Wednesday, November 20, 2019



The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

Almost a quarter century after it was first published, Lyndon LaRouche’s October 1994 article, “The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor,” remains today the most profound call to arms for all of humanity to at last rid itself of the scourge of the British Empire’s oligarchism, a scourge which still today threatens to destroy the entire world rather than lose its grip on the planet. LaRouche wrote that article as the introduction to a 60-page EIR Special Report of that same title, which was prepared under LaRouche’s personal supervision immediately after his release from prison in early 1994, after five years unjust incarceration at the insistence of that same British Empire. In that article, LaRouche speaks in his capacity as the leading prosecutor on humanity’s behalf against the genocidal British Empire:

“He Wasn’t A Social Person”: A Profile Of The Toronto Van Killer Emerges


from ZeroHedge:

Just hours before Toronto van attack suspect Alek Minassian was set to arrive in court at 100 Finch Ave. W at 10 am in Toronto, Reuters published a profile of the perpetrator of the worst mass killing in Canada in nearly 30 years.

The Richmond Hill man, who was described by acquaintances as withdrawn and was said to have attended a high school program for students with special needs, is accused of murdering 10 and injuring another 15 when a rented van he was driving jumped a curb and rammed into pedestrians along a 2.2 kilometer stretch of Yonge St. between Sheppard Ave. and Finch Ave. Monday afternoon.

Avoiding the Obvious – Ted Butler

by Theodore Butler, Silver Seek:

A new interview by James McDonald, Director of Enforcement for the U.S. Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC), on Friday makes it clear that neither he nor the Commission has any intent to address the obvious manipulation of the silver market, conducted principally by JPMorgan. As a reminder, preventing manipulation is the primary mission of the CFTC. click on podcast April 20, 2018

What you’ll hear is a self-congratulatory review of what a great job the agency is doing in terms of market manipulation in precious metals and how the agency welcomes and takes very serious and always follows up on all allegations to the fullest extent; even offering multi-million dollar rewards under its whistleblower program.

Frustrated by the Dormant Silver Price? Don’t Be, Says History, the Upsurge Is Coming


by Jeff Clark, GoldSilver:

Frustrated by the comatose silver price? Tired of it going nowhere and being held down?

Well, history has a message for you: This trading behavior is normal. Furthermore, similar scenarios from the past say the next price explosion is on the way.

I know from past studies that silver doesn’t always shoot up when gold does, in spite of the fact that it almost always gains more than gold before the uptrend is over. I decided to put the data to a chart and see what it showed.

I listed gold’s five biggest bull markets, then added silver’s performance to see how closely it tracked gold throughout the uptrend. What it showed confirmed my suspicion: Silver usually (though not always) trails gold in the beginning stages of a bull market. Take a look.

What Do Prince Andrew And Bill Clinton Have In Common?


by Makia Freeman, The Sleuth Journal:

Elite pedophilia is a common theme in the underbelly of the New World Order. Elite pedophilia is shockingly widespread. It goes all the way to highest levels, as the latest scandal involving Prince Andrew shows. This is not just a one-off incident, nor is it isolated. The numerous examples of elite pedophilia throughout the world are fundamentally connected, because a global sex-trafficking ring exists, involving pimps like billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and those who use his child sex slaves, like Alan Dershowitz (ardent defender of genocidal Zionism), and like Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew (Epstein reportedly had 21 phone numbers for Bill Clinton). The reality is that many perpetrators of pedophilia are not shady men in trench coats living in seedy hotels, but are in fact pillars of our community. They are men in so-called “respectable” professions such as banking, law, medicine and politics.

Junk-rated Netflix Borrows $1.9 Bn, Most Ever, in “Drive-By” Bond Issue, to Burn $3-$4 Bn in 2018, Debt Soars to $8.4 billion


by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

This junk-bond market is in peak-bubble mode, and Netflix is just doing what investors want it to do.
Wow, that was fast and huge. After announcing this morning that an investor call was scheduled to try sell a “drive-by” issue of $1.5 billion in 10.5-year bonds that S&P rates four notches into junk (B+) and Moody’s three notches into junk (Ba3), Netflix found insatiable investor demand and sold an additional $400 million, for a total of $1.9 billion, Netflix’s largest bond offering ever.

