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WATCH: Parkland Student Rips Sheriff: He Was ‘Virtue-Signaling’ At CNN Townhall And Should Resign


by Hank Berrien, Daily Wire:

“I call B.S. on this situation right now.”

On Sunday, appearing on Fox News with Leland Vittert , Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Kyle Kashuv took an entirely different tack from his fellow students who have appeared throughout the media to attack the NRA and gun rights advocates, instead targeting Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and people who have used the Florida high school tragedy to attack gun rights supporters. Kashuv bluntly said Israel was “virtue-signaling” in his appearance on last Wednesday’s CNN townhall and should resign.

Vittert started by playing a video of Florida Governor Rick Scott, who stated that he advocated stricter gun laws for those with mental illness and those who threaten others or themselves while Scott also championed strengthening security at schools.

Vittert then turned to Kashuv, pointing out that some of Kashuv’s fellow students had criticized Scott’s remarks as being inadequate in addressing the situation. Vittert asked about Scott’s remarks, “Are they enough for you?”

Kashuv answered, “I think they’re definitely enough and I think that they’re going out of their way to make sure that this will never happen again. I think that clearly mental health restrictions to make sure you have to be mentally stable to acquire a weapon, deeper background checks, and raising the age from 18 to 21 as well as hardening schools will definitely make sure that this will never happen again.”

Vittert asked what Kashuv thought of fellow students who called for harsher restrictions, including banning assault rifles.

Kashuv replied:

Look, I know these kids on a personal level. I’ve talked to them personally. It concerns me a bit because right now this is a bipartisan issue for mental health restrictions and reform, and they’re taking it a step further and I’ve talked to them personally and many of them would like a complete ban on all weapons, if possible. You can clearly see that slowly, sadly, the agenda is switching from “never again” to trying to ban weapons, and that’s somewhat deeply concerning because I really want to make sure this will never happen again but still I support the Second Amendment

Vittert pointed out the questions that had been raised about the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, that they did not respond properly to the attack and that they ignored numerous red flags about the shooter. Vittert asked, “Is that where the conversation should be?”

Kashuv then expressed his indignation over the perspective espoused by gun control activists with regard to the tragedy:

That is definitely where the conversation should be and it absolutely outrages me that on the CNN town hall, we had the sheriff who was virtue signaling against the NRA and against guns when he didn’t even act properly. The armed officer at school waited outside and then him, the sheriff and his men for four minutes let my classmates die while he sat outside and waited. He didn’t even do his job properly and then comes around and turns around saying guns are the issue when he had failed to act properly.

Vittert pointed out that Israel knew when he attended the CNN town hall that he knew that his deputy had waited outside the school but didn’t disclose that piece of information. Vittert said Israel was refusing to resign and had professed that he had displayed amazing leadership. He asked, “Do you agree with that?”

Kashuv reacted, “No, not at all. I think he absolutely needs to resign after what happened here. He failed to act on so many different levels. And him, himself, he’s responsible for this massive failure. This could have been easily stopped, both by the FBI and the Sheriff’s Department had they acted.”

Vittert played a clip of student David Hogg saying, “Obviously there were some major mistakes here and ones that we have to look into, and I don’t want to say anything until after the investigation’s done.” Vittert pointed out that Hogg claimed he would wait for the investigation to conclude before making comments, yet had harshly criticized the NRA and other gun rights advocates. Vittert asked, ‘Your thoughts?”

Kashuv: “I think that’s outrageous. I mean I call B.S. on this situation right now. It’s clear to see that on so many differently levels, the Parkland government and officers, they failed to act and they let us down. And they should have acted on multiple different times to make sure this would never happen.”

Vittard asked how the high school would heal after the tragedy.

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The US Is Protecting ISIS to Weaken Rivals, Expand US Occupation of Syria


by Steven Chovanec, Russia Insider:

The US is keeping the last ISIS pocket east of the Euphrates alive to help justify its Syria occupation and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

The dominant view of the US-led coalition against the Islamic State (ISIS), Operation Inherent Resolve, is that its fundamental goal is the defeat of ISIS.

And so, in the wake of the routing of ISIS from Iraq and Syria, the core justification for an ongoing US military presence in Syria is ensuring that no post-mortem ISIS insurgency arises.

