Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The $73 Million Settlement Against Gun Manufacturer Remington is Backdoor Gun Control

by Nicolas Gregoris, Mises Institute:

Remington Arms, America’s oldest gun manufacturer, settled for $73 million in a wrongful-death suit filed by the families of several victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Bushmaster, the company that actually manufactured the rifle used in the shooting, is owned by Remington Outdoor Company.

The settlement followed seven-plus years of litigationtwo Remington-bankruptcies, and a previous settlement offer from the gun manufacturer of $33 million, which the nine plaintiffs declined. The outcome of the case is being touted by anti-gunners, the corporate press and Democrat politicians, as a victory over the gun lobby. President Biden called the settlement “historic”.

If Unrest Soars In America Will Looters Be Shot?

by Bruce Wilds, Bruce Wilds Blogspot:

An interesting question to ponder centers on social unrest and whether those with the job to protect property would follow orders if told to shoot looters. Of course, the type of violence I’m alluding to extends far beyond anything we have seen in America or most western countries. Why people loot and how governments react is the issue. You can call it martial law if you like, but whatever name you place on it, those holding the power and the guns make the final decision.


Of course, the flaw in thinking you can create a goon squad to control the masses is that your enforcers may begin to sympathize with those they are employed to suppress.

City Now Requires Gun Owners to Carry Liability Insurance, Conveniently Exempts Current, Former Cops

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

San Jose, CA — In what’s being touted as a first of its kind action in the country, gun owners in San Jose will soon be forced to purchase liability insurance and pay an annual fee for practicing their right to self defense. The City Council passed the resolution this week, and it is already being torn apart by those who can see past solving problems without government mandates.

Eliminating The 2nd Amendment Is Their Final Hurdle In The Globalists Grand Plan To Overthrow America Which Included COVID, The Election Coup, Lockdowns, Vaxxes And ‘Mandates’

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

While the story over at Yahoo News on Friday, republished from the Baltimore Sun, reported staffs at Maryland hospitals are ‘stressed out and sickened with COVID and they know the cavalry isn’t going to come’, while attempting to blame ‘the unvaccinated‘ who allegedly keep flooding hospitals, that story neglected to put anywhere near enough focus on the ‘real cause‘ for hospital staffs being ‘burned out‘, the hospital systems terminating critical employees from critical positions, those still free-thinking doctors, nurses and other medical experts and staff who refused to take ‘the shot’.

Liberal Elite Flood Only Beverly Hills Gun Store as Los Angeles Drowned in Tidal Wave of Crime, BLM Riots


by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

The only gun store in Los Angeles’ star-studded Beverly Hills neighborhood is being flooded with an onslaught of business from area residents concerned with crime, riots, and the descent of the area into a climate of anarcho-tyranny.

Beverly Hills Guns, a store tucked away in a strip mall, has been highly sought by locals who fear for their safety. An official of the Los Angeles police union frankly admitted that law enforcement is incapable of protecting the public against robberies and violent crime, with “progressive” prosecutor George Gascón determined on embracing a “jailbreak” approach to public safety.

Ron Desantis Plans to Revive Florida’s State Militia

by José Niño, Mises Institute:

Contrary to the conventional wisdom held by talking heads, there is no going back to the days of “decency” and “respectability” politics. The Tweedledee and Tweedledum of political parties discussing mundane issues is becoming an afterthought in the era of populism.

To be sure, we’re not going to witness a drastic rollback of government intrusions at the federal level, much less the abolition of the litany of unconstitutional laws and regulations emanating from DC any time soon. However, there is plenty of potential for states to poke Washington in the eye by nullifying its laws and pursuing their own policy agendas.

Alert! Convention Of States Boardmember Now Pushing “Gun Control” (Video)

by Tim Brown, DC Clothesline:

You knew it was a scam just as much as the CONvid-1984 has been a scam. Convention of States boardmember Robbie George is not only advancing gun control, but is doing it in a totally new Constitution. Mark Meckler has been hustling and pimping the CoS anti-American scam for years saying that there is no way it can be a runaway convention despite the history of the Articles of Confederation, our first constitution that required unanimous consent to alter it, being left to rot due to a brand new Constitution being put in place that only required 3/4s of the states to ratify it. See the truth of what these men are doing and warn your states and CoS supporters of their craftiness and deceitfulness.

Rural Voters, Guns, and Decentralization Sank the Democrats in Virginia

by José Niño, Mises Institute:

America’s growing rural divide is not going away any time soon. Recent gubernatorial elections in Virginia have rekindled talk about an inevitable Republican resurgence during the 2022 midterms. History has repeatedly shown the party outside of the White House making gains during the midterms elections, one of the most predictable trends of election cycles in American history.

However, what’s more intriguing is some of the new trends that are gradually crystallizing as fixtures of twenty-first-century politics, namely, soft secession. Although Virginia’s 2021 elections had the trappings of an off-year election, what took place below the surface was simply too enticing to ignore.