BOMBSHELL: These teenage girls DIED of meningitis even after getting vaccinated… total media blackout

by   Isabelle Z.   naturalnews:

It’s not hard to find stories in the news urging people to get vaccinated against meningitis, particularly as kids prepare to go back to school. Plenty of headlines warn parents that their teens should get the jab before heading off to college, but hardly any of them discuss the fact that some people who have been vaccinated are dying of meningitis anyway.

Most people would like to think that when they assume the risks that come along with getting a vaccine, they are getting full protection from a deadly disease in exchange for the possible side effects. That is certainly what the mothers of two teenagers who died recently in unrelated cases of Meningitis B thought when their daughters began to display flu-like symptoms. Both did not think meningitis could be the culprit because their daughters had received the meningitis vaccine.

However, it turns out that the standard meningitis vaccine that some schools require does not fully protect recipients from infection. That’s because it only covers four strains of meningitis:
A, C, W and Y.

Tragic deaths

High school senior Kimberly Coffey came home from school one day complaining of body aches and fever. Her health quickly deteriorated, and she eventually ended up on life support after her organs failed. She died and was buried just three days before her high school graduation in the prom dress that she never got to wear. Her mother said she couldn’t believe her diagnosis at first because she had received the vaccine, and now she is trying to make sure everyone knows that the vaccine does not offer the protection many people think it does.

In a separate incident, 19-year-old Emily Stillman, a college sophomore, complained of body aches and headache. ER doctors initially thought she was suffering from a migraine, but a spinal tap performed after she lost consciousness revealed that she had meningitis. Her mother said she had no idea that the vaccine did not protect against all strains of the illness. Like the mother of Kimberly Coffrey, Emily’s devastated mother is now trying to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to other people.

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