Monday, August 19, 2019

MSM Whines Over ‘Enemy Of The People’ Label – Claims Trump Rhetoric ‘Dangerous’…

But Ignores How Much Violence & Harassment Media Rhetoric Has Caused

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

The level of complete blindness and intellectual dishonesty on the part of the establishment media still manages to astound me.  Their inability to “see” that from the very start of the Trump presidency they have deliberately done everything in the power to terrify the nation, causing an epidemic of “Trump Anxiety Disorder,” that has led to hundreds of examples of violence and harassment against Trump supporters, yet now whining that President Trump’s statements about the Fake News being the “enemy of the people,”  is “dangerous,” and “will lead to violence.”


Many have seen the flashback video below, but in order to adequately show proof of the establishment media deliberately and irresponsibly terrifying liberals all across the U.S., we have to remember the immediate and very public, on-air statements, aka meltdowns, from well known names in the media, who are supposed to report the “news” objectively, and high profile talk show hosts.

Debating #Q, Trump & Zionism — Adam Green

from SGTreport2: *BACK UP channel*:

Posting this video to my backup channel since You Tube’s opaque ‘community guidelines are impossible to adhere to because they are selectively enforced. Adam Green from Know More News You Tube channel joins me to discuss #Q, President Trump and Zionism. Thanks for tuning in!

Assange May Leave Ecuadorian Embassy in UK Soon Due to Health Problems – Reports

from Sputnik News:

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Founder of whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks Julian Assange might leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom in the coming weeks due to problems with health, a news outlet reported on Wednesday.

Assange’s health has deteriorated recently and he would leave the embassy, where he has lived since June 2012, for a hospital visit in the near future, after which the whistleblower’s options for taking shelter will be limited, the Bloomberg news agency reported, citing two sources.

The Censorship Continues: 2 More Posts That May Never Be Seen on Social Media Again

by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

“We removed this post because it looks like spam and doesn’t follow our Community Standards”

On Tuesday DC Clothesline had 2 more posts removed by Facebook. It was claimed that both posts looked like SPAM and were in violation of community standards.

WATCH: Cop Opens Fire Near Busy Family Park, Kills Unarmed Man For Walking Toward Him

by Rachel Blevins, The Free Thought Project:

Footage from witnesses is raising questions about why a police officer shot and killed an unarmed man for walking toward him on the side of a busy street.

Lehigh County, PA – A disturbing video was posted on Facebook that shows a police officer open fire and shoot multiple rounds at a man who appears to be slowly walking towards him, on the side of the street, near an amusement park.

The man has yet to be identified, and the details released by the South Whitehall Township Police Department have been scarce. Police Chief Glen Dorney confirmed that the man was killed in the shooting, and told WNEP News that the incident started around 6 p.m. on Saturday.

The officers did respond to a report of a man in the area. They investigated, encountered, and the incident unfolded from there,” Chief Dorney said.

The Real “Fake News” from Government Media

by Scott Lazarowitz, Activist Post:

Facebook has announced its campaign against “fake news.” But, according to some workers’ own admission, conservatives are being censored.

And Google also wants to censor “fake news.” But Google also was shown to treat conservative websites, but not liberal ones, as “fake news.”

The same thing seems to be going on with Twitter. And again, conservatives are complaining.

But who is to decide what is “fake news”? Who will be Facebook and Google’s sources for real news?


from SGTreport:

SGT REPORT IS BACK, FOR NOW… BUT FOR HOW LONG, AND WHO’S NEXT? Mike Adams’ Health Ranger channel is still gone, so is High Impact Flix. Is this the “freedom” we expect as guaranteed by the BILL OF RIGHTS and Constitution? President Trump is ready to dig into Twitter for shadow banning Conservatives. Is You Tube next? Hopefully.


Police Say Handcuffed Teen Shot Herself in the Head In a Traffic Stop, Witnesses on Video Say Otherwise

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Chesapeake, VA — A mother is grieving and also crying foul after police say her 19-year-old daughter killed herself during a routine traffic stop. According to the mother, police told her that her daughter was handcuffed when she somehow got a gun and shot herself. But witnesses tell a different story.

Dawn Wilson, the mother of 19-year-old Sarah Wilson has come forward to speak out about the inconsistencies in the case and the possibility of something far more sinister than a suicide.

An Open Message To President Donald Trump: It’s Time For Americans To FINALLY Get Some Truth About Barack Obama While ‘Slaying’ The ‘Deep State, MSM Dragon’ In One Fell Swoop

by William B Stoecker, All News Pipeline:

(ANP: If you agree with this story, please contact the White House at 202-456-1414 or via contact form here.)

How much do we really know about the birth, upbringing, education, and early career of the politicians and Deep State operatives who rule over us? Of course, anyone can look up any of them on the web, and there will be a Wikipedia article and several others almost identical to it, telling us all about their heroic military service and their earning degrees from Hahvahd or Yale. But how much of this is true?

The prime example of this is, of course, Hussein Obama (or whatever its name is). We are told that the creature was born in Hawaii and its father, Barack Obama Sr., was a Kenyan national attending school in the US, and its mother was one Ann Dunham, from a family that had close connections to the banking industry and to various government agencies.

We are told that Hussein graduated from an exclusive high school in Hawaii and then earned college credits from Occidental and finally graduated from Columbia in 1983. It went on to Hahvahd Law School, where it was made President of the Hahvahd Law Review. Then it taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago before becoming a “community organizer” and then a politician.

It’s Not Russia Which Threatens Me, It’s My Own Government

from Russia Insider:

I don’t get it.  I’ve been watching the hysteric reaction of the news media, the MIC, the Deep State, the Zionist neocons and politicians on both sides of the aisle to President Trump’s new detente with Russia, and I’m left wondering why the prospect of peaceful coexistence with a nuclear-armed superpower is seen as a bad thing.

After listening to the usual drivel on TV, which includes accusations of treason in the executive office, you’d think they actually want an adversarial relationship with a country that our own generals acknowledge could annihilate us just as surely as we could them, and end the world as we know it in the process.

In Refusing to Defend Assange, Mainstream Media Exposes Its True Nature

by Caitlin Johnstone, The Anti Media:

Last Tuesday a top lawyer for the New York Times named David McCraw warned a room full of judges that the prosecution of Julian Assange for WikiLeaks publications would set a very dangerous precedent which would end up hurting mainstream news media outlets like NYT, the Washington Post, and other outlets which publish secret government documents.

“I think the prosecution of him would be a very, very bad precedent for publishers,” McCraw said. “From that incident, from everything I know, he’s sort of in a classic publisher’s position and I think the law would have a very hard time drawing a distinction between The New York Times and WikiLeaks.”

Do you know where I read about this? Not in the New York Times.