Friday, February 22, 2019

Claims that Disarmament Benefits Women Leave Out Relevant Facts


from Ammoland:

U.S.A. – -( on leave of absence last week, I missed out on an event the gun-grabbers consider important: #WEARORANGE 2018. Even so, by culturally appropriating (which “progressives” generally condemn) the outerwear of real gun safety practitioners, it gets confusing trying to also keep up with useful idiots, the political criminals that exploit them, foreign enemies, and unarmed victims of murderous maniacs.

One outlet that didn’t miss out on an opportunity to use the Bloomberg Orange Day as an opportunity to subvert the right to keep and bear arms is, unsurprisingly, The Huffington Post, which deemed it the perfect time to post a claim of “11 Statistics That Remind Us Gun Violence Is A Women’s Issue.

Gunsmith Training: Starting the Class

by Sarah Latimer, Survival Blog:

This week, I officially started the program. The first disc in the course is the student orientation disk. I realize that this is kind of an obligatory meeting, but I’ve always wondered why colleges and universities do this sort of thing.

New Student Orientation

When I went to college, the university had a “New Student Orientation” for every incoming student, and it always seemed like a waste to me. The new student is so overwhelmed that they will remember virtually nothing from the meeting. The paperwork handed out is what will be referred to. Even if you look at it like a cheerleading sort of class, it doesn’t make much sense to me. Why cheer for your school, when I’ve already made the decision to spend the money and attend. It just seems a waste of time.

That is what I expected, so I almost didn’t view this disc. But I’d made the decision to go through this whole course exactly like they had recommended. I popped the disc in and was pleasantly surprised at the content.

Another Possible School Shooting Stopped By Good Guy With Gun That You Won’t Hear About In The Mainstream Media

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Officer Scott is a hero, but you aren’t going to hear that much about his heroism in the mainstream media because he actually stopped the bad guy with a gun.

On Wednesday, an armed male was shot by a school resource officer at a high school in Illinois.

As students and staff gathered at Dixon High School in northern Illinois, a 19-year-old former student opened fire on officer Mark Dallas. The officer then returned fire and wounded the young man before taking him into custody.

Traditionally Russia Is a Gun Rights Country. Gun Control Is a Bolshie Novelty


from Russia Insider:

Tyran Tsar? Anything but!

The Russian Empire, like most European countries, had very liberal gun laws, with no significant restrictions on sales, possession, or open carry.

Chelyabinsk gun shop around 1900.
After 1905, you needed the permission of the local head of police to buy pistols and revolvers, but this was a very quick affair and granted as a matter of course. Considering the context of the time – (thousands of assassinations of government officials during this period), this was not an unreasonable precaution. There were no laws on hunting rifles at all until 1917.

Facebook Of Course They’re Talking about Taking Your Guns

from Ammoland:

Make no mistake, by the gun-grabbers’ own words on rare occasions when they’re not lying, this is their end goal for gun owners. They’ll take incremental surrenders to get there. And some ostensibly on “our side” are helping them by backing existing and new infringements. (U.S. Air Force photo)

U.S.A. – -( “No one wants to abolish the Second Amendment,” a News & Record letter to the editor from last April declared. “No one wants to take away our guns. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply not being truthful.”


by Derek Hunter, The Daily Caller:

The latest strategy of gun control activists is to force gun manufacturers “to consider their social impact” by buying stock in those companies and mobilizing shareholders to demand they study the concept.

The group called Adrian Dominican Sisters, led by a nun named Sister Judy Byron, is part of the Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investments, an anti-Second Amendment activist group. Their latest target was American Outdoor Brands Corporation (AOBC), which owns Smith & Wesson. The company was forced to do a study, which was released late Friday, but the results likely won’t make the nuns happy.

2018 Gun Legislation You Must Keep Your Eyes On


by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

There are several items that Americans should keep their eyes on in 2018, and they each have to do with the rights of gun owners.

