Sunday, August 18, 2019

Lawmakers in Hawaii Propose Repealing Second Amendment

from The Mind Unleashed:

Legislators in Hawaii, which has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States, moved this week to bring their concerns about the Second Amendment to the national level.

In Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) No. 42, introduced Tuesday, Democratic lawmakers assert that:

“In light of the numerous tragic mass shootings at schools, work places, and public events, this body believes that it is necessary to repeal or amend the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

The Dirty Secret About Gun Control In Latin America

from Silver Doctors:

It is time for us as a nation not to normalize the violence and the carnage of gun violence…

by Jose Nino via Mises Wire

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos wants an America filled with gun control.

During a segment of Real America with Jorge Ramos, the journalist played a number of clips featuring 2020 presidential hopeful Cory Booker’s plan to tackle America’s alleged gun violence “epidemic.”

In this video, Booker proclaimed that “It is time for us as a nation not to normalize the violence and the carnage of gun violence. It is time that we come together and stand together and take the fight to the NRA and the corporate gun lobby like we have never seen before!”

Congressman Thomas Massie Warns How Both Parties Are Looking To Take Your Guns

by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

They know it will not do one thing to stop mass shootings but they are using it to wrap a more devious gun confiscation scheme in it.  You’ve been warned, and no doubt, President Donald Trump will back it all the way to his desk.  He’s already shown his true colors on the Second Amendment, as if many of us didn’t expect it in the first place.

Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie (R) has consistently warned the American people about what those in Washington, DC are attempting to do to infringe on their rights which are protected under the Second Amendment, and he’s doing it again.  This time it concerns the STOP School Violence Act.

In a video he shared on social media, Massie encouraged citizens to stand up for their rights by being informed on what is taking place and that there is a small window of opportunity to act.

“We’ve got about a week to act,” Massie said. “I want to let you know what’s going on in Congress as far as gun control goes. You’ve heard a lot of ideas floating in the news—raising the legal age to buy a long gun, for instance—or a new assault weapons ban. Any number of bad things have been mentioned. But I wanted to boil it down for you.”

Massie then broke it down.

“What’s actually going to happen, the gun control play they’re going to run here in Congress is the one that, unfortunately, I predicted back in December,” Massie said.

In December,  H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, stated that its purpose was to amend “the federal criminal code to allow a qualified individual to carry a concealed handgun into or possess a concealed handgun in another state that allows individuals to carry concealed firearms.”

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Marine Veteran Rebukes David Hogg: “Grow Up & Deal With Criticism Like An Adult Or Shut Up!”


by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

Joe Newby of Conservative Firing Line wrote a letter to Hogg, in which he both sympathized with the loss of friends in the Parkland high school shooting on Valentine’s Day this year and gave him a rude awakening to the reality of life itself, something that a true friend would do.

David Hogg has been whining not just about his disdain for the Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment, but also for the fact that Fox News’ host Laura Ingraham dared to mock his failure at getting into four colleges, which she apologized for but shouldn’t have. Hogg, still just a child, can’t take the criticism and called for a ban of Fox News because he was exposed for how obviously ill-equipped he is to get in those schools, but is obviously controlled enough to be a useful idiot for the Communists.

Moscow Unveils A Monument To Kalashnikov, The AK-47’s Designer


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

A brand new statue of Mikhail Kalashnikov holding his signature AK-47 assault rifle was unveiled in Moscow on Tuesday. The statue commemorates one of Russia’s most renowned inventions.

Kalashnikov is a staple name in Russia. The history of the rifle though began almost 100 years ago when its designer was born. The inventor of the world’s most famous rifle was born into a Siberian peasant family in 1919. He was mechanically minded and first aspired to design farm equipment. But World War II called him into the army and he was wounded in the 1941 battle of Bryansk. While he was in the hospital recovering, he heard other soldiers saying their weapons were insufficient to those of the Nazi’s. So, Kalashnikov got to work designing his own rifle.

He made a successful rifle in 1947 for the Russian army. The infamous gun’s name (AK-47) commemorates the designer and the year of accomplishment. Avtomat Kalashnikova (19)47.

The AK-47 soon became widely popular for its adaptability to rugged conditions, including jungles, deserts, and the bitter cold. It is simple to operate and easy to maintain. With little training, users of this rifle can often field-strip an AK-47 in a half a minute.

