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by Aaron Kesel, The Daily Sheeple:

The Independent has reported on the infamous Skull and Bones group. However, there is just one problem: the article fails to mention key facts from history about the organization.

The author leaves out plenty of information, and it appears to be just a fluff piece to discredit anyone who questions why there is a windowless building called “The Tomb” at Yale’s courtyard where elitists meet.

Ending the article with:

New Data Shows Police State Facial Recognition Is WRONG Over 90% Of The Time

by John Vibes, Activist Post:

A police department that relies on facial recognition software has admitted that it has a false positive rate of over 90 percent. What this means is that nearly every person who is marked as a suspect by this system is actually an innocent person who will be interrogated by police, or possibly worse, because they were wrongly identified by this faulty technology.

According to a report from the Guardian, the South Wales Police scanned the crowd of more than 170,000 people who attended the 2017 Champions League final soccer match in Cardiff and falsely identified thousands of innocent people. The cameras identified 2,470 people as criminals but 2,297 of them were innocent, and only 173 of them were criminals, a 92 percent false positive rate.

The Truth About Freedom of Speech: Trends and Demographics

from Stefan Molyneux:

Economic Collapse Reality Check: Could The United States Handle Food Rationing?


by Vicki Batts, via Silver Doctors:

Food rationing has been implemented in the U.S. before, but there would be serious problems with trying to implement rationing today. Here’s why…

Could Americans survive a disaster? Experts say that even food rationing efforts, similar to those of World War I & II, would be colossal failures in today’s world. During those times, citizens were encouraged to grow their own Victory gardens and did their best to minimize food waste. “Doing your part” was essential, and making do was implied. The liberal cry-bullies of today would certainly be in for quite the rude awakening, wouldn’t they?

HIDDEN CAMERA: Michigan Union Boss Neglects Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

from veritasvisuals:

Australia’s Restrictive Gun Laws Working Nearly As Well As Chicago’s

by The Feral Irishman, The Burning Platform:

Many liberal concepts begin as well meaning “good intentions”. I believe a large portion of those peoples who consider themselves liberals do not realize that they are being led or herded in a direction where the true agenda is much more sinister than the “rallying cry” they have chosen to “follow” (i.e. gun control). I sincerely believe the people who are REALLY seek to disarm Americans (or any country for that matter) are people who have a vested interest in controlling and imposing their will upon those who are armed.

This Is How Long $1 Million Will Last In Retirement For Each State! It’s LESS Than You Think!


from The Money GPS:

Man attending Route 91: ‘There is multiple active shooters here at the concert’


by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — A man who attended the 1 October Route 91 Harvest Music Festival was live-streaming on Facebook from inside the venue during the shooting where he candidly admits that there was more than one shooter outside of the venue near the Mandalay Bay which coincidentally matches other eyewitness accounts reported by Intellihub.

Evil globalist George Soros is pouring huge dollars into a San Diego election… but why?

by Ethan Huff, The Common Sense Show:

When he’s not quietly funding race wars, movements pushing for gun control, and other civil unrest efforts, globalist billionaire George Soros apparently keeps busy actively rigging elections in order to install leftist puppets into American civil office – including district attorneys at the local level who can covertly perform his dirty work.

One of these is the candidacy of Geneviéve Jones-Wright, a far-left Democratic candidate for district attorney in San Diego. According to reports, Soros has already thrown $1.5 million towards getting Jones-Wright elected, as of May 3.

After creating a political action committee (PAC) called “California Justice & Public Safety,” Soros funneled the cash directly into it and appointed his longtime treasurer, Whitney Tymas, to run it. Thus far, the California Justice & Public Safety PAC controlled by Soros has disbursed nearly $200,000 on television ads, $100,000 on digital advertising, and more than $100,000 on campaign literature and local mailings, campaign finance records filed in San Diego County show.

SHTF – Are you ready with your Silver Weaponry?


from Backyard Bullion:

First Venezuela, now Argentina on the verge of financial catastrophe

by Isabelle Z., Natural News:

Argentina could soon follow in Venezuela’s footsteps as the country moves toward financial collapse. The peso is dropping while prices rise dramatically, and Argentina has now made the very serious move of entering talks with the International Monetary Fund to seek financial rescue.

It’s an interesting step for the country given its history. When Argentina defaulted on $132 billion in foreign debt in 2001, the IMF admitted shortly thereafter that its support had prolonged the country’s crisis. The events of 2001 left one out of every five Argentineans unemployed and spurred 12 years of populist rule.

Universal Guaranteed Income

by James Hall, The Sleuth Journal:

What is next from the egalitarian socialists? A guaranteed income is becoming the new catch concept that is a desired destination for the limousine liberals. If you ask the tax payer, It’s time for America to embrace guaranteed income, their first response will be how do you pay for such a benefit? Intuitively they know they will most likely not be included in the scheme and when the obligation burden befalls on those dreaded 1%, you just know that class warfare is doing well on the two-hundredth birthday of Karl Marx. Based upon a recent SF gate poll, Majority of Millennials now favor universal basic income. Amazing the level of economic insanity that comes out of the asylums of higher learning.

Why I Think the Stock Market Cannot Crash in 2018

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

But the crash-insurance policy is a one-time deal. And then what?

The 85% of S&P 500 companies that have reported earnings so far disclosed they’d bought back $158 billion of their own shares in Q1, according to the Wall Street Journal. The quarterly record of $164 billion was set in Q1 2016. If the current rate applies to all S&P 500 companies, they repurchased over $180 billion of their own shares in Q1, thus setting a new record:

Frank Holmes: Commodities (Especially Gold Stocks) Are Due For A Major Rally Soon

from WallStForMainSt: