Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Personal Data Google Has on You Is Shocking & Dwarfs that of Facebook, Here’s How to Stop It


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

As TFTP reported last week, it was revealed that both the Obama campaign and the Trump campaign used third-party integrations to collect private information on millions of unsuspecting Facebook users. The resultant scandal has sent Facebook’s stock tumbling as well as created a firestorm for Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow data miners. Remaining conveniently out of the scrutiny, however, is Google, whose data mining of private information, according to a recent report, dwarfs that of Facebook.

Web developer Dylan Curran, based in Waterford, Ireland, is making headlines this week after he recently downloaded both his Facebook data file and his Google data file.

As TFTP has reported, the information Facebook keeps on its users is utterly mind-blowing, consisting of everything from text messages to liked posts, the social media giant is building profiles on billions. However, according to Curran, this is nothing compared to what Google has.

Cops Kill Unarmed Dad Over Window Tint, Use His Dead Finger To Unlock His Phone

by Rachel Blevins, The Free Thought Project:

A family is claiming that after shooting and killing a man during a traffic stop over illegal window tint, officers visited the funeral home and demanded access to his dead body so that they could unlock his phone with his fingerprint.

Largo, Florida – A heartbroken family is speaking out and accusing police of visiting a funeral home and using a dead man’s finger to unlock his phone after officers shot and killed him during a traffic stop for illegal window tint.

Linus Phillip, 30, was approached by two Largo Police officers at a gas station, who alleged that the windows on his black Nissan sedan were too dark. Officers Matthew Steiner and Prentice Ables claimed that when they were talking to Philip, they smelled marijuana coming from inside his vehicle and attempted to detain him.

Microsoft Warns Customers: Watch What You Say When Using Our Products — or Else

by Jake Anderson, Activist Post:

We can now add a new Microsoft policy of punishing account users who use “offensive language” while logged into one of their products or services to the growing list of draconian measures employed by tech companies to police online content.

In a release summarizing the new policy, which will go into effect May 1, Microsoft stated:

In the Code of Conduct section, we’ve clarified that use of offensive language and fraudulent activity is prohibited.

Collecting Your Thoughts and Harvesting Your Mind, The Corruption of Big Tech is Finally Exposed – Nathan McDonald

by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:

There is a war going on for your data, your wallet and ultimately your mind. This war has been campaigned stealthily, unbeknownst to all but the most informed and alert individuals.

For anyone paying attention, you could see the draconian landscape unfolding. Major tech firms have been passively harvesting your data without your explicit permission.

I have told people this for nearly five years now with mixed reviews. Some would look at me with confusion and shake their heads. Others would be shocked to learn the truth about the new “big brother” reality we all now live in. It was simple enough to discover if you knew which steps to take.


from InfoWars:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With the disclosure that the Facebook App can listen to what people are discussing in their own homes, the pressure for serious violations of privacy is intensifying.

The non-profit citizen group Free Our Internet has announced a live town hall event, “Masters of the Universe” – Big Tech vs. Free Speech and Privacy, to take place on April 5th, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The event will be live streamed on Breitbart and Facebook.

REVEALED: Facebook’s CIA Connections…


by Jody Chudley, Daily Reckoning:

Has the recent Facebook data scandal got you a little paranoid about sharing information on the internet?

I don’t blame you. After all, Facebook has access to some of your most personal information.

I’m talking about every message you’ve ever sent or been sent, every contact in your phone and even access to your computer’s camera and microphones.

Now would you like to get a lot more paranoid?


More Bad News for Bitcoin: Twitter Bans Most Cryptocurrency Advertising

by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:

Twitter has announced a ban on cryptocurrency ads.

The social media company’s announcement is more bad news in what has turned into several bad months for cryptocurrencies.

After a meteoric rise that sent Bitcoin above $20,000, the crypto has fallen back to earth. Bitcoin is currently trading below $8,000 and according to a CCN report, the broader cryptocurrency market cap is at risk of descending below the $300 billion mark.

Bitcoin’s sudden rise to prominence late last year thrust cryptocurrencies into the spotlight. The surge in interest and mainstream attention hasn’t been all good.

BREAKING: No Charges for Cops Who Shot and Killed Alton Sterling on Video

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

After nearly two years, Louisiana’a attorney general has ruled out the possibility of criminal charges for the two officers recorded on video shooting and killing Alton Sterling.

Baton Rouge, LA — In 2016, the city of Baton Rouge was rocked by the tragic death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling who was killed by police as he sold CDs in front of a convenience store. Now, after nearly two years, it was just announced that the two officers responsible for his death will not be charged.

This ruling comes nearly a year after the Justice Department ruled out federal charges as well.

“They said they didn’t find anything,” Veda Washington-Abusaleh, Sterling’s aunt said through tears on Tuesday during the press conference. “They said it was justifiable, what happened to Alton was justifiable.”

Trump and Brexit: Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Gives Bombshell Testimony to British Lawmakers

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:

Christopher Wylie, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower who has thus far exposed how Steve Bannon and his money-backer, billionaire hedge fund manager Robert Mercer, created Cambridge Analytica, which harvested private data from 50 million Facebook users to help Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, testified for almost four hours this morning before British lawmakers in the Commons Culture Committee. His testimony was explosive at times.

Wylie is testifying before the British lawmakers because the same people and companies involved in the social media data mining and micro-targeting for Trump’s presidential campaign were also involved in the June 23, 2016 Brexit vote in the U.K. where citizens voted in a referendum to take the U.K. out of the European Union..