The investment banks running the deal were Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, and Wells Fargo. The notes, which mature on November 15, 2028, priced at a yield of 5.875%, just 291 basis points over the equivalent US Treasury yield, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Apr 23 Dr Jerome Corsi Decodes Latest QANON Posts #1238 thru #1240


from Jerome Corsi:

MSM Is Frantically Attacking Dissenting Syria Narratives, And It Looks Really Bad


by Caitlin Johnstone, Medium:

I write a lot about how, in a political environment that is saturated in disinformation and propaganda, it’s important to ignore people’s words and watch their actions instead to get a clear picture of what’s really happening. You could not ask for a better illustration of this than the recent behavior of the mass media with regard to Syria.

The always excellent Moon of Alabama put out a piece yesterday detailing the immense deluge of attack editorials disguised as information that have been churned out recently about anyone who questions the establishment Syria narrative, including a single day in which no less than seven smear pieces were issued by prominent publications. Seven. In one day.

How High Is The Risk of a Currency Crisis?


by Thorsten Polleit, Mises Institute:

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”, quipped Mark Twain in response to a newspaper report that said he was on his deathbed. The same could be said about many fiat currencies. Whether we are looking at the US dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen or the British Pound: In the wake of the financial and economic crisis of 2008/2009, quite a few commentators painted a rather bleak future for them: high inflation, even hyperinflation, some even forecast their collapse. That did not happen. Instead, fiat money seems to be still in great demand. In the United States of America, for instance, peoples’ fiat money balances relative to incomes are at a record high.

How come? Central banks’ market manipulations have succeeded in fending off credit defaults on a grand scale: Policymakers have cut interest rates dramatically and injected new cash into the banking system. In retrospect, it is clear why these operations have prevented the debt pyramid from crashing down: 2008/2009 was a “credit crisis.” Investors were afraid that states, banks, consumers, and companies might no longer be able to afford their debt service — meanwhile, investors did not fear that inflation could erode the purchasing power of their currencies as evidenced by dropping inflation expectations in the crisis period.

Silver Tags A 16-Handle Just As Expected And That Can Only Mean One Thing (Or Two)

from Silver Doctors:

On Friday I said this would happen.

I warned that silver would hit a 16-handle, only I thought on Friday, but we hit it today.

Not many people read the article, so I’ll recap:

A ‘has-been’ trader who has been in the markets for way too long has now become a contrarian indicator. That’s my working theory anyway. I took a lot of heat for it because the guy has clout, and for some reason people still listen to him – but think of it another way: Does anybody really think Michael Jordan could come out of retirement today and keep kicking the young guys’ butts on the court today? Or that Steven Tyler can still carry a tune like he did in the 1970s? What supports my case is that not only is the famous trader somebody I consider a ‘has-been’ in the markets, but he is a stout price suppression/market manipulation denier.

Why Did a Wall Street Plaintiff’s Law Firm File the DNC RICO Lawsuit Against Trump’s Campaign


by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:

If there’s any plaintiff’s law firm in America that should know racketeering when it sees it, it’s Cohen Milstein. It’s sued the major Wall Street banks repeatedly with a solid win rate for colluding to rig pretty much anything that trades. On Friday, in the same Federal District Court where its Wall Street actions are litigated, the Southern District of New York (SDNY), it filed its bombshell RICO lawsuit on behalf of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The lawsuit does not name President Donald Trump as a defendant but it does name prominent members of his presidential campaign, including his son, Donald Jr., and son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and advisers, Roger Stone and George Papadopoulos are also named, as are the Russian intelligence service, Russian Federation, several Russian operatives, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.