Friday, April 19, 2019

‘I Will Kill You’: Cops Hold Gun to Unarmed Man’s Head As They Beat Him on Video—No One Fired

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

After their department failed to hold the officers responsible for holding down an unarmed man and threatening to kill him—while beating him—the taxpayers will now be liable.

Charlotte, NC — A man, who would later be proven innocent, had officers pile on top of him, hold a gun to his head, beat him into the earth, taser him, and threaten to kill him. All of it was captured on video. The chief of police even called the incident “indefensible” at the time. Now, however, the taxpayers are going to be held liable—not the police.

The unarmed suspect’s only ‘crime’ was running away from police. In response to a man running, four officers were caught on camera punching, elbowing, and threatening to shoot the unarmed man, James Yarborough, in the head.

Imagine the Outrage If Russia Censored Opposition the Way the UK Just Censored Robinson

from Russia Insider:

Imagine the flood of sanctimonious media headlines if Russia were to prevent the hacks from reporting on the trial of a high-profile activist such as Aleksey Navalny. Now imagine such a ban existed in the UK. Oh, wait, it does…

Imagine this: Navalny, a highly-polarizing and outspoken opponent of the Russian government, beloved by the Western press despite his nationalist background, was sentenced to 50 years of hard labor in a Siberian borscht mine after being found guilty of high treason. (Actually, he received a 30-day prison sentence for something illegal in basically every developed nation – “blocking traffic without the correct permits” – but we’re sure the Siberian exile story must be floating around somewhere, even without restrictions on media reporting.)

Good Cops Fake 258,000 Breathalyzer Tests To Beat Their Required DUI Quotas

by John Vibes, The Free Thought Project:

Dozens of police officers pretended to conduct hundreds of thousands of breathalyzer tests to meet their quotas, potentially saving countless citizens from arrest.

Hundreds of thousands of motorists were able to avoid breathalyzer tests in the past 5 years in the Victoria region of Austrailia because police officers were falsifying tests to meet their quotas. In many cases, when cops are forced to meet quotas, they arrest as many people as they possibly can—but these officers just pretended to do the work, instead of targeting the public.

An internal investigation has found 258,000 alcohol breath tests, which represents about 1.5 percent of the 17.7 million tests that were conducted in that time, according to a report from The Age.

WATCH: Cop Tortures Restrained Woman With Pepper Spray Until She Passes Out—Gets $50 Fine

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Despite being caught on video torturing a woman with pepper spray who was in a seven point restraint chair, a police officer was allowed to retire and was issued a mere $50 fine.

Dayton, OH — “I thought I might die,” said Amber Swink of her harrowing experience of receiving pepper spray directly to her face while in a seven-point restraint chair in the Montgomery County Jail in Dayton, Ohio.

Video footage of the torturous incident shows Swink so tightly restrained in the chair, she is hardly able to move her head; but that didn’t stop Sgt. Judith L. Sealey from entering the isolation cell and unleashing pepper-spray in the 25-year-old’s face — at near point-blank range — for seemingly no reason but sadistic pleasure.

Amazon’s Rekognition Surveillance Tool Will Grant Police Even More Surveillance Power

by Derrick Broze, Activist Post:

Amazon is facing pressure from civil liberties groups for the corporation’s role in building the infrastructure which powers government surveillance.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, Human Rights Watch, the Freedom of the Press Foundation and nearly 40 other organizations have joined together to demand that Amazon cease providing law enforcement access to surveillance technology. The organizations signed onto a letter to Amazon which condemns the company for developing new facial recognition tools that allow real-time surveillance using police body cameras and the ever growing interconnected network of cameras in most major American cities.

Georgia Kidnaps 15-Year-Old Son After Parents Treat His Seizures With Marijuana

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

It’s ridiculous that government believes it has any kind of authority to outlaw a plant, especially one that can provide actual relief in a situation like this.

A 15-year-old Georgia boy was kidnapped by the state from his parents after they treated the boy with a plant, marijuana.

David Brill suffered from multiple seizures every day, sometimes as many as 10.

Finally, his parents had enough and learned that marijuana could be used to treat their son. The only problem? The state thinks it is holier than the Creator and deemed a plant illegal.