That the US is unequivocally opposed to ISIS is simply taken for granted.

Yet a closer look at the history of US involvement shows that counterterrorism has been a lesser concern relative to geopolitical and strategic goals. Whenever the goals of expanding territorial control or weakening rivals conflicts with the goal of opposing ISIS, the entity was either ignored or even empowered in pursuit of these more paramount concerns.

In some ways, by providing a pretext for extended military operations on foreign soil, and by helping to diminish the military might of the Syrian regime and its allies, some coalition officials have seen the Islamic State as a potentially beneficial phenomenon to the wider ends of weakening the Syrian state and opposing Iranian influence in the Levant.

Leveraging the Caliphate

In 2015, ISIS executed an unprecedented advance in Syria.

Audio leaks would later surface of then Secretary of State John Kerry explaining that the Obama administration saw this expansion as beneficial to the US position.

Seeing that this could be used to pressure Assad, the threat of state-collapse was something to be “watched” and “managed,” rather than deterred. “We were watching,” Kerry said:

“… and we know that this was growing… We saw that Daesh was growing in strength, and we thought Assad was threatened. We thought, however, we could probably manage — that Assad would then negotiate.”

Yet this was not simply a case of exploiting events that were entirely out of control. At this time, Obama’s regional allies had been conducting major influxes of support to jihadist factions among the rebels, including ISIS, for years in their bid to oust Assad.

US intelligence oversaw and was well aware of these policies. As Kerry’s observations suggest, the motive was that with “Daesh growing in strength”, the US military would be able to “manage” this development while the expansion of ISIS would mean that “Assad would then negotiate.”

This all changed when Russia, in response to the expanding ISIS movement, intervened. With Russia in the game, regime-change looked like an increasingly dwindling prospect.

Awkwardly, Russia was “carrying out more sorties in a day in Syria than the US-led coalition has done in a month,” while also targeting ISIS oil tankers, something the US-led coalition was reluctant to do — to the point that large convoys of oil trucks carrying ISIS oil were able to operate efficiently and in broad daylight.

The embarrassing contradictions of the “anti-ISIS” campaign were becoming difficult to explain away. Instead of being “degraded” or “destroyed”, ISIS was actually expandingduring the bulk of the anti-ISIS campaign.

Durham University’s Dr. Christopher Davidson, one of the world’s leading scholars in Middle East affairs, has explained that:

“… the Islamic State was effectively on the same side as the West, especially in Syria, and in all its other warzones was certainly in the same camp as the West’s regional allies.”

Moreover, “on a strategic level, its big gains had made it by far the best battlefield asset to those who sought the permanent dismemberment of Syria and the removal of [the Iran-leaning] Nouri Maliki in Iraq.”

Therefore, the trick for the West was “trying to find the right balance between being seen to take action but yet still allowing the Islamic State to prosper.”

Citing a prophetic 2008 RAND Corporation report, Davidson explains that the “illusory campaign that would eventually need to be waged against the Islamic State” would therefore mainly consist of “the establishment of certain red lines” along a “contain and react approach.” This would “involve deploying perimeters around areas where there are concentrations of transnational jihadists,” while making sure to limit any action to only “periodically launching air/missile strikes against high-value targets.”

In other words, Russia’s intervention essentially called Washington’s bluff. Seeing this, and also seeing Syria increasingly in a position to reclaim those territories that ISIS had been so effective at denying them, it appeared that it was time to start getting serious about putting an end to the Caliphate.

Bombing Syria… Again

In terms of its proven effectiveness at weakening the militaries of Syria and Hezbollah, and of draining the resources of Syria’s sponsors, gaining maximum strategic benefit from Islamic State’s eradication would depend not only upon handing over administration of retaken territories to proxies on the ground, but also on ensuring that its guns were primarily being pointed towards Syria and Iran.

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Russian Military Developing Long-Range Supersonic Missile-Lobbing Drone


from Sputnik News:

Designed to infiltrate far into the enemy’s depth, the new system will carry both guided and unguided munitions.

Russia is working on a long-range unmanned strike system, Zvezda, the official television channel of the Russian Ministry of Defense, has learned.

