Saturday, June 6, 2020



ALTERNATIVE NEWS Ottawa Professor Blasts The US Military For “Owning The Weather” For Military Use

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:Dr. Michel Chossudovsky, who is the University of Ottawa’s Emeritus Professor of Economics and has worked directly with governments on various geopolitical issues has spoken out against weather modification and the long history of its use.
  • Reflect On:Why are we spraying things into our atmosphere without the people being aware of it? Why is it such a secretive issue? Should we not know about it? Why is this topic never brought up in the climate change discussion?

WTH…? Bill and Hillary Spotted Flying Commercial? (VIDEO)

by Cristina Laila, The Gateway Pundit:

Bill and Hillary Clinton were spotted flying commercial recently–of course sitting in First Class.

This is probably the closest the two of them have been in a long time…

Is this Hillary’s attempt at looking like a ‘woman of the people’ rather than the Democrat elitist she really is?

Rumors are swirling at a potential Hillary Clinton 2020 presidential bid so perhaps she’s trying to rub elbows with some commoners.

Make Border Security Great Again – Privatize It!

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

The media continually informs us that there’s a crisis at the US southern border. However, little is being done about it. President Trump has his ideas and the Congress appears completely unwilling to act. Parts of the Wall are being built, but it can’t happen soon enough to quickly staunch the flow of illegals. Therefore, it’s time to take an approach that always works when it’s tried. Unleash the power of capitalism to solve this intractable problem. It’s time to privatize border enforcement.

In the country’s early history law enforcement was largely a private affair. Bounty Hunters and Bail Enforcement Agents were a private solution to a public problem. Nearly 200 years of experience with Bounty Hunters and Bail Enforcement Agents (BEA’s) has shown them to be an extremely effective solution in apprehending a broad spectrum of criminals around the country. When an alleged criminal jumps bail or fails to appear for a court hearing, modern day BEA’s, working at the behest of Bail Bondsmen, apprehend large numbers of criminals and insure that justice is served. Today, most states as witnessed by Dog the Bounty Hunter, still rely upon private individuals to insure the swift apprehension of bail jumpers.

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Every Time NATO Accuses Russia of Doing Something — It’s Doing It Itself

by Patrick Armstrong, Russia Insider:

“NATO” can be a rather elusive concept: Libya was a NATO operation, even though Germany kept out of itSomalia was not a NATO operation even though Germany was in it. Canada, a founding NATO member, was in Afghanistan but not in Iraq. Some interventions are NATO, others aren’t. But it doesn’t really mean much because NATO is only a box of spare parts out of which Washington assembles “coalitions of the willing.” So it’s easier for me to write “NATO” than “Washington plus/minus these or those minions.”

French Judges Block $2.3Mln Subsidy for Le Pen’s Party – Reports

from Sputnik News:

French judges investigating an alleged misuse of EU funds by Marine Le Pen’s National Rally political party (formerly known as the National Front) withheld on Sunday 2 million euros ($2.3 million) of state subsidies due to be handed out to the party, local media reported.

Political parties in France are entitled to state subsidies depending on on how well they did in elections. Le Pen’s party was due to receive the $2.3-million tranche in the coming days.

White Feminist Goes Apoplectic over Black Man Supporting Gun Rights


by Awr Hawkins, Breitbart:

White feminist Kimberley Johnson went apoplectic after seeing a black man driving a car with an NRA sticker on it.

On Thursday she tweeted about how confounded she was, then deleted the tweet after receiving backlash on Twitter.

The Daily Mail copied Johnson’s tweet before it was deleted and published it: “Out on the road the other day I saw an affluent black man driving a BMW with two bumper-stickers. One was pro-NRA and the other one was a Tea Party sticker that read, ‘Don’t tread on me.’ This left me very confused.”


from InfoWars:

King of Deep State swamp didn’t disclose Saudi connection

Who is Special Counsel Robert Mueller? Is he the upstanding career law enforcement officer as the establishment would lead you to believe? Or is Robert Mueller a dirty fix-it man for the corrupt authoritarians lurking behind the DC power structure? Is he the pitch man for the surveillance state?

This Is What War Propaganda Looks Like in the Age of Social Media

by Caitlin Johnstone, The Anti Media:

I’ve been noticing videos going viral the last few days, some with millions of views, about Muslim women bravely fighting to free themselves from oppression in the Middle East. The videos, curiously, are being shared enthusiastically by many Republicans and pro-Israel hawks, who aren’t traditionally the sort of crowd you see rallying to support the civil rights of Muslims. What’s up with that?

Well, you may want to sit down for this shocker, but it turns out that they happen to be women from a nation that the US war machine is currently escalating operations against. They are Iranian.

Inflation Is Back, Part 9: Two Sentences Say It All

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

Okay, one more look at wage inflation, followed by a short diatribe on the unfairness of life.

As the labor markets get tighter, power is finally shifting from companies to workers. For some reason Iowa is leading the way (the promised two sentences are in bold):

Say Hello to Full Employment — Want to know where the economy is headed? Look at Des Moines

(Atlantic) – This morning, the Labor Department announced that the national unemployment rate ticked up to 4 percent in June for good reasons, as hundreds of thousands more Americans sought work. For the first time in recorded history, the number of job openings is higher than the number of people looking for a job. That has raised hopes that wage growth might finally begin to pick up, with employers bidding more to attract new workers and offering raises to retain their existing staff.

The Right Way to Catch a Falling Knife


by Doug Casey, Casey Research:

Justin’s note: Regular readers know I read master trader Jeff Clark’s Market Minute every morning. It’s a quick way to see everything I need to know about the coming day’s market action… and get expert trading advice.

In today’s piece, Jeff tells us the two most important rules for scoring a windfall profit on a “falling knife”…

By Jeff Clark, editor, Market Minute

Most traders are familiar with the clichéd Wall Street warning of “don’t catch a falling knife.”

You see, buying into a stock that is falling sharply is generally a bad idea. While picking the bottom of a stock can lead to massive gains… if you buy at the wrong time, it can also lead to big losses. And, frankly, most of the time… that’s what happens.