Monday, June 24, 2019



Will the Saudis Try to Drive Down Oil Prices?

by Jim Rickards, Daily Reckoning:

Remember $100 per barrel oil?

Oil prices peaked at $115 in June 2014. It seems like forever ago. What kind of behavior did this high price produce?

Many oil producers assumed the $100 per barrel level was a permanently high plateau. This is a good example of the anchoring bias. Because oil was expensive, people assumed it would remain expensive.

The fracking industry assumed oil would remain in a range of $70-130 per barrel. Over $5 trillion was spent on exploration and development, much of it in Canada and the U.S.

Public Health Alert: Gina Haspel—and not for the reason you think—Is the President Promoting Someone Out to Destroy Him?

by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

President Trump may be letting a leading figure in the coup against him take over at the CIA. That is, if David Ignatius is telling the truth about Haspel’s background in his May 7, 2018 Washington Post article. Ignatius, a dutiful scribe for the intelligence community, used the article to sell the Haspel nomination to the rabid McCarthyite Democratic Party with this argument: So what, if she was involved in torture. The greater good is that she hates Russia and will fight off any attempt by Trump to curb the agencies’ provocations against Putin, or any attempt to get to the truth about the CIA’s role in the coup against the President.

Dr. Jerome Corsi – Screw Q (Anon)

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

Dr. Jerome Corsi Ph.D. joined us again today. He’s of the distinct opinion that Q anon has been compromised. The information coming out of the 8 Chan Board is completely different in nature before. The soothing words to Trust the Plan no longer suffice. It could be a deep state hijacking of the once believable and honest Q anon. Demonization of those writing books and earning money off the phenomena is designed to divide the movement and frustrate the participants. Combined with an unleashing of Trolls and you have a perfectly implemented deep state op. Should we be surprised? Let’s start seeing some arrests and public airing of the evidence. Let the people judge.

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US Withdraws From Iran Nuclear Deal: The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!-Nathan McDonald

by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:

Life comes at you fast.

Just a few short weeks ago, I wrote about the historic movement by North Korea toward peace talks and nuclear disarmament—a move that shocked many who claimed it could never happen.

In that article, I also made my next predication, that Iran would be President Trump’s next target of intense pressure, similar to that used against the once-thought-of as “out of control” North Korea.

Yet, never in my wildest dreams did I think this prediction would already be unfolding. I assumed this would take time. Months, at the very least.

Before You Tell Me What You “Know,” Tell Me Your Sources


by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

We can no longer trust data and conclusions being published as impartial by institutions that were once trustworthy.

When someone says they “know” what’s happening on the ground in Syria, how can we assess the validity of their claim to knowledge, i.e. their claim to “know” “facts” or (gasp) “truth”?

When someone says they “know” the U.S. economy is growing and unemployment is at record lows, what is the basis of their claim to knowledge?

Before you tell me what you “know,” tell me your sources. We all know how this works nowadays: the sources are rigged or gamed to support the pre-selected narrative.

For Economic Truth Turn To Michael Hudson

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Readers ask me how they can learn economics, what books to read, what university economics departments to trust. I receive so many requests that it is impossible to reply individually. Here is my answer.

There is only one way to learn economics, and that is to read Michael Hudson’s books. It is not an easy task. You will need a glossary of terms. In some of Hudson’s books, if memory serves, he provides a glossary, and his recent book “J Is for Junk Economics” defines the classical economic terms that he uses. You will also need patience, because Hudson sometimes forgets in his explanations that the rest of us don’t know what he knows.

Drink cranberry juice to decrease your risk of UTI by half


by Ralph Flores, Natural News:

Cranberries aren’t just used for salads and baked goods. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has indicated that drinking cranberry juice regularly could reduce urinary tract infection (UTI) instances in women that previously had the condition. The study also indicated that this could reduce the need for antibiotics worldwide.

In the study, the researchers said that the daily consumption of at least eight ounces of cranberry juice reduced UTI incidents by as much as 40 percent among women who previously had the condition. Based on the findings, the team suggested that cranberries could be a potential alternative to antibiotic treatment.

Stagflationary Crisis: Understanding The Cause Of America’s Ongoing Collapse

by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

It is at times frustrating, but also interesting, to witness the progression of the mainstream’s awareness of economic crisis within the U.S. over the years. As an alternative economist, I have had the “privilege” of perching outside the financial narrative and observing our economy from a less biased position, and I have discovered a few things.

First, the mainstream economic media is approximately two to three years behind average alternative economists. At least, they don’t seem to acknowledge reality within our time frame. This may be deliberate (my suspicion) because the general public is not meant to know the truth until it is too late for them to react in a practical way to solve the problem. For example, it is a rather strange experience for me to see the term “stagflation” suddenly becoming a major buzzword in the MSM. It is almost everywhere in the past week ever since the last Federal Reserve meeting in which the central bank mentioned higher inflation pressures and removed references in its monthly statement to a “growing economy.”

“Act Now and Lock in” these Deposit Rates: Banking Cat-Fight Breaks Out Like We Haven’t Seen in Over 10 Years

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

The Fed has left the room.

Now banks are sending me expensive fliers in the mail, offering higher rates on deposits, trying to attract my money. This goes way beyond the fliers I’ve been getting for years that offer a one-time bonus for putting a big chunk of money into an account that earns no interest. The photo below is part of a three-section glossy cardboard foldout that I got in the mail. It says that these rates are exclusively available at the local branch. To get this deal, I’d have to go there so they can stare into the whites of my eyes.

“Act now and lock in these competitive rates,” it says. I added the blue marks:

The Intelligence Hour with Kevin Shipp – 05.07.18

by Kevin Shipp, The Intelligence Hour:

On this edition of The Intelligence Hour, Kevin Shipp introduces the new guest host of the show, renown money laundering expert retired RCMP Inspector Bill Majcher. Inspector Majcher has extensive operational experience, including covert operations, in the largest money laundering and securities fraud investigations in North America. Mr. Shipp and Inspector Majcher discuss the illegal activities of the Clinton Foundation charity fraud, its global criminal connections and its reach into high levels of the US government.

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