Speaking to the television channel, Alexander Nemov, deputy chief of the research department at the 30th Central Scientific Research Institute outside Moscow, confirmedthat the large unmanned aircraft would appear sometime in the next few years.

“Development work is currently underway on a long-range unmanned system capable of carrying out unmanned low-altitude supersonic flights, and striking both stationary and mobile targets at operational-strategic depth,” the officer explained.

Zvezda clarified that the aircraft will, on the one hand, be capable of performing low-altitude flights, much like a cruise missile, and will fly faster than the speed of sound, providing the Russian military with fundamentally new strategic capabilities not currently enjoyed by any other military in the world.

Asked about the prospective aircraft’s onboard weapons, Nemov was able to divulge only that the system “will have the ability to carry both guided and unguided air-launched weapons.”

The 30th Central Scientific Research Institute’s other projects include plans to create a new strike chopper, combining the capabilities of the Kamov Ka-52 and the Mil Mi-28. The new chopper will feature an additional wing, and be capable of flying over 400 km per hour. The Institute is also working on unmanned helicopter systems, which will interact with conventional rotary-winged aircraft on the battlefield. Researchers are also engaged in an evaluation of the ergonomics of the new Sukhoi Su-57 multirole fighter’s control systems.

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“Never Seen Such a Big Crowd”: Florida Gun Show Sets Attendance Record Amid Gun Control Push


by Joshua Caplan, The Gateway Pundit:

Organizers for the Florida Gun Show held at Florida State Fairgrounds say they set an all-time attendance record this weekend, reports Shannon Valladolid of WTSP.

Organizers say they had a record number of people attend the event on Saturday, almost 7,000, and expect more Sunday.

Manager for the Florida Gun Show, George Fernandez, says they’ve never seen such a big crowd. […]

With the heated debate over gun control staying front and center, Fernandez expressed concerns over proposed gun laws possibly restricting gun owners.

“Some of the people attending are afraid that future legislation will impact their gun ownership rights,” he says.

Florida lawmakers like Senator Bill Nelson want stricter laws to fix the so-called “Gun show loophole” which allows people to buy a gun at one of these events without getting a background check.

It appears only two people showed up to protest the event, demanding the “gun show loophole” be fixed.

“Sergio Gonzalez and his son are outside the Florida State Fairgrounds protesting against the gun show. He says a ban on assault rifles is needed along with fixing the “gun show loophole,” tweeted Valladolid.

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from Infowars:

‘One of the greatest sources of misinformation and malfeasance these days is the media itself,’ he says

Project Veritas founder and investigate journalist James O’Keefe joined C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” show Friday to discuss the decline of mainstream media and the growing role of alternative media to bring real news to the American people.

“What we’re trying to do is expose waste, fraud and abuse all over the country, but one of the greatest sources of misinformation and of malfeasance these days is the media itself,” O’Keefe said.

“That takes us to the mainstream media and big big tech companies, Facebook, Google, and Twitter – which we most recently exposed.”

“The problem with modern journalism is that in many ways, the most important paramount virtue of journalism is to tell the truth to the masses. That’s what journalism is. You have to tell the truth to the American people.

“Yes, we do go undercover, we do utilize deception with a source, or as we call it, “target,” but that’s in order to tell the truth to the people because journalists – if you just report what your source tells you, if you blindly pass along untrue information, like when Buzzfeed asked Twitter, ‘Do you shadow ban?’ and Twitter said ‘We don’t do this.’”

“But what if they do do it? So if you just report what the source or government agency or politician wants you to hear, you’re passing along untrue information.”

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UN Security Council Unanimously Backs Syria Ceasefire


from The Anti Media:

With Russia’s backing, the UN Security Council on Saturday unanimously backed a 30-day ceasefire in Syria to allow for humanitarian aid deliveries and medical evacuations.

The resolution demanding the ceasefire “without delay” was adopted as Syrian government forces pounded the rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said warplanes struck Eastern Ghouta on Saturday evening, minutes after the UN Security Council adopted a resolution demanding a ceasefire.

The jets hit the town of Shifouniyeh in the rebel enclave, said the Britain-based monitoring group and two residents of the besieged suburbs near Damascus.

