Have We Lost Our Humanity? Social Media Comments About Hurricane Harvey Victims Get Nasty

by Tess Pennington, Ready Nutrition:

As many of you know, I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and let me tell you, those roots run deep. Yes, it is hotter than the hubs of hell there and mosquitos are the size of pterodactyls, but the people are warm and friendly and have always done what they could to help someone in need. I’ve seen this on more than one occasion and all I can conclude is it’s just the Texas way. That’s how I was brought up and for me, that ingrained duty to help those in need has always stayed with me. But it wasn’t just in Texas where I saw this. When 9/11 happened, I watched in pride as countrymen dropped everything to help those affected by the attacks. I saw it when the Fukushima 50 stayed behind to ensure others were out of harm’s way. It wasn’t just a Texan thing, I came to realize it was a human thing.

But have times changed? Have we become so entranced by our own ideologies and cultural division that we are turning our backs on each other? Let me explain.

This weekend, we all watched as Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas with a vengeance. The damage has been so severe and the flooding so widespread that this storm has now been dubbed the “flood of a lifetime.”

In The Prepper’s Blueprint, I wrote how Hurricanes are unpredictable in nature and truly one of the most difficult emergencies to prepare for simply because there are so many variables to account for. They can be mild or severe. They cause wind damage, flooding, tornadoes. You can be fully stocked with provisions and then your home is flooded in a matter of minutes because a creek has flooded and all of those provisions are ruined.

Currently, Hurricane Harvey has dumped massive amounts of rainfall in many towns inside and on the outskirts of Houston and affected about a quarter of the Texas population or 6.8 million people in 18 counties. To make matters worse, incessant tornado warnings are keeping Houstonians in a perpetual state of fear.

As well, everyone that I know living in this area prepared as best as they could with the limited warning they received. What I can tell you, is as prepared as many were, the storm this size was no match for their efforts and this can happen. The latest rainfall totals should give you some perspective.


You would think in times such as this, people would see the hell that others are living in and want to help in some shape or fashion. Rather than lending a hand, there are some who choose to sit from the comfort of their homes and make off-handed remarks. In multiple articles on the coverage of Hurricane Harvey, I found comments from readers such as “they deserve what they get because they didn’t evacuate,” or are making political comments in reference to the Hurricane.

Here are some comments from an article at the Washington Post:


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