Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Vigilantes with a Badge: Warrior Cops Endanger Our Lives and Freedoms

by John W. Whitehead, Rutherford Institute:

“There are always risks in challenging excessive police power, but the risks of not challenging it are more dangerous, even fatal.”—Hunter S. Thompson, Kingdom of Fear: Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child in the Final Days of the American Century

I have known a lot of good cops, I have defended a lot of good cops, and I have been fortunate to call a number of good cops friends.

So when I say that warrior cops—hyped up on their own authority and the power of the badge—have not made America any safer or freer, I am not disrespecting any of the fine, decent, lawful police officers who take seriously their oath of office to serve and protect their fellow citizens, uphold the Constitution, and maintain the peace.


from WND:

A year ago, Google made a secret deal with Mastercard that allows the growing tech monopoly to track the sales of its advertising customers to learn if its marketing resulted in a purchase at a physical store in the U.S.

It’s just the latest revelation about the power of Google growing its database to know more about its customers than they know themselves.

Neither company ever informed MasterCard’s 2 billion customers about the privacy concern.

Forget Russia, Social Media Giants Banning Alternative Voices Will Directly Influence Elections

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

As the mainstream media attempts to keep the Russian fear alive, a very real threat from social media tech giants is brewing which could lead to mass censorship.

As the Russian hacking conspiracy theorists continue pining away in their relentless attempt to prove Russian interference in the United States 2016 elections, Americans, in general, are unaware of the far more sinister interference taking place right now—in the form of their social media news feeds.

Social media giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have gone on the offensive in the past few weeks and executed a full on purge of various accounts they claim violate their terms of use. While it is certainly within the rights of these companies to refuse service to anyone they like, their influence in the political sphere should not be overlooked.

The Modern Surveillance State (Documentary)

by Derrick Broze, Activist Post:

The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The Modern Surveillance State

Written by Derrick Broze, produced by Jeremy Martin

Released September 2018

What The Heck Is Going On At CNN? They Are Now Promoting Violence And Claiming Antifa Is ‘Perceived As An African-American Organization,’ Which Is Fake News

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

We have known for a while that the establishment media is the propaganda arm for the #Resistance, which consists of liberals vowing to resist anything President Trump does, criticize anything he says, oppose any actions he takes and generally disagree with everything his administration proposes for no other reason that simply to “resist,” but CNN has managed to take this so-called resistance to a whole new level.

Aside from the shockingly long list of their bungled reporting and in some cases outright “fake news,” as well as the blatant liberal bias which can be seen in almost all of their “reporters” Twitter feeds where any insult leveled against President Trump by any other media member is retweeted with glee, we now see multiple CNN employees are going all-in for violent Antifa groups, to the point where one CNN pundit, Jeffrey Toobin is now facing backlash for racists comments that also fall under the “fake news” header.

Damning Study Shows Billions Spent Militarizing the Police Do Nothing to Reduce Violent Crime

from The Free Thought Project:

A Princeton University study concluded that militarizing police and SWAT teams “provide no detectable benefits in terms of officer safety or violent crime reduction.”

“There are always risks in challenging excessive police power, but the risks of not challenging it are more dangerous, even fatal.”—Hunter S. Thompson, Kingdom of Fear: Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child in the Final Days of the American Century

(The Rutherford Institute) — I have known a lot of good cops, I have defended a lot of good cops, and I have been fortunate to call a number of good cops friends.

ARKANSAS — Pregnant Mom Kills Home Invader, Going To Prison For the Gun She Used

by John Vibes, DC Clothesline:

Do convicted felons have the constitutional right to defend themselves with a firearm? The answer to the question, in most U.S. states is a resounding no. Those who do, like Arkansas native Krissy Noble, face years in prison, all for choosing to protect their lives and the lives of their loved ones with a firearm.

Noble was cleared of all wrongdoing in the Dec. 7th shooting death of Dylan Stancoff, who attacked her in her own home. Noble was pregnant at the time of the shooting when Stancoff, calling himself Cameron White, stopped by her home and asked to speak to Noble’s husband who was not home at the time. Saying he was a friend from the military, Stancoff left but returned later, pushed himself into Noble’s home, attempted to cover her mouth to prevent her from screaming, and began to struggle with the mother-to-be.

Noble escaped briefly and retrieved a .40 caliber handgun, fired three shots, and killed her attacker. But because Noble pleaded guilty (before the shooting in 2017) to felony possession of marijuana, she now faces six years in prison, all for the crime of using her husband’s handgun, a gun she successfully used to defend herself and the life of her unborn baby.