A surge of air strikes and shelling by the Syrian government and its allies has pounded Eastern Ghouta since Sunday night, in one of the fiercest air-assaults of the seven-year war, residents, rescuers and the monitor say.

“We accept that it might take a number of hours before it can all be fully implemented … we just have to keep the pressure up, implementation is key now,” Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom told Reuters.

“We are late to respond to this crisis, very late,” US Ambassador Nikki Haley told the council after the vote, accusing Russia of stalling it.

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State Takes Child from Parents Because They Refused to Allow Her to Become Transgender


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Because they wanted their daughter to speak to a therapist instead of undergoing hormone treatment to become transgender, a couple has had their parental rights taken away.

There is a complex set of factors for determining if a person is transgender. While science hasn’t nailed down the exact physiological and neurological markers to determine what makes a person have gender distress, there is no doubt that it exists. If individuals identify with a different gender than they were born, it is no one’s right to prevent them from remedying it. That being said, should young children who feel they may be in gender distress be taken from their parents who chose to make them wait until they are adults to have procedures?

This is exactly what has happened in Ohio.

This month, Hamilton County Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon stripped custody rights from an Ohio couple because they refused to allow her to become a transgendered boy.
Prosecutors successfully argued that the child need to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible to prevent her from becoming suicidal. The state further argued that the 17-year-old girl was being traumatized by her parents’ unwillingness to call her by a male name. According to an earlier CNN story, the grandparents’ attorney, Jeffrey Cutcher, told the court that “even seeing [her] birth name on documents has caused trauma.”

The New American reports:

Perhaps worst of all — from the county’s perspective — the parents had the audacity to base at least some of their opposition to their daughter’s desires on their religious beliefs. “The teen’s lawyer, Thomas Mellott, said [her] parents had [her] enrolled at a Catholic school where [she] was made to wear dresses and answer to [her] birth name,” wrote CNN. The girl herself alleged that she felt unsafe in her parents’ home, saying her father had told her to kill herself because she was “going to hell anyway,” and that she was forced to attend “Christian” therapy that consisted of listening to Bible verses for hours on end.

The parents’ attorney, Karen Brinkman, denied the allegations and said the parents’ objections were not solely based on their religious beliefs. She maintained that they “have done their due diligence contacting medical professionals, collecting thousands of hours of research and relying on … their observation of their own child … that led them to the conclusion that this is not in their child’s best interest.” In fact, they believe hormone therapy “would do more harm than good,” she said.

“It does not appear that this child is even close to being able to make such a life-altering decision at this time,” Brinkman further argued. She added that granting custody to the grandparents “would simply be a way for the child to circumvent the necessity of parents’ consent.”

Now, the teenager is under the custody of the state while they grant her permission to temporarily live with her grandparents.

“We think the grandparents are the ones who have an open mind and will … make this sort of decision best for the child,” attorney Paul Hunt, who represents the guardian, told the court. “The parents have clearly indicated that they’re not open to it.”

As the state claims that the parents are wrong because they wanted to get her therapy instead of hormone treatment, under the terms of the court’s decision, that’s what has to happen anyway.

Although she can legally change her name, before undergoing the hormone therapy the child must be “evaluated by a psychologist who is not affiliated with the current facility where [she] is receiving treatment, on ‘the issue of consistency in the child’s gender presentation, and feelings of non-conformity,’” noted CNN.

“What is clear from the testimony presented in this case and the increasing worldwide interest in transgender care is that there is certainly a reasonable expectation that circumstances similar to the one at bar are likely to repeat themselves,” Hendon wrote. “That type of legislation would give a voice and a pathway to youth similarly situated as [the child] without attributing fault to the parents and involving them in protracted litigation which can and does destroy a family unit.”

While the judge may have her mind made up, there are many in the scientific arena who recommend children wait until they reach adulthood before making such life-changing decisions.

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SILENCE! Twitter, YouTube scrubbing all content and banning all users who question the official (false) narrative on the Florida school shooting


by Mike Adams, Natural News:

A few years from now, looking back on why Twitter collapsed and YouTube was abandoned by every intelligent person, we’ll remember what these totalitarian tech giants did in February, 2018. Starting a few days ago, both Twitter and YouTube began scrubbing all videos and tweets that don’t follow the “official narrative” on the Florida school shooting.

