuries. The most recent tensions were inflamed in 2010, when Spain’s highly politicizedSupreme Court, at the urging of the now governing People’s Party, annulled many of the articles of Catalonia’s recently agreed Statue of Autonomy, effectively stripping the agreement of any meaning. Gone was any chance of any fiscal autonomy. That this happened just as the Financial Crisis was beginning to bite in Catalonia hardly helped matters.

Since then, the Rajoy administration has refused to offer greater fiscal autonomy for Catalonia, or the chance to hold a legitimate referendum on national independence. The argument is always the same: the 1978 constitution forbids it from doing so and it can’t change the constitution, although the Rajoy’s party voted to change the constitution to enable Spain’s bailout of its savings banks while in opposition in 2011.

Catalonia’s regional government, the Generalitat, in the face of such intransigence and seeking to deflect public attention from the brutal austerity cuts it was making, began to take matters into its own hands. Little by little, disobedience became defiance, which gradually evolved into open rebellion.

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John Rubino – Catalonia Succession Vote Brutally Suppressed

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

John Rubino returns… First, again our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the loved ones involved in the Las Vegas Massacre. There are just no words to describe the horror. John and I discussed the Catalonian succession vote in Spain. Seems that the powers that be didn’t want to see it happen and attacked innocent people who were voting. There were hundreds of injuries for absolutely now reason. And the vote, largely symbolic, still went to independence. As John says, “It’s easy for a small area to setup a country these days.”

Click HERE to listen.

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Catalan Officials Meet to Plan Independence

by Stephen Lendman, StephenLendman:

On Monday, Catalan officials met in Barcelona. Referendum results showed 90{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of the autonomous region’s residents support independence from fascist Spain.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont chaired a Monday cabinet meeting. He’s expected to ask regional parliamentarians to vote on an independence declaration within days, calling Sunday’s vote valid, binding, and had to be applied, adding:

“My government in the next few days will send the results of the vote to the Catalan parliament, where the sovereignty of our people lies, so that it can act in accordance with the law of the referendum.”

EU officials can no longer “continue to look the other way.” At the same time, Puigdemont called for international mediation to help resolve a standoff with Madrid, saying “(w)e don’t want a traumatic break…We want a new understanding with the Spanish state.”

Catalan trade unions and associations called a region-wide strike for Tuesday, protesting Madrid’s “grave violation of rights and freedoms.”

In Madrid, PM Mariano Roy is meeting with ruling People’s Party officials, discussing how to confront Catalonian independence if declared as expected.

Spain’s El Pais broadsheet blamed Catalan officials for Sunday’s “shameful” events, Madrid bears full responsibility for. It also blamed Rajoy’s regime for failing to prevent the independence referendum from taking place – calling Sunday “a defeat for our country.”

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The Violent Face of the EU is Revealed in Catalonia

by Tom Luongo, Russia Insider:

Spain’s violent opposition in Catalonia peels back the veneer of what the EU truly stands for…control.

Despite the best efforts of the European establishment, the Catalonia referendum finally went ahead as scheduled. Violence ensued.  Spain’s central government believes its laws are primary.

And that they have the right to suppress dissent based on that belief.

Because that is always what happens when a government’s authority is directly threatened by the people’s desire for something else. Violent suppression.

This event is a stark reminder of what George Washington said of government, “… is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.

All of the niceties of orderly society dissolve when it reaches this point.  It’s all smiles and high-minded ideals until someone says, “No thanks. I don’t want what you’re selling.”

And that’s when the tanks roll in.

Governments operate on the mistaken belief that we cannot function without them.  They, and their apologists, are wrong.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, obviously under the orders of his EU masters and handlers in Brussels, learned nothing from history. He learned nothing from Tienanmen Square, the Berlin Wall, Moscow or even Brexit.

You cannot stop an idea whose time has come.  And thanks to one of the worst miscalculations by a government in a generation what was lukewarm support for independence galvanized into a near unanimous expression of disgust.

89{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} for, 11{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} against

Catalonia – Years in the Making

I’ve been following this story for years; watching it build to this point.  If it didn’t turn into violence this time then it would have the next.  Catalonia was told multiple times this vote was ‘illegal’ and yet they planned for it anyway.

They were told not to draft founding documents, and yet they did so.  While the official polling had Catalan independence support hovering below the 50{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} line, it beggars logic that those polls were accurate given the response from Rajoy’s government.

Simply put, the polls were lying and support for independence was far higher than anyone was willing to admit.  After the past two weeks of egregious moves to stop the vote from taking place, Spain’s central government created even more independent radicals.

This is a point lost in the apologia emanating from normally sober observers of geopolitics, in this case “B.” from Moon of Alabama, trying to frame this vote as anti-democratic.