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Silencing & Disarming The Masses Are The Right And Left Hand Of Genocide – ‘History Proves That They Who Take Your Guns, End Up Taking Your Life’

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Credit where it is due, the headline was inspired by an email response from Steve Quayle this morning, with the end quote, “History Proves That They Who Take Your Guns, End Up Taking Your Life,” being a direct statement for this article from Quayle, who succinctly highlighted how the attacks against Independent and alt news, and the vilification of law abiding gun owners with attacks against the NRA, coupled with the direct calls for “gun control,” disarming America and confiscation, are quite literally the left and right hand of genocide as history shows.

In Nazi Germany the first thing they did after taking control was to take over the media, via the Nazi Propaganda Ministry, directed by Dr. Joseph Goebbels along with the 1933 “Editorial Law,” signed by both Adolph Hitler and Goebbels.  Then the “gun control” laws started being implemented, as they were passed in countries that saw some of the worst genocides, including Ottoman, Turkey, China, Uganda, Cambodia, and Rwanda, just to name a few where “gun control, including confiscation, was followed by mass genocide.


Independent Media and gun owners across America are being vilified on a daily basis by the mainstream media and gun control activists in a campaign that has hit peak levels after the Parkland high school shooting which killed 17. 

Information that has emerged has shown that police had been called to the home the shooter Nikolas Cruz lived 39 times over the seven year period preceding the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Follow up reports show that 18 of those calls were about Cruz’s violence, threats and guns

The FBI had been warned five months prior to the attack that Nikolas Cruz had left a comment on a YouTube video saying “I am going to be a professional school shooter,” and closed the case after they visited the man that made the report, saying they couldn’t identify the person behind the post, yet now we have learned the FBI never contacted Google, which owns YouTube to find out the identity of the poster.

The FBI received yet another report about Cruz just one month before the school massacre, which after reading the transcript, we see the tipster described how Cruz wanted to kill people, cut up small animals, stating outright that Cruz was “going to explode,” and provided both his name and address to the FBI, yet they admit they did not follow protocol, and never referred the tip to the Miami FBI field office for followup.

Last but not least before getting to the heart of this article, we now know four armed Broward County Sheriff officers stood outside the school while the students were being murdered inside, without attempting to enter the building and take down the suspect.

Now, taking all of the above facts into account, it is clear there were a lot of missed opportunities, to the point of actual negligence on the part of quite a few law enforcement officials, yet the mainstream media, liberals, those obsessed with gun control, are attacking the NRA, which played no part in the events of that tragic day, while social media, Google, YouTube, etc, are actively censoring Independent Media from reporting the facts the MSM aren’t.

One clear example is how Google and Facebook has removed dozens upon dozens of copies of an interview conducted with the media favorite poster boy for gun control, David Hogg, where the interview is heard coaching him on what to say and while appears to be practicing scripted lines. While we do have a downloaded copy of the video, YouTube has is still scrubbing it from their platform, claiming it is “harassing” and “bullying.” (The video is still up at LiveLeak)

RelatedSILENCE! Twitter, YouTube scrubbing all content and banning all users who question the official (false) narrative on the Florida school shooting

Independent Media is being vilified in the MSM for any mention of facts that do not fit their carefully crafted attempt to only address gun control, rather than mental health or the failure on the part of multiple law enforcement officials for ignoring a threat they were informed of many times, or that the majority of these mass shootings occur in gun free zones.

Instead they are on an all out push to vilify the NRA (National Rifle Association), as ANP reported on Saturday, where gun control proponents are actively harassing a number of groups that provide discounts to NRA members, intimidating them into breaking off their association, while Second Amendment supporters are now actively canceling the services of those cowardly companies that caved to intimidation. (Names of companies, contact information including emails, phone numbers and online contact pages, provided in Saturday’s ANP article -FLOOD THEIR PHONE LINES AND EMAILS)

Another point made by Quayle in our emails is that “Gun owners lives and children’s lives are at stake,” and public statements all over the Internet, threats, death wishes, and other vile content aimed at the NRA, who had absolutely nothing to do with the Florida high school massacre, gun owners and the spokeswoman for NRA Dana Loesch, is proof of that assertion.

Just this morning Ms. Loesch responded to Kevin Mellott that told her “I hope your kids school is next. I will protect my child if you won’t.”  which he soon deleted after she highlighted what he said and responded by saying “You’re calling for more school shootings to condemn school shootings? You are a sick person. God help you.”

