Thursday, October 17, 2019

California’s New ‘Red Flag’ Gun Law So Extreme ACLU Deems “Significant Threat To Civil Liberties”

from ZeroHedge:

California adopted 15 firearms-related bills last Friday, including a controversial ‘red flag’ gun confiscation law which adds co-workers, employers and educators to the list of who can file a gun violence restraining order on those they say are a danger to themselves and others. Currently, only law enforcement and immediate family members can apply to temporarily confiscate peoples’ firearms. Most of the new laws take effect January 1, according to the LA Times.

Bump Stock Owners Refuse To Comply With Federal Ban

by TJ Martinell, Activist Post:

Bump stock owners aren’t complying with an illegal federal ban approved through an unconstitutional bureaucratic process via the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

According to the Washington Times, only 1,000 bump stocks were collected in the run-up to the March deadline. There are between 280,000 to 520,000 bump stocks in circulation, according to the Justice Department.

To give a comparison, the feds would have to replicate that same rate of the collection either 280 or 520 times in order to recover all the remaining bump stocks – and that’s assuming more devices are not secretly manufactured and sold in the meantime.

Dick’s destroys $5M worth of rifles as store continues anti-gun evolution

by Andrew West, Freedom OutPost:

The liberal left, for all of their posturing and pontificating, will never be able to accomplish their pipe dream of fully repealing the 2nd Amendment. So, instead, they have chosen the most annoying tactic possible: Make exercising your right to bear arms a real hassle.

This has been the modus operandi of the Democratic Party for some time, with decades of red-tape legislation to show for it. Year in and year out they push for enhanced background checks, red flag laws, the ban of private sales…you name it, they’ve tried it.

Police Seize Washington Man’s Guns Using Red Flag Laws Over Satirical ‘Joker’ Meme

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

A 23-year-old Washington man had all of his guns seized under red flag laws last week over a “one ticket for joker please” meme he shared on Twitter as a joke.

In the run up to the Joker movie’s release, many people shared satirical memes of people holding guns with the text “one ticket to joker please.”

As Know You Meme notes:

Tickets to Joker, Please is a phrasal template used to caption photographs of people the meme’s author believes to be the stereotypical audience for the 2019 comic book film Joker. These images generally showcase men in fedoras, infamous mass shooters and depictions of internet trolls.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Strikes Again: This Time They Destroyed Millions In AR-15s

by Beth Baumann, Townhall:

Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling AR-15 (or what they like to refer to as “assault weapons”) and “high capacity magazines” following the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida. The chain’s CEO, Ed Stack, decided to go a step further and completely stop selling rifles to anyone under the age of 21. He made the decision after he found out that one of his stores had sold the Parkland gunman a shotgun, even though it wasn’t used in the tragedy.

FBI: People use more ‘fists, feet, personal weapons’ than rifles to kill

by Victor Skinner, The American Mirror:

FBI statistics are unraveling the liberal narrative that AR-15s, AK-47s and other “assault weapons” are a significant cause of murders and death in America.

Last year, there were a total of 672 deaths from “fists, feet and other ‘personal weapons,’” down slightly from the 692 killed the same way in 2017. The number killed by knives or other cutting instruments totaled 1,515 in 2018, while another 443 were murdered with hammers, clubs and other “blunt objects,” according to Law Enforcement Today.

FBI Data Shows 5 Times More People Killed by Knives Than Rifles Last Year

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

On September 30, the FBI issued a press release noting they have published their 2018 crime statistics. Most notable about the report is the fact that despite constant fear mongering by the mainstream media and the government that crime is running rampant, the number of violent crimes decreased 3.3 percent as compared to the previous year. Also contained in the report were the numbers and causes of deaths in murder cases. Although the FBI did not make the comparison themselves, when reading the data we can see the number of murders carried out with knives or cutting devices was five times higher than the number of murders carried out with rifles. This comparison is particularly important given the current gun climate in America.

FBI Says Violent Crime Down; Gun Group Asks Dems ‘What Gun Violence Epidemic?

from Ammoland:

BELLEVUE, WA – -( The newly-release FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2018 says violent crime is down overall 3.3 percent from 2017, and the number of reported homicides involving firearms also declined, leading the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to ask Democrats and the gun prohibition lobby: “What ‘gun violence’ epidemic are you talking about?”

According to the new FBI data, last year there were an estimated 14,123 murders in the United States, which is down from the 15,129 reported in 2017. In 2018, an estimated 10,256 slayings involved firearms, down slightly from the 10,982 posted by the FBI during the previous year.

San Francisco backs off blacklisting NRA as ‘national terrorist organization’ after gun group takes city to court

from RT:

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has scored a big win over San Francisco, forcing the city to “clarify” a recent resolution dubbing the group a homegrown “terrorist organization” and urging businesses to cut ties.

The city did its best to present the U-turn as anything but a victory for the NRA, arguing the resolution was never a “blacklist,” and that the request to contractors to refrain from doing business with the group was not intended to be legally binding.

Passed in early September by the City and County Board of Supervisors, the inflammatory resolution sought to stop state contractors from doing business with the gun rights group, which has faced a wave of liberal rage over a spate of recent mass shootings in the US.

Gun Sales Go Through The Roof As Democrats Shows Their True Totalitarian Colors And The Globalists Shoot For The Oval Office In 2020 To Complete Their ‘Final Take Down Of America’

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

With the Democratic party’s impeachment pursuit of President Trump nothing less than a full scale Communist coup attempt upon America with leftists going all in for socialism in 2020 and most Democrat voters completely oblivious that Democrats in the 2016 election did the exact same thing they’re now accusing President Trump of doing, this incredibly important September 8th story over at Communities Digital News had asked a great question that we now know the answer to.

Guns Save Lives and Livelihoods: 9 More Examples of Good Guys with Guns in August

by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

The Second Amendment is not negotiable.

Americans will not be stripped of their rights to defend themselves, and their loved ones, against those who seek to do them harm.

Here are 9 more examples of Good Guys with Guns from August 2019, courtesy of The Daily Signal:

Every month this year, we’ve highlighted just a handful of the numerous times that law-abiding Americans have exercised their Second Amendment rights in defense of themselves or others. Just like JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJune, and July, August was full of examples of how the right to keep and bear arms is essential to the protection of individual rights.

What do ‘ya know: WA State gun control laws haven’t prevented increase in shootings in Tacoma

from Fellowship Of The Minds:

From my blog post on June 27 of this year:

“At the end of May this year I did a blog post entitled, “How’s that gun control working in Washington State since new laws were passed?”

I outlined how former presidential candidate demorat Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bunch of new gun control laws on May 7 claiming that they would “improve gun safety overall.”

The new laws included:

Heritage Foundation explains: “THAT is why law-abiding citizens buy millions of these firearms”

from Fellowship Of The Minds:

“Policymakers appear completely uninformed about basic factual realities related to guns and gun violence.”

Great testimony by Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation before the House Judiciary Committee in a hearing titled “Protecting America from Assault Weapons.”

You go, girl!

Trump Administration ‘Working with Joe Manchin’ for Gun Control Legislation

by Awr Hawkins, Breitbart:

President Trump told reporters over the weekend the administration is “working with [Sen.] Joe Manchin” regarding the current gun control push.

Trump mentioned this just before boarding Marine One on Sunday morning.

He was responding to a question on background checks when he said, “We’re working with Joe Manchin, the senator, and we’re working with [Sen.] Pat Toomey.”