Catalonia has a GDP per capita of some $33,580/year. For Spain as a whole the GDP per capita is $26,643/year. Many factors account for the difference. Catalonia has an advantages in climate, in the vicinity of the French border, the high attractiveness for tourists with its capital Barcelona and its beaches. It has a well developed industry. But the “rest of Spain” is also, by far, its biggest market.

A richer part of the country does not want to subsidize the poorer ones. But it still wants to profit from them.

In general, the splitting off of sub-states from the bigger, established nations weakens both.

The wistfulness of “B’s” tone here tells you everything you need to know.  He’s an unabashed German leftist.  His soak-the-rich ideology is more important than the right of people to be free to choose their destiny.

The final line quoted is laughable on the face of it.

If the arrangement between Catalonia and the rest of Spain was good for both we wouldn’t be here.  This isn’t some variation on ‘white privilege’ for rich Catalans.  It’s simple economics.

The EU is Broke(n)

Governments around the world are broke.  They are especially broke in the EU.  Catalonia no longer wanted to subsidize the debt incurred by Spain’s government (which is, frankly, insane) on top of the wealth transfers already in place.

Madrid opposed the vote because of the potential for breakdown of European capital markets and the inability for the European Central Bank to cover the fallout.  That’s where Rajoy’s orders came from.

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This Is What Collapse Looks Like: ‘Roving Gangs Fight For Resources… Aid Workers Being Held At Gunpoint In Puerto Rico’


by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

What does it look like when the entire system around you collapses?

The fallout in Puerto Rico, which has left a devastating impact with no food on grocery store shelves or electricity to over three million people, gives us a glimpse:

As Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper recently noted in What It’s Really Like After the SHTF, the situation with essential services and supplies is desperate and untenable:

  • Many homes were completely destroyed.
  • There is hardly any potable water.
  • Hospitals are struggling to keep people alive.
  • There isn’t much food.
  • There is little communication.
  • Help has been slow to arrive

In her widely popular guide The Prepper’s Blueprint, Tess Pennington of explains, with countless references to real-life events, how society and the system as we have come to know it can rapidly come to a standstill. Such disastrous aftermaths are, in fact, nothing new and have been repeated time and again throughout history:

Disasters have been going on for centuries and for someone to think they are untouchable is naive. Roughly 1{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of Americans are adequately prepared for a disaster. The other 99{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} – well it’s not so good for them. Since disasters tend to have a mind of their own and the capacity to cripple our normal way of life, we want to create a well-rounded approach to our preparedness efforts.

…Disasters do not discriminate. In the aftermath of the event, you will be on your own, left to provide for your family with the supplies and knowledge you have accrued. If you are prepared with the mental and spiritual foundation to overcome a disaster, then you will transition into survival mode more quickly.

What should be obvious from the images and stories we’re hearing from Puerto Rico is that something on the order of 99{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of the population and 99{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} of the government were simply not prepared for a total breakdown of their way of life.

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16 Horrific Scenes That Prove All Hell Is Breaking Loose in Spain


by Aaron Nelson, The Anti Media:

At least 700 people attempting to vote were injured on Sunday by Spanish police, who were attempting to prevent Catalonia’s independence referendum.

The violent clashes between Catalans and the Spanish police have led to the injuries of 216 people in Barcelona, 80 in Girona, 64 in Lleida, 53 in Terres de l’Ebre, 27 in Catalunya central, and 25 in Tarragona, according to the Catalan health ministry. Spanish police have gone so far as to physicallyattack Catalan firefighters and push back against Catalan police attempting to protect voters.

While many Catalans were able to successfully cast their ballots in the referendum, which was declared illegal by Spanish authorities, police violently prevented hundreds from voting for independence. Barcelona’s mayor is now calling for the Spanish prime minister to resign amid the violence and chaos. Jeremy Corbyn is calling on the Spanish government to end its “shocking” violence against Catalans who are simply trying to vote.

The Catalan government has announced that voting will end at 8pm Spanish time, except for people who are already in line at a polling station. Following the police crackdown, Spain’s prime minister Mariano Rajoy declared during a television address that there actually was no independence vote in Catalonia on Sunday. 

“At this time I can tell you, with full clarity, what you all know and what we have seen today,’ he said.

“Today, we have not had a referendum for self-determination in Catalonia.

“Today, all the Spaniards have seen that our state rule of law keeps its strength and reality, and restricts those who wish to subvert the state of law, and acts with all the legal resources, vis a vis all provocations, and does it with efficacy and in a serene way.”

Here are 16 scenes that show Spanish police violently preventing Catalans from voting in the independence referendum:

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ANTIFA is Already Letting Us Know They Will Be Inciting Insurrection on November 4


by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

Somehow, I wonder where these people were when actual fascism was taking place from DC under the reign of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah.  Oh, I know, they were in lock step with him.