Awr Hawkins of Breitbart News listed four things that were begun in 2017 but failed to succeed.  I’ll list them and comment on each one.

  • National Reciprocity—National reciprocity for concealed carry passed the House on December 6, 2017. It was introduced by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) on January 3, 2017, then sat idly until conservatives were able to overcome Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) stonewalling. Now it has gone to the Senate, where it sat idly throughout December, as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) busied himself with other things. National reciprocity must be the number one priority in 2018 for supporters of the Second Amendment, as it will fix the cumbersome patchwork of laws that concealed carry permit holders currently face as they travel.

National Reciprocity sounds good, right?  It makes a federal law that every state has to recognize every other state’s concealed carry permit.  That sounds great, right?

Well, yeah, it sounds good to those who are used to asking the government permission to enjoy and exercise a God-given right protected under the Second Amendment, but that’s just it, isn’t it?  Isn’t national reciprocity embedded in the Second Amendment?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Now, consider that the Second Amendment does not state a limitation on whether you carry open or concealed or have a rifle slung across your back.  It says that right “shall not be infringed.”  It shouldn’t be infringed by government for money, taking classes, jumping through hoops, background checks or anything else.  It is a right given to you by the Creator, not permitted by government.

What many have not thought through is that if this is implemented at the federal level, what will stop the feds from building a database of who has these permits and thus who has guns?  Nothing.  After all, the argument will be made that DC needs the database to ensure the concealed carry permit holder is legitimate in the state they are from.  Sure, there could be a simple check with the state, but you know how DC works.

This actually could be dealt with quite simply by DC repealing any and all gun laws, which it has unconstitutionally written, and enforce the protections of the rights of gun owners on the states that have also flagrantly disregarded the rights of gun owners.  As someone has so aptly stated, “The Second Amendment is my concealed carry permit.”

We don’t need to fix “patchwork of laws.”  We need to demand that those laws are repealed and the Second Amendment trump those usurpations.

Anyways, that’s the first item.

  • Repeal of Gun Ban for Military Veterans—On March 16, 2017, the House voted to repeal the gun ban for military veterans. The ban is structured in a manner similar to Barack Obama’s Social Security gun ban inasmuch as it allows bureaucrats to flag military disability recipients who require help with their finances. Those flagged recipients are then turned over to the National Instance Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and barred from purchasing firearms for self-defense. Although the House voted to repeal the ban, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his colleagues never took up the measure for a vote.

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More Gun Violence: Let’s Look Beyond Politics


by Ron Paul, Ron Paul Institute:

Another terrible school shooting took place in Parkland, Florida last week and unfortunately many politicians and pundits have used the tragedy – as they often do – to push their own agenda. Many will use the tragedy to argue that Americans should be prohibited from owning guns. As if anti-gun laws would dissuade a disturbed or violent individual intent on causing harm. Those intent on mass murder don’t obey gun laws.

It’s unfortunate that while many are quick to demand that guns be taken away from peaceful Americans, they don’t seem to have much to say about guns when they’re in the hands of government authorities shooting innocent people. If we need any gun control, it is to get control of the guns in the hands of thousands of government employees who use them against innocent people with impunity.

For example, why do those calling for more gun control remain silent when armed federal agents raid Amish farms to stop them from selling raw milk? This shows the hypocrisy of those who call for restrictions on private firearms ownership while supporting the use of government violence as a means of controlling our lives.

Unfortunately there are many key questions lost in the race to score political points from the shooting.

Why does it always seem that the shooter in these mass killings has been on some kind of psychotropic drugs? As the New American magazine pointed out this week, at least ten high profile mass shootings have been committed by individuals who “were either on — or just recently coming off of — psychiatric medications.” The young killer in Florida was no different. According to his aunt, he had been on these medications to treat mental problems.

Why is no one questioning these medications – all of which come with labels warning of horrific side effects? Perhaps one reason they are ignored is that the pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars lobbying Congress.

