Sunday, December 5, 2021


by Jerome Corsi, Infowars:

YouTube removes videos for alleged bullying

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Google and YouTube have advanced their attack on by removing one of this author’s videos decoding the intelligence agent known as QAnon for allegedly “bullying” and blocking this author’s ability to conduct a live chat for 90 days, or until the appeal on the removed video is resolved.

On Feb. 24, Alex Jones ran a special emergency broadcast covering the unprecedented attack on free speech being launched by Google/YouTube.

CNN and other news outlets have continued to exert lobbying pressure on Google/YouTube to terminate’s entire channel by falsely insinuating Infowars’ content has violated Google/YouTube community standards.


We have previously reported that an internet hashtag has begun gaining steam advancing the concept of Congress creating an Internet Bill of Rights, #InternetBillofRights.

The push to apply First Amendment free speech rights to the Internet has arisen in the wake of the decision by the FCC to repeal the Soros-supported “net neutrality” rules created during the Obama administration.

The Soros-funded “net neutrality” rules were designed to be a deceptively worded subterfuge under which Internet content giants including Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter were free to censor out conservative and libertarian views with impunity.

John Simons, President Trump’s choice to head the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), along with Republican nominees Christine Wilson and Noah Philips, as well as Democrat Rohit Chopra testified to the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday, Feb. 14, that they are open to investigating the Internet edge providers including Google/YouTube and Facebook to see if they are in violation of consumer protection laws.

All four responded positively when questioned by the Senate committee about their willingness to pursue with the Justice Department anti-trust action in pursuit of an open network.

Simon indicated his willingness to task the FTC to examine complaints the Internet giant edge providers, including Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter censor conservatives and libertarians when he answered questions from Sen. Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts and a staunch supporter of the Soros-backed “net neutrality rules.”

“The FTC has rule-making authority over the Internet,” Simon explained, “and we will be a vigorous enforcer.”

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My Socialist Hell: The Death of Free Speech in Venezuela

by Christian K. Caruzo, Breitbart:

This is the second in a series of articles on life in Venezuela two decades into socialist rule. The series begins here.

CARACAS – Venezuela’s freedom of speech was mutilated long ago. It wasn’t done overnight but, rather, carried out through a series of incremental steps that led us to this point.

When I was young, comedic shows like Radio Rochela existed, in which the politicians were often the center of ridicule and satire. Today, no one would even dare to attempt something like that because the TV channel would be shut down within hours.

Crypto Is Part of Free Speech, and Free Speech Is Everything

by Graham Smith, Activist Post:

On July 23, U.S. Attorney General William Barr gave a speech demanding big players in the tech industry work with government agencies in providing backdoor entry points for encrypted devices and software. Per his reasoning, certain devices and messaging services pose a safety threat by providing a secure, third-party-inaccessible area where crime can rapidly proliferate. He didn’t note that this “warrant-proof encryption” also protects journalists, researchers, and individuals in areas of political unrest living under corrupt governments. Secure encryption also protects and verifies the financial assets and transactions of cryptocurrency holders everywhere. If strings of code — ideas, in essence — are now being made illegal, it would appear that a brand new battle for humanity’s free expression is just beginning.

Free Speech Under Fire, Liberty Strikes Back – Nathan McDonald (11/01/2018)

by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:

Today, Project Veritas—known for multiple bombshell reports via undercover investigations into government agencies and the mainstream media—have once again delivered in spades.

After recently exposing mainstream media outlets such as CNN and the Washington Post for their left-leaning bias and anti-Trump rhetoric (something well known to all, but still shocking to hear from the horse’s mouth), they have released another massive video. This time the victim is game-changing: Twitter.

For the past year, those who have taken part in the “conversation” on this social media platform are well aware of exactly what James O’Keefe discusses in the video below, which clearly shows Twitter employees explaining a process known as “shadow banning”.