However, now the Anti-Fascist fascists known as Antifa are letting American patriots know exactly where they will be gathering and what they are planning to do to incite insurrection.

According to, the Soros and Hillary Clinton-funded Communists will be taking “To The Streets And Public Squares in cities and towns across the country continuing day after day and night after night—not stopping—until our DEMAND is met.”

Though they claim “in the name of humanity” to “refuse to accept a fascist America,” they are all to eager to impose a Marxist one.

They refer to the “Trump/Pence regime” as a “nightmare” that “must end” and “must go.”

And what makes these people think that Trump/Pence are such a nightmare?  Is it because they are against the Constitution?  Is it because they are for stopping free speech?  Are they eager to infringe on your right to keep and bear arms?  Nope, none of that.

They believe they are a nightmare for the following reasons:

  • Immigrants living in terror—their next step could mean detention, deportation, being torn from children and loved ones.
  • Muslims and refugees demonized, banned and cast out.
  • Millions—children, the elderly, disabled, the sick, the poor—denied healthcare, food assistance, the very right to live.
  • Women objectified, degraded, and denied the basic right to control their own reproduction, with fundamentalist Christian fascism increasingly being made law.
  • LGBTQ people stigmatized, ostracized, and denied civil rights recently won.
  • Black and Latino people openly threatened by the President, with maximum sentencing, stop-and-frisk going national, intensified police brutality and murder of our youth with no holds barred.
  • People all over the world facing bombings, occupations, war and the threat of nuclear war with Donald Trump’s “America First” finger on the nuclear trigger.
  • The truth bludgeoned—lies and more lies—critical thinking being destroyed in education and public discourse.
  • The whole planet in peril from a regime that denies global warming and shreds all environmental protections.
  • A regime step by step discarding basic democratic rights, targeting group after group, and suppressing dissent and resistance. A regime unleashing the violence of white supremacists, anti-semites, and fascist thugs. This is fascism—a qualitative change in how society is governed. History has shown that fascism must be stopped before it becomes too late.

Yeah, you know what, that who fundamentally transforming with “hope and change,” that wasn’t Trump/Pence.  It was Obama, whom I’m sure these people worship that group he walks on.

As for the silencing and suppressing dissent, isn’t it these Antifa fascists who were attempting to silence a free speech rally at Berkeley?  Why, yes!  Yes, these are the same hypocrites doing this.

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Update from Puerto Rico: People are running out of cash, ATMs aren’t working and groups of looters are posing as police


by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:

My friend Adam (not his real name) lives in Puerto Rico and sent me a startling update…

Adam and his family evacuated the island for the hurricane, but he’s been in close contact with his friends who stayed on the ground.

And the situation is bad.

According to his contacts on the ground, people in Puerto Rico are running out of cash. And ATMs aren’t working.

That’s how it happens during a crisis – food, gas, cash (all the things you need most) disappear first.

This is exactly why you keep several months’ worth of expenses in cash in a safe (a little gold helps, too). It’s a simple step you can immediately take to help keep you and your family safe during a crisis… And the tragedy in Puerto Rico shows you that crises do happen.

Adam also told me a mutual friend is pleading with him to call his government contacts and ask for guns. He wants them to fend off looters who are allegedly banding together into large groups and imitating police officers.

Puerto Rico is struggling right now. And it’s going to be painful as the territory rebuilds after Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

But Adam is going back after the storm. And I’m still hosting my Total Access members there in November.

The island is still there. Act 20 and Act 22 still exist. And there’s still tons of long-term potential in Puerto Rico. We’re doing our part to bring economic activity to the island and start the rebuilding process right away.

Changing gears, let me tell you about Adam and why he decided to move to Puerto Rico…

He built one of the most successful educational software companies in the world (you’d know the name if I told you).

But Adam and his equally hardworking wife, Hope, lived in Los Angeles for most of that time.

Every year, they’d make progress. And then every year, they’d get the bill: The federal government demanded more than a third of their hard-won success. The state government wanted an additional 9{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528}, plus a franchise tax that increased according to gross income. Local taxes added up as well.

Adam and Hope were drowning in taxes.

Before we discuss how they solved their problem, let’s look at what they were dealing with:

California is one of the most punishing states in the country when it comes to taxes. The state is infected with parasitic idea that businesses owe the state a disproportionate amount for any success they experience.

In fact, an Op-Ed in the LA Times, published a week before Tax Day 2017, blazed the following headline across its pages: Instead of taxes, make corporations give the government stock.

MAKE corporations GIVE the government stock?

Another Op-Ed published in the same paper, three days before tax time, stated the following: America is a country where someone like Trump can become a billionaire. We need to change that.

