Thursday, November 21, 2019



Selco: What We Can Learn from the Stories of Old People

by Selco, The Organic Prepper:

These story collections can only be found in the PDF books and are not available anywhere online. Volume 1 contains 17 stories. I found that the book reads a lot like survival fiction short stories – except for the fact that they’re all true. In this one, he discusses what he learned from his Great Uncle, a war veteran, and encourages us to learn from the stories of old people.

Selco manages to share the brutality of those times and still add in the glimpses of humanity that are so important.Because without it, we’re just animals. ~ Daisy

4Chan Trolls Mock ‘False Flag’ Bomb Scare By Making Parody ‘Bombs’ Of Their Own


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

You’ll no doubt be shocked to learn the “weaponized autists” at 4Chan are not buying the latest bomb scare targeting Democrats less than two weeks out from the midterms.

On Wednesday, CNN’s Jim Acosta shared images of one of the suspect devices he says was sent to CNN.

More Questionable Behavior Revealed In Hillary Clinton’s “Deleted” Emails

by Elizabeth Vaughn, Freedom OutPost:

Hillary would argue that she was correct to delete these emails because they were personal business. This story makes us wonder what other items of interest might be found in the emails that her minions were instructed to destroy. These emails are being released in tranches, the last one occurring on October 4th. We’ll stay tuned.

Hillary Clinton is good to her friends. But what’s $47 million to her when it doesn’t come out of her own pocket?


by Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars:

Fox News personality Candace Owens says the timing of the mail bombs targeting Democrats is “suspicious”.

“I’m going to go ahead and state that there is a 0% chance that these “suspicious packages” were sent out by conservatives,” she tweeted.

“The only thing “suspicious” about these packages, is their timing. Caravans, fake bomb threats—these leftists are going ALL OUT for midterms,” Owens added.

The Cold War Darkens

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

As the U.S. threatens to withdraw from the INF Treaty that was signed decades ago, the New Cold War has taken a darker and more dangerous turn.

As the U.S. threatens to withdraw from the INF Treaty that was signed decades ago, the New Cold War has taken a darker and more dangerous turn.

If you’ve been listening to these podcasts over the years, then you know that a history lesson is one of their foremost benefits…Professor Cohen specializes in Russian History, after all. And with news this week that the U.S. is considering a withdrawal from the INF Treaty signed by Reagan and Gorbachev in the 1980s, John and Steve are here to give you a full historical background and perspective on this dangerous new development.

Prepare for Your Digital Strip Search

by Joel Bowman, International Man:

“Guilty until proven innocent.”

So goes the implicit presumption of guilt under which state governments around the world routinely smuggle their stealth invasions of your privacy.

No doubt you’ve heard the catch phrase at one time or another: “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.”

Of course, when it comes to covering up their own pure-of-heart actions – covert wars, campaign funding shenanigans, disappearing emails, secret meetings, caging so-called “whistleblowers,” spy trading, arming foreign drug cartels, funding terrorist groups, etc. … etc. … etc. … – State actors appear rather less than forthcoming with the relevant details.

Stock Market Crash! The Dow Has Now Plunged 2,368 Points From The Peak Of The Market


by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

The level of panic that we witnessed on Wall Street on Wednesday was breathtaking.  After a promising start to the day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average started plunging, and at the close it was down another 608 points.  Since peaking at 26,951.81 on October 3rd, the Dow has now fallen 2,368 points, and all of the gains for 2018 have been completely wiped out.  But things are even worse when we look at the Nasdaq.  The percentage decline for the Nasdaq almost doubled the Dow’s stunning plunge on Wednesday, and it has now officially entered correction territory.  To say that it was a “bloodbath” for tech stocks on Wednesday would be a major understatement.  Several big name tech stocks were in free fall mode as panic swept through the marketplace like wildfire.  As I noted the other day, October 2018 looks a whole lot like October 2008, and many believe that the worst is yet to come.

Here Comes The Housing Bust “Reverse Wealth Effect,” Australia Edition

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

For the past few years, homeowners just about everywhere have been able to finesse life’s problems by thinking “at least my house is going up.” This home equity accretion allowed them to buy stuff on credit, safe in the knowledge that even as they maxed out yet another credit card their net worth continued to rise. They felt smart and confident, in other words, and so continued to behave in ways that the modern world defines as normal and natural.

But now that’s ending. Home prices have stopped rising in many places and in a few canaries in the financial coal mine have begun to plunge. Here’s what “plunge” means for Australians:

The Triumph of Evil

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

The murder of Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Arabian embassy in Turkey is unprecedented in its audacity. The response from Washington and the Canadian government is to sell more weapons to Saudi Arabia, weapons that are being used by the Saudis in their destruction of the Yemeni population. The Russian response, if the report I saw was not fake news, is to sell the Saudis the S-400 air defense system.

What we can conclude from this is that armament profits take precedence over murder and genocide.

Remove 70% of toxins in your body with this one simple exercise


by Isabelle Z., Natural News:

Getting rid of toxins in the body sounds like a monumental task, but it’s surprisingly easy to get rid of a giant proportion of them. In fact, with one simple exercise that requires no equipment other than your body, you can get rid of as much as 70 percent of the toxins that are currently wreaking havoc on your health. Perhaps best of all, you don’t even need to be particularly athletic to pull this exercise off.