Google Under Fire For Labeling CA GOP As Nazis – Blames Wikipedia ‘Vandalism,’ But Tech Giants Regularly Use Same Source That Spreads False Claims

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

For weeks we have been seeing a number of stories regarding the California primaries, slated for June 5th, where voters will choose who their general election candidates will be. The headlines all have focused on how the Democratic party is “worried,” or how California Dems “agonize,” over House primaries, each article using a different term, but all agreeing that Democrats are scared because of the “top-two primary system” used in California.

BallotPedia explains the top-two primary system as “a type of primary election in which all candidates are listed on the same primary ballot. The top two vote-getters, regardless of their partisan affiliations, advance to the general election. Consequently, it is possible for two candidates belonging to the same political party to win in a top-two primary and face off in the general election.” It is often referred to as a “jungle primary.”

Cop Arrested for Recording Himself and Fellow Cop Horrifically Beating Innocent Man in Wheelchair

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

A New Jersey cop was arrested this week for partaking in the horrific beating of a mentally ill man in a wheelchair and filming it for his personal use.

Paterson, NJ — The Patterson Police Department in New Jersey is making headlines this week after their fourth officer in only two months has been arrested by federal agents. Officer Roger Then, 29, was arrested on Wednesday for participating in the beating of a mentally ill man in a wheelchair — and making a video to remember it.

The person in the wheelchair was a patient at a hospital. He had committed no crime and had called authorities for help because he felt suicidal. However, once he got to the hospital, help was the last thing he received. Instead, he received a horrific beating at the hands of the two responding officers.


from SGTreport:

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It’s clear what’s going on at You Tube now. Divide, Conquer and Terminate those whose speech they do not condone. You Tube issued my main channel a second strike today for my video aptly titled ”The Ultimate Betrayal’ which was uploaded on March 5th – it was about the vital importance of our Second Amendment rights. You can see that video and my interview with Christopher Bollyn about 9/11 (which got a strike a couple of weeks ago) on my Bitchute account. Because of these two strikes, I can’t upload videos to my main SGTreport channel for two weeks. If they give me another unwarranted strike, it’s game over. Terminated.

Jordan Peterson and the left-wing smear machine

from The Burning Platform:

Author Carol Horton identifies herself as someone who leans left on political and cultural issues. Yesterday, in a piece for Quillette, she describes looking into Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and finding him “a refreshing departure from the standard discourse.” That put her at odds with friends who warned her that Peterson was “hate-filled right-wing propaganda.” But while Horton was willing to make up her own mind about Peterson, she found doing so left her feeling isolated and uncomfortable. Horton says the social pressure was so intense that she felt scared to speak up with her opinion. She believes that pressure to conform to a narrow, approved view is a much bigger problem for the left than Jordan Peterson:

1984: The UK is Illegally Detaining Two Journalists, Seemingly Making Them Vanish

by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post:

The UK government is responsible for the illegal arrest, sentencing, and detainment without trial of two journalists: Julian Assange, who recently had his Internet and communications cut off; and Tommy Robinson, all without any type of legal concession. Argue as you may about Robinson and his colorful past, including shortly being a member of BNP when he was in his twenties, but it’s what got him arrested this time that is the more shocking part of the story.

Robinson was arrested, charged and sentenced to prison for covering the existence of a Leeds Crown Court case of Islamic pedophile-grooming rape gangs. Further, the UK media has been issued D-notice takedown requests for articles on the grooming rape court case, as well as coverage of Robinson’s own arrest and sentencing, Infowars reported.

UK Judge Admits Tommy Robinson Sentenced Without Due Process

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

While the judge claimed that Robinson was tainting the trial, one wonders how the judge could determine that since he failed to view the video, which was being filmed near the end of the trial. Furthermore, Robinson was only communicating facts that the public already knew about. This was far from tainting a jury. That’s more like what the judge was engaging in.

This is exactly what occurs when you allow anti-Christ Muslims to infiltrate your country and use terror to control the representatives of the people! America, be warned that Tommy Robinson is an example of what happens when law-abiding people seek to expose the truth about Islam and the criminals that follow it devoutly. In a recent report, a UK judge has admitted that Robinson was sentenced without due process of law, something of which we all were aware.