Friday, December 1, 2023

‘Backdoor Deal’ Allows ‘Illegal’ Immigrants to Enter US Legally, Border Patrol Union Leader Says

from The Epoch Times:

Illegal immigrants are coached to voluntarily withdraw their asylum claims, return to Mexico, and then come back to the United States on humanitarian grounds, according to a U.S. Border Patrol union leader.

Manny Bayon, a National Border Patrol Council union spokesman in San Diego, told The Epoch Times on May 26 that migrants who enter the United States illegally in Yuma, Arizona, are being bused to the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa ports of entry in San Diego County. From there, he said, they are returned to Mexico but are allowed to re-enter the United States by applying for “humanitarian parole” via the “CBP One” mobile phone app.

Chinese Illegals Entering America Surge over 900%

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The US government is responsible for opening the border and allowing a full-scale invasion. They announced the end of Title 42, unlike other measures they keep hidden, and gave outsiders the information they needed to plan their invasion. There were numerous stories about Chinese spies infiltrating America.  Companies were prohibited from conducting business with certain Chinese countries due to security concerns. But, after Title 42 ended, countless Chinese military-aged men entered our country never to be seen again.

Report: Chinese Fentanyl Suppliers Collected $38 Million in Cryptocurrency Payments

by John Hayward, Breitbart:

A blockchain analytics firm called Chainalysis estimated on Wednesday that suspected producers of the lethal drug fentanyl, largely located in China, have collected some $38 million in payments using cryptocurrency since 2018.

The Chainalysis report, entitled “Crypto and the Opioid Crisis: What Blockchain Analysis Reveals About Global Fentanyl Sales,” noted that China “has been home to the largest chemical industry by revenue in the world since 2011” and was cited by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as the largest producer of precursor chemicals for fentanyl in 2019.

Jim Caviezel blows lid off child trafficking, Epstein Island, Hollywood in Steve Bannon interview

by Stephen Kokx, LifeSite News:

‘Epstein Island isn’t the only island out there where they have … children,’ the Passion of the Christ actor told Steve Bannon.

During an explosive interview with former Trump adviser Steve Bannon last week, Christian actor Jim Caviezel accused the global Deep State of colluding with the mainstream media to cover up its complicity in child trafficking. 

“Epstein Island isn’t the only island out there where they have … children,” he remarked on the War Room podcast last week. “I just started noticing that any time a story came out on trafficking – anything – it was gone the next day.”


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Jeremy Slayden and Chris K join me to discuss the border treason of Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas, two white men who despise all white men who aren’t in the big satanic club. We also shine the light of truth on the trans insanity and much more. Thanks for tuning in.

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Mayor Eric Adams: Nearly Half of NYC Hotel Rooms Now Filled with Migrants

by John Binder, Breitbart:

Nearly half of hotel rooms in New York City today are filled with newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens, living rent-free at the expense of local taxpayers, Mayor Eric Adams (D) says.

Since the spring of last year, nearly 70,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have arrived in the sanctuary city of New York City — many bused from Texas by Gov. Greg Abbott (R). The figure represents a fraction of the millions of border crossers and illegal aliens who have been released into the United States interior or successfully crossed the border.


from The Pete Santilli Show:


🚩 I’ve just spotted SEVERAL groups of Chinese nationals who illegally crossed the border near Brownsville, TX being released into the US.

America Has Been Invaded

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

The end of Title 42 has been an absolute disaster. There is no telling how many migrants entered the border last week. These are not simply women and children seeking a new life. The majority of those entering are military-aged MEN who feel entitled to enter America illegally. These are not struggling individuals. American Door Dash drivers were sending food deliveries to the border as over 60,000 migrants lined up around the immediate border area in anticipation of midnight on May 11.


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Matt is back to cover all of the TREASON and REAL NEWS that’s fit print and that the mainstream CIA mockingbird media tries to coverup or ignore. Thanks for tuning in.

America Is Being Invaded

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

In less than two and a half years, the Biden administration has released nearly five million illegal immigrants into this country.  That number is greater than the population of 28 different U.S. states.  When they were processed, those illegal immigrants were given court dates, but only a very small minority of them ever show up.  Once they have gotten in, most of them disappear into our communities and are never heard from again.  America is literally being invaded, and now the end of Title 42 is going to make things a whole lot worse.  If you are not familiar with Title 42, the following is a pretty good summary from Fox News


from The Red Elephants – Vincent James:


Journalist’s attempt to debunk blue city’s bad reputation fails miserably

from WND:

Instead, writes about it ‘spiraling’ out of control

A journalist and San Francisco resident set out to debunk the frequent stories portraying the city as dangerous and largely abandoned, but her investigation led her to write a piece revealing how the city is “spiraling” out of control.

Episode 2730: The Tale Of Two Borders

from Bannons War Room:


Biden DHS Is Literally Inviting Mexican Officials To Send Batches Of Illegal Aliens Across The Border

by Evita Duffy-Alfonso, The Federalist:

When the Americans can take more illegal migrants, they send word to the Mexican officials, who ‘signal to the waiting crowd to go forward.’

Instead of stopping the illegal aliens currently swarming the border thanks to the upcoming expiration of Title 42 — a pandemic-era policy that allowed Border Patrol to immediately expel illegal migrants upon first encounter — the Biden administration is actively facilitating unlawful entries into the United States.