Wednesday, September 18, 2019

After lecturing the world about “appropriate behavior,” Twitter grants “verified” status to racist, bigoted NYT writer Sarah Jeong

by Vicki Batts, Natural News:

Days after suspending Alex Jones for alleged “hate speech” and “inappropriate conduct,” Twitter hypocrites awarded racist, anti-white Sarah Jeong, with the coveted blue check mark of certification. Jeong is a writer for The New York Times and recently came under fire for her history of tweeting about how much she hates white people. But the hate speech street only works one way, apparently, as Jeong has been largely defended by the left-wing media. Candace Owens, communications director for TPUSA, was also briefly suspended by Twitter for imitating Jeong’s racist tweets.


from InfoWars:

The technocrats know exactly what they are doing

John McAfee joins Alex Jones live via Skype to call out social media companies as the monopolies they truly are and remind them that they have an obligation to the American people to be fair and balanced with the use of their services.

Welcome To The Minority Report: Thousands Of Stores Plan Facial Recognition Use For Anti-Theft

by Aaron Kesel, Activist Post:

Hundreds of retail stores and soon thousands are investigating using biometric facial recognition software FaceFirst to build a database of shoplifters to aid in the fight against theft, Peter Trepp CEO of FaceFirst told BuzzFeed News.

The software is called FaceFirst and is designed to scan faces as far as 50 to 100 feet away. As customers walk through a store entrance, the video camera captures repetitious images of each shopper and chooses the clearest one to store. The software then analyzes that image and compares it to a database of “bad customers” that the retailer has compiled; if there is a match, the software sends an alert to store employees that a “high risk” customer has entered the door.

Facebook secretly tracking “trust ratings” for users with “social score” algorithm right out of communist China

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

Under the guise of combating “fake news,” social media giant Facebook has unveiled a new censorship scheme that basically allows the platform to either award or penalize users based on what it deems to be the overall “trustworthiness” of their browsing, liking, and sharing habits.

Similar to a social engineering program already being used throughout communist China to control people’s speech both online and off, Facebook says its new “trust ratings” system will track the online behavior of its users and assign secret ratings that ultimately determine whether or not users are “visible” online.



from InfoWars:

The establishment is using Infowars as a guinea pig for upcoming internet restrictions

The MSM has been lying for months to set the “Alex Jones Statute” in order to ban other voices they disagree with. They accuse Trump of “treason” and other crimes while past administrations were not held to the same standard.

In Monsters We Trust: US Mainstream Media No Friend of the American People

by Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture:

Over the course of his turbulent presidency, Donald Trump has accused various media companies, with special attention reserved for CNN, as being purveyors of ‘fake news.’ In one early-morning Tweet last year, he slammed the “FAKE NEWS media” as the “enemy of the people.”

This week, over 300 US newspapers ran editorials on the same day – an event in itself that points to some high degree of collusion and groupthink – denouncing Trump’s insensitive portrayal of them, as if the notion that journalists were not in the same sleaze league as lawyers, politicians and professional con artists never crossed anyone’s mind before. Even the peace-loving Mahatma Gandhi recommended “equality for everyone except reporters and photographers.”


from InfoWars:

Establishment determined to silence Robinson’s voice

Alex Jones and Caolan Robertson discuss activist Tommy Robinson’s current situation in the UK, where he was recently freed after over month of being held in solitary confinement for reporting on Muslim grooming gangs.

Cops Shatter 53-Year-old Woman’s Teeth, Fracture Her Skull After She Tried to Film Them

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

A 53-year-old software developer says she was savagely attacked and beaten, shattering several teeth in the process, for filming the police.

Rock Hill, SC — A game developer thought she was doing the right thing last week when she witnessed an arrest at a local gas station and tried to tell police that they had the wrong man. However, when she attempted to film the arrest, according to the woman, she was attacked, slammed to the ground, her teeth broken, and her skull fractured.

The incident began last Wednesday evening as Patricia Pizer, who is a software and game developer, stopped at a Quik Trip in Bedford. According to police, they were responding to a domestic call at the gas station around 5:00 p.m.

Trump Slams Big Tech Censorship: Americans Deserve Same Free Speech Rights As The Media

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

President Trump spoke out against Big Tech censorship at his rally Tuesday in West Virginia and suggested Americans deserve the same First Amendment rights as the media.

“We are also standing up to social media censorship, that’s the new thing, that’s the new thing,” Trump said. “You know, I’d rather have fake news like CNN, I’d rather have fake news, it’s true, than have anybody including liberals, socialists, anything, than have anybody stopped and censored.”

Social media censorship—here are the deep basics

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

Orchestrated un-creation of the fabric of free speech—this is what we’re seeing.

Several of the biggest “conservative/libertarian” figures on the Net—Alex Jones, Dennis Prager, Stefan Molyneux, among others—have recently been banned/censored by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies.

When you ask why this is happening, one obvious answer pops up right away:

These social media corporations are fulfilling desperate pleas from major news outlets, who have been losing audience, in massive chunks, to the likes of Jones, Prager, and Molyneaux.


from InfoWars:

Watch these banned videos of the Monday, August 20 2018 edition of The Alex Jones Show – and share them with everyone you know!

It is critical for you to spread these videos around in this dark age of censorship and suppression of conservative and libertarian ideas.

Tucker Carlson Defends The First Amendment


from InfoWars:

So liberals have outsourced censorship of the internet to the tech titans of Silicon Valley.

Liberals control every newspaper in America, as far as I know, except the Manchester Union Leader. They control CBS, ABC, NBC and every cable network except Fox News. They control what is left of the news magazines, and pretty much every other magazine, too. Only talk radio and the pesky internet lie outside their grasp, so that is where they seek to impose censorship.

Episode #246 – ‘Silicon Valley Dystopian Madness’ with Jay Dyer

from 21st Century Wire:

Episode #246 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes on August 19th 2018 with special guest host Jay Dyer broadcasting LIVE on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR)…


5pm-8pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) | 9am-12am PT (US)

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE with special guest host Jay Dyer bringing you all the top stories from the US, Europe and internationally. This week, Jay covers technocracy origins, modern day tech giants silencing dissent including’s complete removal of without any explanation, the NXIVM cult and its Hollywood and elite connections, and much more.  We’ll also look at the Trump – Russia-gate debacle and much more. Enjoy the show…