Shadow banning can be summed up very simply:

Imagine yourself in a room with hundreds of other people, possibly even thousands to tens of thousands. In this room, you have the ability to move around and talk to people, to listen to others’ voices and opinions. Perhaps you agree with them, perhaps not. As in the case with Twitter, you are predominately discussing news events inside this room. Whether they are political, or not, is your choice, but in this scenario, let’s say the topic of conversation is just that: politics.

Undoubtedly, in this room, as anywhere in life, arguments will erupt. They will get heated and not everyone will agree with everyone else. This is OK. This is the way we have made progress throughout much of human history, eventually finding middle ground with one another. This is the adult thing to do, and it’s normal—perhaps even necessary—in a functioning society.

Now imagine within this room, there are puppet masters that reside above all others. In Twitter’s case, these puppet masters have an incredibly left-leaning bias, which is not wrong in and of itself. What is wrong, however, is that these puppet masters have the ability to control the flow of information by placing a box over those with whom they don’t agree. In this case: anyone who is gaining traction, or speaking out too loudly, on the right.

If you happen to be placed in one of these boxes—which I have been many times before in the past, as I regularly do gain traction now with over 15,000 Twitter followers—you can still see everyone in the room. You can still hear, you can still speak, but no one can hear you. Worst of all, you don’t know that you are placed within this box, as you receive no warning and no indication other than the fact that your tweets suddenly lose total traction, whereas minutes before they were moving at rapid-fire speed, being re-tweeted and liked at a feverish pace.

Eventually, this box is removed and you can move about your business as normal … until once again you dare step out of line and engage in “wrong think.”

Many of us within the precious metals space can relate to this report by Project Veritas. I, for one, am well aware of this ongoing attack on free speech. The MSM has also attempted to silence and control opinions they do not agree with by reporting on key facts and omitting others, an action known as “lying through omission.”

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Do Oaths Matter?

Submitted by Mark L. SGT Report:

I’ve taken the liberty, (sarcastic pun fully intended), to review the oaths of office that our various public officials, law enforcement and military, take upon entering a period of servitude to the People of the United States.

As I sit here sheltering in place, watching my means of earning a living disappear and money being depleted, over what Dr. Fauci has described as a flu bug, I’ve had some time to think………

While I can commiserate with the rest of the world, most of them have accepted a top down system of socialist/communist control, so I’ll focus on the United States, in which I’m going to assume that we haven’t succumbed to the sweet promise of security in exchange for freedom……maybe.


from InfoWars:

The San Antonio, Texas City Council has passed a resolution declaring the terms “Chinese Virus” and “Kung Flu Virus” to be hate speech.

Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson exposed this authoritarian measure in an article Thursday – READ HERE!

Why Just Statues? Why Not Topple the U.S. Constitution as Well?

by Daniel Lazare, Strategic Culture:

Protesters are toppling slaveowner-statues from one end of the U.S. to the other. Given that slavery is nothing more than legalized kidnapping, the only surprise is that it’s taken them so long. No one would honor Jeffrey Epstein with a statue, so why honor generations of rapists and child molesters who came before him?

But there’s no point toppling slaveholders without toppling what slaveholders wrought, up to and including their greatest achievement of all – the U.S. Constitution. This is the document that not only governs life in the United States down to the tiniest legal detail, but, thanks to America’s global hegemony, undergirds the international system as well.

Frumpy Jewish Lawyer Leading Campaign to Strip US Citizens of Free Speech and Assembly

from Russia Insider:

It’s been two years since Roberta Kaplan and her co-conspirators filed their sham lawsuit against organizers, speakers and attendees of the August 12, 2017 rally in Charlottesville VA, and the media is once again carrying water for her. The latest puff piece on the Jewish lesbian lawyer appears in Glamour Magazine, a strange choice given how conspicuously lacking Robbie and her accomplices are in that particular trait.


by Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars:

A new poll has found that a majority of Americans want to re-write the First Amendment to “reflect the cultural norms of today” in order stop “hate speech.”

The survey indicates “free speech is under more threat than previously believed,” according to The Campaign for Free Speech, who conducted the poll.

51 per cent of Americans want to see the First Amendment rewritten while more than 60 per cent agree with restricting free speech in some way.