Monday, October 15, 2018

Violent Crime Down in 2017, Gun Carry Up

from Ammoland:

Fairfax, VA – -( The FBI released its annual Crime in the United States report earlier this week. The report aggregates crime data, including offender and victim information, from law enforcement agencies across the country. About 90% of law enforcement agencies participated. From the FBI’s press release:

“After two consecutive years of increases, the estimated number of violent crimes in the nation decreased 0.2 percent in 2017 when compared with 2016 data, according to FBI figures released today. Property crimes dropped 3.0 percent, marking the 15th consecutive year the collective estimates for these offenses declined.

Lion King Puppet Tech Arrested Over 3D Printed Gun – #NewWorldNextWeek

from corbettreport:

4 Reasons Why Preppers Need Shotshells in Their Long-Term Survival Supplies


by Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition:

Ready Nutrition guys and gals, this piece is going to explain the many merits of shotshells. This is not the same as shotgun shells, although they work upon the same general principle: a cartridge for a pistol either “tamped” at the end or with an extension containing pellets to fire. These “pellets” are shot: not the type of play-toy pellets fired from a kid’s plastic toy gun (if that’s even allowed anymore).

These shotshells come in practically all of the calibers, from .22 on up to your larger magnum handguns, such as .44 magnums. The principal is the same as a shotgun, but with a handgun: to throw out a cone of this shot (pellets) of steel or lead for a wider dispersion, thereby allowing your pistol to function in the manner of a shotgun.

Detroit lawmaker pushes “bullet bill” where you have to purchase ammo through law enforcement and go through mental background check

from Fellowship Of The Minds:

It’s always about control.

From The Detroit NewsA resolution introduced in Wayne County seeks to encourage state and federal legislators to regulate and limit ammunition sales.

Outgoing District 6 Commissioner Reggie “Reg” Davis submitted the resolution to the commission’s chair, Gary Woronchak, to encourage Michigan and U.S. leaders to adopt policies to end gun violence. If the commission does that, Davis said, he plans to seek passage of an ordinance to adopt the policies for which his resolution calls.

“In Detroit, it’s the wild, wild west,” Davis, a Democrat, told The Detroit News in a phone interview. “I want to stop turning on the TV every day seeing a younger version of myself at a gas station or a Coney Island, seeing these kids kill each other. We need some sort of control.

More Data that Good People With Guns Save Lives


from Ammoland:

U.S.A. -( You might never need to defend yourself. That depends on both luck and skill. According to FBI statistics, someone in your family will be the victim of violent crime over your lifetime. Fortunately, you can defend yourself with more than good luck, but only if you are prepared. Self-defense happens. About 6 thousand honest gun owners defend themselves every day. Vice magazine said they couldn’t find those examples of armed self-defense, so we’ll do it for them. The truth is easy to find once you look.

The Face of 3D-Printed Guns Was Just Charged With Sexually Assaulting a Child


from Texas Tribune, via The Anti Media:

The victim said she met Wilson, a self-described “crypto-anarchist,” online before he drove her to an Austin hotel in August.

(TT) — Cody Wilson, an Austin man who gained national attention for his push to make blueprints for 3D-printed guns publicly available on the internet, has been charged with sexually assaulting an underage girl, according to an arrest affidavit filed Wednesday in Travis County District Court.

The affidavit said Wilson, 30, had sex with a girl who was under 17 on Aug. 15 at the Archer Hotel in Austin and paid her $500. The girl, whose exact age wasn’t revealed in the affidavit, told her story to a counselor on Aug. 22, and the counselor called the Austin Police Department.

AWR Hawkins: The Left’s Disinformation Campaign Against Your Second Amendment Right

from Breitbart:

President Trump and the Republican congressional leadership are pro-gun, but that does not stop the left from spreading disinformation and coming after your gun rights. On this week’s episode of Bullets, AWR Hawkins lets you know that Bill Clinton wants an “assault weapons” ban, Vice magazine says “good guys with a gun” don’t exist, and one college professor actually shot himself to protest AR-15s.

Five Horrifying Examples of What Happens When Gov’t Takes Guns From the People

from The Free Thought Project:

Gun rights might not guarantee victory against tyrants, but being deprived of them all but guarantees submission.

(Mises) — Arguably one of the rights that has seen less government encroachment in the US — in contrast to other activities such as commerce — gun rights are now witnessing unprecedented attacks at the state level and even from politically-connected corporate entities.

Although gun control laws are not created equally in terms of overall impact, gun confiscation holds a special place in the halls of political repression. A trip down memory lane will give us a refresher of how gun confiscation has helped consolidate government power.