Anyone who questions the wisdom of the school students-turned-propagandists — who were all probably eating Tide pods a week ago — is immediately banned and silenced. Only one side of this “debate” is allowed to exist: The side that worships the lunatic Left’s demands that all law-abiding Americans surrender their self-defense firearms because a group of traumatized school kids were shot at by their own lunatic classmate.

The insanity, stupidity and derangement of all this is beyond description. YouTube, Google, Twitter and even Facebook have now decided to pick a political side and silence all opposing viewpoints. Online platforms that once hosted conversations and debates are now nothing more than lunatic liberal echo chambers of cognitive illiteracy combined with demanded obedience. That’s why I have now dubbed the delusional Left an “obedience cult.”

The LEFT is an "OBEDIENCE CULT" from NaturalNews on Vimeo.

Now, more than ever, the internet needs free speech alternatives to Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. All these left-wing extremist tech companies have now decided to crush the speech of their political opponents and transform the entire internet into a “libtard bubble” of blabbering idiots who literally believe that school children should not be protected by armed citizens. (Yes, they actually want to make sure all schools remain “gun-free zones” so that mass murderers can continue to target them…)

Via The Gateway Pundit:

David Hogg Unleashes Boycott Rampage After Twitter Threatens to Ban Anyone ‘Targeting’ Parkland Students or ‘Topics They Are Raising’

The Gateway Pundit was the first publication to question the media’s motives for propelling a select few students into the spotlight following the shooting. They all have one thing in common; they want to fight the gun lobby and the NRA.

We knew an anti-second amendment movement was effervescing; we were right.

David Hogg has launched a boycott-the-NRA rampage from his Twitter account and the social media giant is protecting his activism by banning anyone who harasses questions him.

On Wednesday, Twitter Safety released a statement regarding the Parkland students. Anyone ‘harassing’ (disagreeing with) the students will be banned.

Twitter also said something very interesting. They are using ‘anti-abuse tools to weed out malicious automation around these individuals and the topics they are raising.’

In other words, if you dare question or refute anything these teenagers say, you risk being banned from the platform. These teenagers are royalty. How dare you question their wisdom.

Twitter Safety tweeted: We are actively working on reports of targeted abuse and harassment of a number of survivors of the tragic mass shooting in #Parkland. Such behavior goes against everything we stand for at Twitter, and we are taking action on any content that violates our terms of service.

Shortly after Twitter released this statement, Parkland student-turned-anti-gun-activist, David Hogg unleashed a boycott rampage from his Twitter account.

Hogg is targeting the NRA and any corporation that has a partnership with the NRA.

So if you dare refute Hogg, you will be taken off of Twitter. See how this is all coming together?

David Hogg unleashed boycott-the-NRA rampage on Twitter targeting every corporation he could think of that partners with the NRA and one by one, the corporations acquiesced to Hogg and severed ties.

If you think this is just a coincidence, we have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

This was a coordinated attack on firearms and the NRA.

CNN calls on YouTube to silence InfoWars in order to obliterate all videos questioning the official false narrative of the Parkland shooting


CNN and other news outlets are lobbying to have YouTube terminate our entire channel by false insinuating we are saying the Florida school shooting was a hoax and that we are “bullying” the students.

We have never said that the shooting was a hoax, just that some of the students being highlighted by the media as staunch advocates for gun control may have been coached on what to say.

The fact that CNN attempted to script a town hall event, and then called one of the survivor’s and heroes of the shooting a liar when he exposed them for it, shows that it is in fact CNN which is bullying students.

CNN also bullied and harassed an old lady outside her home in Florida this week, a move that was widely condemned by media personalities across the political spectrum.

This is an unprecedented level of censorship. A news network is campaigning for another news network to be censored and terminated simply to strangle their competition.

In Russia, the government shuts down dissident media outlets, in the United States, CNN apparently thinks that is its role.

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2018: The Year Of The Margin Call


by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

Analysts disagree about which indicator is best for calling market tops, but the easiest to understand — and the most tragic — is probably margin debt.