Before Mr. Mellott was able to delete his comment to Ms. Loesch, and set his Twitter account to protected, some fast thinking Twitter users did capture a screen shot of his original tweet:

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WATCH: Democrat Stacey Abrams Admits Her Plans May Require Georgians to ‘Turn Their Guns In’

by Awr Hawkins, Breitbart:

During a November 4 appearance on CNN’s State of the Union Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) admitted that a possible outcome of her gun control plans could be that “people would turn their guns in.”

She said other options might include “buybacks” and/or “grandfathering in” certain firearms, so current owners could keep them but be barred from selling them or transferring them to other individuals.



from The Daily Sheeple:

A Smoke 4 Less store clerk in Durham, North Carolina got into a shootout with an armed robber, and police just released the video Thursday.

It’s pretty incredible.


First of all, you gotta give props to this clerk. From my detailed, CSI-level video analysis he was already brandishing his weapon before the masked gunman even entered the store.

Now that’s some emergency preparedness.

He likely saw the robber coming in via the parking lot security camera, which police have also released.


I like this camera angle because it shows just how quickly this thug tucked his tail and ran. He may have planned to rob a Smoke 4 Less, but he was definitely not looking to get Smoked 4 his actions.

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by Chris Menahan, via InfoWars:

Americans who oppose this lunacy need to get out and vote GOP today like their lives depend on it

Police in the Democrat haven of Maryland shot and killed a man in his home on Monday while serving a “protective order” under a new law which allows them to seize people’s guns without due process.

10 Dumbest Gun Control Laws That Need To Be Repealed Right Away


by Tom Knighton, via Lew Rockwell:

Gun grabbers will try anything to limit our constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. While we appear to be taking back ground lost in previous decades–usually with data to prove that new laws have done nothing to make us any safer–there are a handful of laws in place that are particularly stupid.

Today, let’s take a look at those laws and just why they need to be killed.

What this is not is an in-depth, legalese description of these laws, just a brief overview. I am not an attorney, after all.

1. The Hughes Amendment

This was something tacked on to an otherwise pro-gun bill during the Reagan Era. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the name, if you’re a gun nut, you’re familiar with the ramifications of this bit of legislation. You see, this is the reason the machine gun market is what it is. This law banned machine guns manufactured after 1986 to go to private hands.

All this law did was assign an arbitrary cut-off date that had nothing to do with anything in and of itself. There was no indication that guns manufactured after that date would be more deadly (they aren’t), nor that legally held weapons were being used in crimes (they weren’t). Instead, it was a petulant child of a politician who tried to throw in a poison pill into a pro-gun law.

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And it backfired on pretty much everyone.

2. Suppressor Regulation via The National Firearms Act of 1934

Suppressors, contrary to what the gun grabbers argue, aren’t an aid to illegal activities. Instead, they’re safety devices. They protect people’s hearing when they’re firing weapons. Period.

However, in the anti-gun hysteria surrounding gangland violence during Prohibition, suppressors were seen as the Boogeyman’s favorite took of choice. After all, a suppressor would allow him to kill in absolute silence.

Unfortunately for all of us, suppressors aren’t the silencers of Hollywood. They’re not even silencers. Instead, they’re mufflers for the end of your gun so you can shoot without needing ear plugs or muffs.

Further, in the gun-restricted Utopia of Europe, many gun grabbers seek to emulate, those who are blessed to own firearms in some countries are required to use suppressors. Apparently, the one thing Europeans get right on guns are the benefits of suppressors.

3. Magazine Limits

So-called high-capacity magazines seem to be the thing most likely to send a gun grabbing politician into apoplexy. Several states have limited magazines to an arbitrary number that’s supposed to make everyone safer. The thing is, they don’t.

Why? One word: Reloading.

A speedy reload with a magazine-fed firearm can be learned in just a few minutes, thus rendering limits pointless.

Meanwhile, proponents will look at this as evidence limits shouldn’t be lifted, but that’s not how a free society works. The onus is on supporters of any law to support the law’s existence, not on ours to show it’s a burden before it’s lifted.

4. Category Bans Based On Primarily Cosmetic Features

Yes, I’m looking at you, Assault Weapon Ban and similar state laws that have been enacted since the federal version sunsetted in 2004.