Whatever your feelings about the president, this is absurd.

The tenor of such pieces states a clear message: Success is quickly becoming anathema in the US. We need to make it harder to come by. And the government is “owed” more and more for it.

At the moment, the United States’ corporate tax rates remain at 38.9{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528}… one of the highest rates in the world.

And remember that in the US, corporate taxes are levied at the federal, state, and often local levels as well.

Being strangled by taxes, especially when you are just starting out and don’t have a lot of extra cash flow to invest back into your business, squelches growth. It often prevents entrepreneurs from expanding their product lines or market scope. It delays or thwarts the ability to hire other people… it hinders the ability to provide jobs to other taxpayers.

Adam and Hope finally had enough.

Now, they live in Puerto Rico… and they pay 4{5f621241b214ad2ec6cd4f506191303eb2f57539ef282de243c880c2b328a528} in taxes. Period.

And, yes, they finally feel free.

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It’s A National Bonfire: Fans All Over America Are Burning Jerseys To Show Their Anger With The NFL


by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Does the NFL actually think that it can go to war with the national anthem and the American flag and win?  Many are trying to frame this controversy as a “protest against Trump”, but the truth is that owners, coaches and players can speak out against President Trump any time that they want.  They have huge platforms and the mainstream media would soak up every word.  So there is absolutely no need to “take a knee” when our national anthem is being played and the American flag is being honored.  As I explained a couple days ago, the national anthem and the American flag are symbols that represent the entire country.  When someone disrespects those symbols, they are disrespecting our great land, everyone that lives here, and everyone that ever fought, bled and died for America.

Everyone involved with the NFL that participated in that absolutely shameful display on Sunday needs to apologize to all of the rest of us immediately.  In 2017, many Americans no longer understand the importance of the national anthem and the flag, but there are still millions of us that do.  And the outrage that has been unleashed as a result of this controversy is off the charts.  If you go on to YouTube, you will find dozens of videos of fans burning their NFL jerseys.  There is even a new hashtag (#NFLburnnotice) that has gone viral over the past couple of days because so many people are doing this, and many mainstream news outlets are publishing reports on this phenomenon

Outraged fans around the country are taking a stand as protests during the national anthem spread across NFL games.

Hundreds of players have taken the knee, locked arms or just stayed in the locker room to call attention to racial inequality in the nation. That’s offended many football fans, who see the act as unpatriotic. Some threatened to burn their team merchandise if protests continued, and now some are making good on that promise.

Yes, owners, coaches and players may have a First Amendment right to do what they did, but we also have a right to let them know what we think about what they just did.

As the weeks and months roll along, millions of former fans are going to be turning the games off and finding other ways to spend their Sunday afternoons.  And once these fans are gone, do you think that they will come back?

One Pittsburgh fan was so outraged that he burned “more than $1,000 worth of Pittsburgh Steelers merchandise”

Robert Smith posted a video of himself on Sunday burning more than $1,000 worth of Pittsburgh Steelers merchandise, the Daily Mail reported. Earlier that day, the Steelers had not participated in the anthem, with the exception of offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva, who served three tours of duty as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan before beginning his NFL career.

“We have morals in this country. We stand for this country,” Smithsays in the video, which has more than 50,000 views as of Monday afternoon. “My great-uncle’s bones are lying in the bottom of Pearl Harbor for this country, for this flag, for your freedom to play in the NFL.”

“Super Bowl, right? As if I care,” Smith continues, pouring lighter fluid on the gear. “I care about our country. I care about our freedom.”

And of course now it is inevitable that “taking a knee” will start spreading to other venues as well.

Sadly, a member of Congress has even decided to do this on the floor of the House of Representatives.  According to Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, she did this in order to “stand against racism”

“There is no regulation that says that these young men cannot stand against the dishonoring of their mothers by you calling them ‘fire the son of a b.’ You tell me which of those children’s mothers is a son of a b. That is racism. You cannot deny it. You cannot run for it, and I kneel in honor of them,” Jackson Lee said.

“I kneel in front of the flag and on this floor,” she said as she took a knee behind the podium.

“I kneel in honor of the First Amendment. I kneel because the flag is a symbol for freedom. I kneel because I’m going to stand against racism. I kneel because I will stand with those young men, and I’ll stand with our soldiers. And I’ll stand with America, because I kneel.”

I have been fighting against racism for many years too, but this is not the way to do it.

It is never appropriate to disrespect our flag or our anthem, and this is a point that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders made on Monday

“This isn’t about the president being against anyone. This is about the president and millions of Americans standing for something,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday. “Honoring the flag, the national anthem, and the men and women who fought to defend it.”

She added: “It is always appropriate for the president of this country to promote our flag, to promote our national anthem and ask people to respect it.”

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