Also, how is it possible that the FBI once again missed so many obvious clues that a violent person intent on causing massive harm to others was about to strike? Is the FBI actually this incompetent, or perhaps its focus was in other areas — like meddling in our own elections by presenting “evidence” they knew was flawed to the FISA court to get permission to spy on the Trump campaign?

We’ve heard many stories of how alert FBI field agents tried to alert their bosses before 9/11 that foreigners were taking flight lessons but were not interested in learning how to land the planes.

Is giving the federal government more power to spy on us – as they demand – the answer to stop these terrible crimes? Hardly!

Those who think that giving federal authorities greater surveillance powers might prevent mass shootings should consider that the FBI has been alerted that the latest school shooter had made Facebook posts and YouTube comments talking about his intention to be, as he put it, “a professional school shooter.” But the Bureau failed to properly investigate the tips. If the FBI fails to stop someone who openly boasts about their intentions on social media why should we believe that giving them the power to snoop on every American would increase our safety?

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from The Daily Sheeple:

American Marxists have long followed an axiom used by former President Obama’s first chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, who once intoned, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” because “it’s an opportunity to do things you could not do before.”

That includes, of course, dead children, especially when they are murdered in school by a crazed former student whom everyone and their sister knew was dangerous, right up to and including the FBI.

As such, the Lefties who run America’s social media companies — Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter — were not about to forget Rahm’s Rule following the most recent mass murder of students at a Parkland, Florida, high school last month.

WATCH: Despite Strict Gun Control, Mom Manages to Buy a Gun and Protects Kids from Home Invader

by Matt Agorist , The Free Thought Project:

Despite California having the strictest gun laws in the nation, a mom was able to obtain one and used it to protect her children from a home invader.

Taft, CA — In a reaction to the Parkland, Fl shooting, California Gov. Jerry Brown just signed the strictest gun control laws in the county into action this month—again. Despite already having the strictest gun laws in the nation, California took it one step further, making it that much harder for citizens to defend themselves. Luckily, however, one mom in Taft, California was able to acquire a gun that she used to protect her four children from a home invader.

Oops! Look What This Cop Accidentally Admitted About Federal Gun Laws!!

from HighImpactVlogs:

Liberal Democrats 2019 Agenda: Get Trump / Attack 2nd Amendment

by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

Liberal Democrats 2019 Agenda: Get Trump / Attack 2nd Amendment by Rory – The Daily Coin

If you remember all the lying two-faced politicians that Project Veritas exposed during the recent midterm elections it would appear they received their marching orders from on-high. The entire democratic agenda is to “get Trump” and eliminate the 2nd Amendment. This is now becoming very apparent with the statements made by Pelosi, Schumer and now, Richard Goodstein.

BOMBSHELL: Anti-gun sociopath David Hogg caught on Reddit celebrating the mass killing of “billions of people” as being “great for the environment”

by Mike Adams, via The Common Sense Show:

Anti-gun sociopath David Hogg — see daily news coverage at — has been caught in a Reddit post celebrating the death of billions of people from mosquito-borne disease, an InfoWars investigation has now found.

Mosquitoes “kill humans, billions of them, which is great for the environment,” Hogg stated in a Reddit post from late 2017, confirming that Hogg is not merely a foul-mouthed bully of legal firearms owners, but actually despises humanity and celebrates the mass killing of billions of people.

Like many indoctrinated youth, Hogg has been taught by the globalist-run public school system that human beings are bad and must be eliminated through depopulation schemesin order to “save the climate.” This position is consistent with the genocidal desires of Bill Gates, Ted Turner and many other noted globalists who actively seek to reduce human population through nefarious means, including covertly spiking vaccines given to African women with infertility chemicals that cause spontaneous abortions, a United Nations practice that has been discovered and denounced by the Kenya Conference of Bishops (KCCB).