Trump & Company Channel Ayn Rand

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens , wallstreetonparade:

Ayn Rand made her mark by writing and lecturing on a philosophy called Objectivism. It’s a philosophy that flips upside down everything that most Americans hold dear. Under Objectivism, greed is good, selfishness is noble, helping one’s fellow human beings is for suckers and an outright evil. The philosophy also holds that big government is bad and obscenely rich corporate titans are the real heroes of society. (See related articles below.) The Koch brothers’ network of billionaires has been financing the proliferation of Rand’s books into high schools and colleges for decades.

Trump is the personification of the Ayn Rand creed and his elevation from reality TV host to the Oval Office is valid proof that the Kochs and their ilk have spent their money wisely.

Trump’s gilded mansions and lifestyle are also mother’s milk to the one percenters he has packed into his cabinet. And their spouses. His excesses makes theirs seem routine.

In the same week that Hurricane Harvey was about to leave a large swath of Texas looking like a third world disaster, Louise Linton, the wife of the U.S. Treasury Secretary, was bragging in a post about her designer clothing as she disembarked from a U.S. chartered plane with her husband after an official business trip. Linton flouted her #hermes, #valentino, #roulandmouret, and #tomfordsunnies attire. When a female reader responded in a post: “glad we could pay for your little getaway,” Linton berated her in a subsequent post for being “adorably out of touch,” and bragging about how much more in taxes Linton and her husband pay. (Linton apologized after the story went viral.)

Linton’s husband, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, is equally Ayn Randish. At Mnuchin’s January 19 confirmation hearing, Senator Ron Wyden outlined Mnuchin’s career milestones as follows:

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