Wednesday, June 3, 2020



Cyberattack Shuts Down India’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant

from ZeroHedge:

India’s second (and largest) nuclear power unit stopped operating on 19th October 2019. It is suspected that the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant was hit by a cyberattack and the authorities were already alerted of the threat months in advance. Even as cybersecurity experts are investigating the case, the authorities were quick to dismiss any occurrence of a spyware infiltrating their systems. The power plant project built in collaboration with Russia has been a target of foreign players since its inception.

Vaxxed2 documentary producers release devastating information about America’s hidden vaccine injury epidemic: “A war zone” of dead children

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

The producers of Vaxxed2 — the new vaccine truth documentary highlighted at — joined me at the InfoWars studios for an exclusive interview about the launch of this powerful film that’s set to blow the lid on the epidemic of vaccine injuries that are killing and maiming children across America (and around the world).

The full interview, shown below via, is a powerful must-see discussion about vaccines and the “war zone” of mass death they’re unleashing across America.

How to Avoid the Next 50% Stock Market Crash

by Michael Pento, Market Oracle:

This ageing bull market may soon face the third market collapse since the year 2000. Nobody can predict the exact starting date of its decline—but either a recession or stagflation will surely be its catalyst. During the next debacle, the typical balanced portfolio designed by Wall Street, which consists of approximately 60% stocks and 40% bonds, will no longer provide much protection at all. In fact, that type of portfolio construct has become downright dangerous.

The simple reason for this is that for the first time ever both stocks and bonds are in a massive and unprecedented bubble; and are therefore both vulnerable to significant selloffs. Bonds will no longer provide a ballast or offset to your stock portfolio once reality hits both of those asset classes. If a bond has a 5% yield and has 30 years left to maturity; that holder would lose 25% of his principal if interest rates rise by just 2%. Given the fact that bond yields are the lowest in history, an increase of 2% is certainly not out of the question; and is in fact most likely inevitable.

Welcome To The Third World, Part 30: California Burning In The Dark

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

Venezuela has suffered through recurring power outages this year, as money for routine maintenance dries up and power plant employees flee the country (and, okay, as the US practices its cyberwar skills on a vulnerable target).

Some of the blackouts have lasted as long as a week. Here’s an aerial photo comparing Caracas on a normal night with a “new normal” blackout night.

U.S.-China Relations in the Years Ahead: The Trade War Is a Sideshow

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

As President Trump has said many times, we rebuilt China over the past 25 years. No truer words were spoken, but those days are over.

The United States now recognizes China as a strategic and economic rival.

– Vice President Mike Pence during a speech last week at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

The truth is that China is a strategic competitor at best that uses coercion and corruption as its tools of statecraft. (Applause.) 


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

It seems like other than raising your taxes, the one thing Democrats can agree on is that Obamacare was a complete failure.  They have jumped ship and joined the rest of us who are already paying the insurance premium hikes that have come with the disastrous healthcare law.

For the past eight months, healthcare has ranked atop the list of policy issues that concern Americans, according to The Washington Examiner.  But instead of making it more affordable by allowing free-market competition to take place, democrats want the government to take more control of the healthcare system eliminating your choice in the matter.

Trump Announces Plans for Nationwide Police Crackdown, More Militarized Police

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

President Donald Trump on Monday said the Justice Department is preparing to launch a sweeping crackdown on crime that he named “the surge,” a term commonly associated with the George W. Bush administration’s decision to send tens of thousands of additional troops into Iraq in 2007.

“In coming weeks, Attorney General Barr will announce a new crackdown on violent crime—which I think is so important—targeting gangs and drug traffickers in high crime cities and dangerous rural areas,” Trump said during the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Chicago. “Let’s call it the surge.”

The Corrupt and Criminal Deep State Set Up General Flynn and Then Used That Fraudulent Crime to Set Up President Trump

by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

The corrupt players in the Deep State set up General Flynn and then they turned around and used that fraudulent crime to set up the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump!

Breitbart news reported yesterday –

PG&E Sued By Insurance Companies When “Smart” Meters Caught Fire on California Homes

by BN Frank, Activist Post:

Many people are aware that California utility company PG&E is being held accountable for playing a significant role in the state’s devastating wildfires.

What many may not know is that insurance companies have taken legal action against PG&E after their “Smart” Meters caught fire on California homes.