NPR — Yes, NPR — Destroys Left’s Gun Narrative

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

So much for the left’s narratives on guns and school shootings...

This spring the U.S. Education Department reported that in the 2015-2016 school year, “nearly 240 schools … reported at least 1 incident involving a school-related shooting.” The number is far higher than most other estimates.

But NPR reached out to every one of those schools repeatedly over the course of three months and found that more than two-thirds of these reported incidents never happened. Child Trends, a nonpartisan nonprofit research organization, assisted NPR in analyzing data from the government’s Civil Rights Data Collection.

US Senator Chris Murphy Says That “The Survival of Our Democracy” Depends on MORE Censorship

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Welcome to the United States of Censorship.

Your tour guide today is Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, tweeted some pro-censorship nonsense the other day. In doing so, Murphy proved that (a) he doesn’t understand the First Amendment, (b) he wants the internet to be an echo chamber, and (c) he must have slept through high school civics class.

Murphy tweeted that “the survival of our democracy” was dependent upon even MORE censorship.

Poll: 61% Of Big Tech Employees Say Ban Alex Jones

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Big Tech employees overwhelmingly want to see the censorship of Alex Jones expanded, according to a new survey.

From Breitbart:

A recent survey from big tech workplace discussion app Blind shows that 61 percent of employees at major tech firms agree that Twitter should join the rest of Silicon Valley in blacklisting Infowars host Alex Jones. The notable exception is Twitter employees themselves.

The workplace discussion app Blind allows employees of major tech firms to sign up to anonymously discuss issues at their workplace, provided they sign up with an email address at the company they claim to work for. According to the app’s page in the iOS app store, it has registered thousands of employees from multiple tech firms: “37,000 Microsoft, 6,500 Uber, 21,000 Amazon employees and more from Google, Facebook, Airbnb, and others”

Angry Liberals Have Been ‘Trumped’ By The Very Media They Trust – Where Is Their Outrage? The MSM Is Quite Literally Driving Them Crazy

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Brief Background: From the day President Trump rode down the escalator and announced he was running for President, the media has lied, misrepresented his statements, selectively edited his comments in video clips, and generally set themselves up as direct opposition to a Trump presidency.

This was acknowledged back in December 2015 by the liberal progressive website Salon, as a Puerto Rican professor took the media to task for lying about the then-candidate Trump’s announcement and his comments about Mexicans. Professor Martinez highlightedoutlets such as NYT, TIME magazine, Associated pressCBS News, L.A. Times, Fortune, Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post, Washington Post and Politico, all misrepresenting, and lying to their audiences, from day one.

By the end of that detailed and sourced article, by a professor that admits he was not only a Bernie Sanders supporter, but had also voted for Barack Obama, he concluded “Most unauthorized immigrants are good people. But still, the media wrongly blamed Mr. Trump for their own misrepresentations.”

Donald Trump: We Will Not Tolerate Censorship, Blacklisting, Rigged Search from Big Tech

by Charlie Spierling, Breitbart:

President Donald Trump vowed to stand for free speech on Thursday, warning Big Tech against censoring conservative voices.

“I’ve made it clear that we as a country cannot tolerate political censorship, blacklisting, and rigged search results,” Trump said, calling out social media companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

The president commented on the issue at his campaign rally in Indiana on Thursday night, ahead of the midterm elections in November.


by Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars:

Users in Brazil notice odd search result

People in Brazil are reporting that when a user performs a Google search for the “Ku Klux Klan,” an image of Donald Trump appears at the top of the results page.

Video posted to Twitter shows the search being performed which immediately leads the user to an image of the U.S. President directly next to the words “Ku Klux Klan”.

So You Want Google and Facebook To Determine Elections?

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

How do you fix this?

Search rankings have this powerful effect on votes for the same reason that they have one on consumer behaviour: the higher the ranking, the more people believe and trust the content, mistakenly assuming that some impartial and omniscient genie has carefully evaluated each Web page and put the best ones first. (Not so.)

Epstein’s team then tried the same technique on 2,000 actual voters in India’s recent presidential election.

“That’s right, we deliberately manipulated the voting preferences of more than 2,000 real voters in the largest democratic election in the history of the world,” he writes, “easily pushing the preferences of undecided voters by more than 12% in any direction we chose – double that amount in some demographic groups.”

He estimates that this kind of tampering could be decisive in any election within a 2.9% margin.