Saturday, November 26, 2022

NTEB PROPHECY NEWS PODCAST: The BBC Is Preparing Secret Scripts For Winter Blackout Radio Broadcasts As Global Energy Shortage Looms

by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

Britain’s national broadcaster BBC has reportedly been crafting secret scripts to be read out to the public in the event that the energy crisis results in blackouts during the winter months.

England Experiments with Feeding Bugs to Zimbabwean Children

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

How does history look back on the Tuskeegee Syphilis Study? We look back at an example of something that is nothing to be proud of.

How will history look back on a modern-day study of African children being fed insects as an experiment?

That is exactly what is going on today, and more concerning, this has been going on since Valentine’s Day of 2020.


from SGT Report:

Investigative journalist and author William Ramsey returns to SGT Report to talk about the child murdering death cult which includes the big pharma vaxxers AND the pizzagate/pedogate cabals which are responsible for abominations and crimes against children going back centuries.
Find William Ramsey’s work here:

Insane Headlines From Mass Media (October 2022)

from Vigilant Citizen:

I have a nasty habit that I am desperately trying to quit: I scroll through news headlines too many times a day. Sometimes I do it without even realizing it. And I have to stop it. Because this mindless activity often ends up souring my mood and raising my blood pressure.

That’s because, in the past years, what we call “the news” morphed into a mutant, deformed monster that’s barely recognizable. There is no more objective information, only articles telling you what to think about information. There are no more journalists, only word monkeys who were solely hired to churn out the “agenda du jour”. And the headlines they come up with are bad. And pathetic. And embarrassing.


from SGT Report:

Organic farming and superfoods expert Raven Ea returns to SGT Report to discuss the vax and corporate food agendas which are designed to cull the population. If you want REAL superfood, click HERE:

U.N. Projects the Planet’s Unlivable Areas by 2070 & 2100

by Eric Zuesse, The Duran:

The U.N. and International Red Cross have just published their 64-page study, “Extreme Heat: Preparing for the Heatwaves of the Future”, and it contains maps showing which areas of this planet will probably be unlivably hot by 2070, and then by 2100.


from SGT Report:

THIS IS a SGT SPECIAL REPORT – a LIVE Breakout Session recorded on October 6, 2022 featuring researchers Hope & Tivon.

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America’s Death Squads: When Police Become Judge, Jury and Executioner

by John W. Whitehead, Rutherford Institute:

“You know, when police start becoming their own executioners, where’s it gonna end? Pretty soon, you’ll start executing people for jaywalking, and executing people for traffic violations. Then you end up executing your neighbor ‘cause his dog pisses on your lawn.”—“Dirty Harry” Callahan, Magnum Force

When I say that warrior cops—hyped up on their own authority and the power of the badge—have not made America any safer or freer, I am not disrespecting any of the fine, decent, lawful police officers who take seriously their oath of office to serve and protect their fellow citizens, uphold the Constitution, and maintain the peace.

PayByFace Will Expand its Face Recognition Payments System to the US (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

According to the Chief Executive Officer of a retail biometrics company based in Bucharest, Romania, a new payment method will soon be implemented in the United States.

Romanian biometric firm PayByFace has deployed its face recognition-powered payment solutions in South Africa, India, UAE, and the US, according to the Biometric Update.

Bill Gates Gives Up The Digital ID Game (Ep. 1870) – The Dan Bongino Show

from The Dan Bongino Show:


LOST IN SPACE — David Weiss & Jeranism

from SGT Report:

David Weiss and Jeran Campanella return to SGT Report to discuss NASA’s latest accomplishments and much more. Here’s the link to the True Earth Summit, use code SGT50 to get 50% OFF.


from SGT Report:

Lior Gantz, founder of Wealth Research Group returns to SGT Report to discuss the FED, Europe’s winter from hell and precious metals. Thanks for tuning in!

END OF ZIRP: Total Economic Collapse

WW3: China’s Greatest Threat

The Elite is Desperately Trying to Convince You to Eat Bugs. Here’s Why.

from Vigilant Citizen:

They’re using celebrities. They’re using the “news”. They’re using the educational system. The elite is using its bag of tricks to convince the public that it should eat bugs. What’s behind this massive push to drastically change our diets? Here’s a look at this nasty agenda.

Most humans are naturally repulsed by insects. The mere sight of some types of bugs (i.e. cockroaches) generates in most people an instant feeling of disgust, while some succumb to outright panic and horror.

These Are Countries Ruled by King Charles III

from Strategic Culture:

King Charles III who ascended the British throne on September 8, 2022, is the monarch of 14 countries, apart from the United Kingdom itself, with a total population of about 150 million people.

Trump Warns of Nuke War, Ian the Destroyer, Vax the Killer

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

President Trump is openly warning about the possibility of nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine.  Trump has offered to negotiate a peace deal, but no one is taking him up on his offer.  Instead, the U.S. Congress has approved a fresh $12 billion to keep it all going.  There are zero peace talks going on now, and Biden and NATO do not want them.  They want war, and it’s only a matter of time with the latest blowing up of the Nord Stream Pipelines that carry natural gas  from Russia to Germany.