Useful Idiot David Hogg Tells Whoppers While Unlawfully Soliciting Canadians To Donate to US Political Campaigns


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Hogg would be a perfect example to apply the law to so that others would learn from his lawlessness and carelessness in order to attack the God-given rights of law-abiding Americans, don’t you think?

Seriously, if we’ve put millions into searching for Russian collusion and meddling in US elections since 2016, why was useful idiot David Hogg not arrested when he came back into the united States after calling on Canadians to vote to “save America” and even donate to political causes in the US? Apparently, he forgot what country he was in while he stood alongside filmmaker Michael Moore and encouraging Canadians to donate to political campaigns in the States.

YouTube Bans Cody Wilson Press Conference and Fundraising Videos

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

‘It’s self-evidently an attempt at controlling our culture and people’s discovery of it’
Stephen Gutowski

Cody Wilson said that video-sharing giant YouTube removed video of his recent press conference announcing the sale of gun blueprints and a fundraiser for his ongoing legal fight over the publication of the same blueprints.

“YouTube removed my fundraising video and my press conference,” Wilson told the Washington Free Beacon. “They’re saying it’s ‘promotion of the sale of firearms.’ They removed every video I’ve ever made on ghost gunner and Defcad. Press conference, attended by the NYT and AP is still gone.”

3D Guns: Where Tech And Anarchy Merge

by Fred Dunkley, Safehaven:

Need a gun and don’t want it traced back to you? You’re in luck: 3D gun-printing is here, and blueprints are for sale, without all the hassle of gun registration and background checks. It’s another one of those moments where we remember that technological progress also means progress for the underworld, or perhaps just those seemingly normal people who suddenly whip out a weapon in the middle of a movie theater … or a school.

It takes time for legislation to catch up with technology, with the former always finding itself reacting rather than anticipating.

U.S. District Court Judge in Seattle, Robert Lasnik, recently extended an injunction blocking a non-profit company from publishing blueprints for 3D guns online.

Gunsmith Training: Pistolsmithing- Week Four


from Survival Blog:

This week I finished up the AGI Gunsmithing course on Pistolsmithing. There were a few surprises.


I’m finding that the ten hours of video per week just isn’t going to be feasible for much of the course. If I’m dealing with firearms that I am already pretty familiar with, a single pass through the video is usually enough to get me going on the finer points. However, if the course is covering a firearm that I am not all that familiar with, and especially if I can’t find that model (or a similar model) of firearm to put my hands on, things slow down quite a bit. The Colt Python that was covered this week is a prime example.

ARKANSAS — Pregnant Mom Kills Home Invader, Going To Prison For the Gun She Used

by John Vibes, DC Clothesline:

Do convicted felons have the constitutional right to defend themselves with a firearm? The answer to the question, in most U.S. states is a resounding no. Those who do, like Arkansas native Krissy Noble, face years in prison, all for choosing to protect their lives and the lives of their loved ones with a firearm.

Noble was cleared of all wrongdoing in the Dec. 7th shooting death of Dylan Stancoff, who attacked her in her own home. Noble was pregnant at the time of the shooting when Stancoff, calling himself Cameron White, stopped by her home and asked to speak to Noble’s husband who was not home at the time. Saying he was a friend from the military, Stancoff left but returned later, pushed himself into Noble’s home, attempted to cover her mouth to prevent her from screaming, and began to struggle with the mother-to-be.

Noble escaped briefly and retrieved a .40 caliber handgun, fired three shots, and killed her attacker. But because Noble pleaded guilty (before the shooting in 2017) to felony possession of marijuana, she now faces six years in prison, all for the crime of using her husband’s handgun, a gun she successfully used to defend herself and the life of her unborn baby.

NPR — Yes, NPR — Destroys Left’s Gun Narrative

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

So much for the left’s narratives on guns and school shootings...

This spring the U.S. Education Department reported that in the 2015-2016 school year, “nearly 240 schools … reported at least 1 incident involving a school-related shooting.” The number is far higher than most other estimates.

But NPR reached out to every one of those schools repeatedly over the course of three months and found that more than two-thirds of these reported incidents never happened. Child Trends, a nonpartisan nonprofit research organization, assisted NPR in analyzing data from the government’s Civil Rights Data Collection.


from InfoWars:

Cody Wilson joins Alex Jones to discuss censorship and more

Cody Wilson, the creator of the first 3-D printed gun, joins Alex Jones to describe the horizon of humanity he and Alex see beyond the liberal-controlled world order now working to silence conservative voices.