Lawmakers understand that if they simply ban the AR-15, that still leaves the M&P 15 Sport 2 or any other AR-15 rifle with a different name, so they go after obvious features that will identify the weapons as so-called “assault rifles.” However, in the process, all they manage to do is attack cosmetic features that don’t have anything to do with the function of the rifle like collapsible stocks and pistol grips.

Meanwhile, crime is unaffected because, as per usual, criminals don’t really care about following the laws. The only people being inconvenienced are the law abiding gun owners.

5. Waiting Periods For Firearms Purchases

There are places in this country where you have to wait three days to purchase a gun. For this Georgia boy, it boggles the mind that you’re required to wait to pick up something you’re legally allowed to buy for no other reason other than a politician thinks it’ll do some good.

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Are The Swiss Staying Pro-Gun In Anti-Gun Europe?

by Tom Knighton, Bearing Arms:

The Swiss are famous for a few things such as chocolate, clocks, and pocket knives.

They’re also well known for their neutrality. They want no part in what most of the world is doing, they just want to be left alone. For an individualist like me, that’s a position I can deeply respect.

Part of how they stay neutral, however, is actually having a fairly strong tradition of guns in private hands. Their system is a bit complicated, but there are a lot of guns there, and anyone who decides to tread on Swiss neutrality by force is going to have their hands full.

Thousands Donated To A Woman Who Was Fired For Using A Gun To Defend Herself


by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Jennifer Wertz was fired from her position at a Circle K gas station in Albuquerque after shooting Ferron Mendez as he attempted to rob her. The community has now banded together to donate money to Wertz to help cover for her lost wages.

Mendez pointed a gun towards Wertz during an attempted robbery, making Wertz realize “it was either shoot or be shot.” When asked, Wertz said that she would rather be alive and without a job than dead. Sentiments shared by most human beings. It was later discovered to be an airsoft gun missing the orange tip, but in the heat of the moment, Wertz did what almost any other would have done to preserve their life.

Wertz’s mother responded to her firing by creating a GoFundMe page. After recalling the case, Wertz’s mother explained that her daughter was in need of financial help. The GoFundMe page says:

On 09-18-2017 my daughter was faced with something no person should have to face. That was shoot or be shot. Two armmed robbers came into her work and pointed a gun in her face. She had her gun in her pocket and protected herself and her friends. As a result of saving peoples lives and her own she has now been put out of work for 2 weeks and will most likly lose her job she has had for 5 years. My daughter has 3 kids to care for and needs help now.  The kids are 8, 6, and 2 and with no income she isnt sure what to do. She wont ask for help herself so im doing this for her. She is torn apart emotionally and is in need of time to recover from this ordeal. She has always been a good person, mom, and daughter. She is in need of dire help to support her family. She was already living pay check to pay check and now has no savings or nothing to fall back on. Please help as much as you can to support her and her family until she can find a new job.

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3 Times LAST WEEK Women Defended Themselves and Others With a Gun

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

I’ve often written about the fact that gun control is every bit as much of a women’s issue as equal pay and maternity leave. Anyone who believes in destroying the 2nd Amendment doesn’t understand what an equalizer a firearm can be. A determined woman with a gun can fend off a number of larger male attackers, sometimes without even firing a shot.

I know this is true because I have had occasion to protect myself and my daughter with a gun in the past. But if some gun control advocates had their way, all guns would be banned. Every single one. This would take away the right of women all over the country to protect themselves.

Antifa Terrorists Soil Their Pants after Proud Boys Group Is Pictured Defending Houston from Looters

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Following the horrific destruction of Hurricane Harvey in Houston thousands of Texans, Christians, patriots and fellow Americans stepped up to rescue and assist those suffering in Texas.

Proud Boy Magazine reported:

When I saw the picture of a group of Houston Proud Boys, it gave me joy. I saw men who were standing up for their communities.

I didn’t know their stories. All of their houses could have been completely gone or flooded at that point. All I knew was that these were men who were taking solid steps to protect their neighborhoods.

When antifa saw this picture, they had a different take. Someone posted an article on an antifa-supporting “news site” that claims that they are “armed Fascists” who were roaming around Houston looking for looters.

 A group of Proud Boys members stepped up and defended Houston communities from looting.
A group of Proud Boys members stepped up and defended Houston communities from looting.

Antifa terrorists had a different reaction. The far left group known for beating heads and cold-cocking women after Trump rallies were horrified that decent Americans were protecting their communities.
Via Raw Story:

More reaction…

Anti-gun nut Shannon Watts:

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