Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Trump Organization staff carrying guns to work because of physical attacks by protestors

from Fellowship Of The Minds:

From Daily MailStaff at Donald Trump’s real estate company are taking guns to work for their own protection because they are being physically attacked during their commute.

Employees of The Trump Organization are so scared for their safety that being armed is the only way they feel safe, a longtime top executive claims in his new book, The Real Deal: My Decade Fighting Battles and Winning Wars with Trump by George A. Sorial who has been an executive with the Trump Organization since 2006.

Chiraq Mayor Lori Lightfoot holds “accountability” meeting after another weekend of gun violence

from Fellowship Of The Minds:

There is no such thing as “accountability” in Chiraq.

Demorats have been in charge since 1931 and yet the gun violence CONTINUES.

From MyFoxChicago: City leaders met Monday following another violent weekend.

The second weekend of June saw 39 people shot, three of them fatally. Police were also able to arrest 36 people on gun-related charges and remove 115 illegal weapons from the street.


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

New Zealanders have decided to ignore the gun bans imposed on them by the government in the wake of the mass shooting at Christchurch. They have effectively nullified the law banning semi-automatic firearms and shotguns by completely ignoring it.

Politicians are left scratching their heads and wondering why New Zealanders won’t comply with their authoritarian edicts.  The so-called “gun reform” was expected to rid the vast New Zealand countryside of most semi-automatic firearms, magazines over a specified limit, and shotguns. New Zealand’s political chatelaine, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, had an almost unanimous parliamentary vote to institute the gun buy-back, though as Liberty Nation Legal Affairs Editor Scott Cosenza asserts, “Buy-back is really a misnomer because the government never owned those guns in the first place.”

John R. Lott, PHD – Anti-Second Amendment Presidential Candidates

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

Dr. John R. Lott Jr. returns to the program… Every major democrat candidate is anti-gun and anti-second amendment. Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been unrelenting in his war on the right to self-defense. But there’s hope. A case pending before SCOTUS could scrap New York City’s obviously unconstitutional gun control scheme. The limitations are so oppressive, draconian and overbearing that virtually no one can get a concealed weapons permit.

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by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

President Donald Trump has already successfully gotten more gun control done than his predecessor, Barack Obama.  But he doesn’t seem to want to stop at banning bump stocks.  He’s now “seriously” considering banning silencers.

The media is taking aim at Trump over the shootings and he responded in a manner that would make any Democrat smile. “Well, I’d like to think about it,” Trump said in an interview with Piers Morgan on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. “I’m going to seriously look at it.” While Trump said he didn’t “love” the idea of a ban, he also was unhappy to see the frequency and severity of mass shootings in the United States, according to Bloomberg. 


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

A California Democrat and presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris is vowing to change the federal guns law by “presidential fiat” if Congress won’t trample all over your rights. The authoritarian senator claims she could impose “near-universal background checks” and close the “boyfriend loophole” without new legislation.

If Congress does not change the law, in other words, Harris will, although that is not part of the president’s constitutional job description, according to report by Reason It should be abundantly clear by now that Democrats and even some Republicans are coming for your basic human right to self-defense. Don’t believe any politician who says they aren’t coming for your guns. They are.

Citizens Disobey New Zealand Gun Ban, Only 530 of 300,000 People Turned Guns In

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

In March, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the “first tranche” in a number of moves to restrict the rights of New Zealand citizens to protect themselves with firearms. This move was in direct response to the horrific murders that unfolded on March 15. Coincidentally, this is the exact move the terrorist who carried out these attacks had hoped for and predicted. The good news is, however, that most citizens are refusing to turn in their guns.

Why So Many Mass Shootings? Ask the Right Questions and You Might Find Out

by Dennis Prager, PJ Media:

This past weekend, Americans learned of another mass shooting, this time by an employee who decided to murder as many of the people he had worked with for years as possible. As of this writing, the murder toll is 12 people.

Every American asks why. What was the killer’s motive? When we read there is “no known motive,” we are frustrated. Human beings want to make sense of life, especially of evil.

Gun control, Chiraq style: 44 shot – 8 fatally – since Friday night

from Fellowship Of The Minds:

When I originally scheduled this post early Sunday afternoon it was 42 shot, 6 fatally. By 9:00 pm the numbers had gone up to 44 shot, 8 fatally. I’m sure the numbers will be higher by Monday morning.

From MyFoxChicagoAt least 42 people have been shot in Chicago since Friday evening, the large majority of whom were wounded in a rash of violence during the first 12 hours of the weekend, leaving six people dead by early Sunday morning.

Can The Militia Be Used To Protect The President From The Deep State?

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

When Trump leaves office in 2 or 6 years, will the Deep State under the Democrats “lock him up?”


And his family too.

Not so fast – what about the Second Amendment and its well-regulated militia?

How’s that gun control working in Washington State since new laws were passed?

from Fellowship Of The Minds:

Washington State has some strict gun control laws. Presidential candidate demorat Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bunch more of new laws on May 7 saying, “Our state is a leader on #gunsafety but more work is needed to protect our students & the people of WA. That’s why today I am so happy to sign bills that ban untraceable ghost guns, keep guns away from our most vulnerable Washingtonians & improve gun safety overall.”

Some of their gun control laws include the following (from Wikipedia):


from InfoWars:

Former US president says gun laws in America allow anyone to get a gun anytime

Former US President Barack Obama told a Brazilian audience that gun laws in America are so bad anyone can get a gun at any time.

This 100 Year Old Gun Might Out Last Any Glock or Sig Sauer


from Government Slaves:

More than a century after its introduction, how much longer can the 1911 go on? As a pairing of high-powered bullet and frame, it’s difficult to beat. Other manufacturers including Glock and Springfield Armory have come out with competing .45 ACP designs that also have lasting appeal.

The 1911 is one of the most notorious handguns in history and easily the most famous in America, having seen action in every U.S. conflict since World War I. One of the most successful product designs ever, the 1911 has achieved something rare in the world of machines: immortality. Over a hundred years old, it remains largely unchanged.

When is it time to start shooting?

by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

Tonight I stand before you a broken down old man. I am 50 years old, but the strokes and lack of sleep have made me age well before my time.

HOWEVER… I have been fighting this fight for a long time and I am not about to stop.

I have been censored and blocked and suspended. Businesses and advertisers refuse to do business with me because of my politics. And my politics are THE TRUTH.

Constitutional Crisis: 7 Ways We’ve Been in One for a Long Time

by Michael Boldin, Activist Post:

While most talk about a “crisis” today is about the Mueller report, subpoenas, and Russia – almost everyone ignores what makes a real constitutional crisis.

Here are 7 real-life examples of a constitutional crisis, showing we’ve been in one for a long, long time.