This is money borrowed by (usually individual or “retail”) investors against their existing stocks to buy more stocks. Investors tend to do this when markets are rising and using leverage seems like an effortless way turbocharge their gains. But eventually the market turns down, leaving stock portfolios insufficient to cover related margin debt and generating “margin calls” in which brokers demand more money and/or start liquidating customer portfolios. This sends the market down sharply and indiscriminately, as fairly-valued babies are dumped along with overvalued bathwater. The result: a quick, brutal bear market.

Margin debt hit record highs several years ago and has just kept on going. From yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

Investors’ Zeal to Buy Stocks With Debt Leaves Markets Vulnerable

Investors borrowing record sums to bet on stocks exacerbated this month’s selloff, after they were hit with calls to reduce those obligations and forced to sell shares to raise cash.

If that debt, known as margin loans, continues to rise at the current pace, analysts warn that big selloffs and sudden bouts of volatility in the stock market could become more commonplace.

Retail and institutional investors have borrowed a record $642.8 billion against their portfolios, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, as they try to pocket bigger gains by ramping up their exposure to stocks.

So-called net margin debt was worth 1.31% of the total value of the New York Stock Exchange last year, according to Goldman Sachs data stretching back to 1980, eclipsing the previous peak of 1.27% reached in the buildup to the tech bubble in 2000.

Lending against securities is a key profit center for brokerages, as firms charge interest on the money that is used and say they have found they better retain clients who take on the debt. These loans can also factor into brokers’ compensation, incentivizing many to extend money to clients regardless of whether they need it or not.

Margin debt has been on the rise for years and is generally considered a gauge of investor confidence. The long-running stock rally has helped push debt levels higher since investors tend to be more willing to take loans against investments that are rising in value. However, it can also precipitate a steep market downturn as it did before the burst of the dot-com bubble and the financial crisis of 2008.

The growing loan balances have caught the attention of Wall Street’s watchdog. Finra in January published an investor alert after the total value of margin loans broke $600 billion for the first time, saying investors may be underestimating the risks of trading on margin and may not understand how margin calls work.


Many of the hardest-hit investors were those who had used exchange-traded products to wager that low volatility would persist and stock prices would remain stable.

Harvey Hajiyan, a 35-year-old financial adviser who lives in Toronto and has been investing for more than a decade, assumed stocks would continue to grind higher this year, similar to the gains the Dow and the S&P 500 had posted for much of the past two years without a pullback.

“All of the strategists agreed the market would go up,” said Mr. Hajiyan.

At the end of January, he placed an ill-timed bet and used only margin to fund a large position in the ProShares Short VIX Short-Term Futures exchange-traded fund (SVXY), which rises as long as stock prices remain stable. When the S&P 500 fell into correction territory to erase one of its best starts in years, Mr. Hajiyan’s investment in the ProShares fund tracking expected market swings was nearly wiped out, forcing him to liquidate hundreds of thousands of dollars of securities to answer the margin call.

“I was in denial,” said Mr. Hajiyan after he realized he lost about 600,000 Canadian dollars (US$472,260) worth of his C$1.1 million investment portfolio.

Despite losing a sizable portion of his wealth, Mr. Hajiyan says the experience hasn’t soured him on using margin debt. “If I wasn’t using margin, I wouldn’t be at this level,” Mr. Hajiyan said of his profits before the pullback. “As my money grows, I’ll limit the amount of margin I use.”

Why This Matters
“So-called net margin debt was worth 1.31% of the total value of the New York Stock Exchange last year, according to Goldman Sachs data stretching back to 1980, eclipsing the previous peak of 1.27% reached in the buildup to the tech bubble in 2000.”

When an indicator exceeds its dot-com bubble extreme, it’s in mania territory. The reason equities seem relatively sedate this time around is that they’re just part of a much broader bubble. Bonds around the world are an historic bubble – one that may be starting to burst as interest rates rise. Real estate prices in trophy cities have exceeded their 2007 extremes. Debt levels in the developed world (and China) have blown through their previous cyclical peaks. And of course cryptocurrencies are generating dot-com level excitement and fear of missing out. This “everything bubble” is completely unprecedented.

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