We're Still Waiting on Democrats to Denounce Antifa... and Waiting, and Continuing to Wait

by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

Well, Democrats?  When are you going to stand up and denounce this mayhem?

I'm talking about the protests taking place today all across the country, including Boston, Massachusetts.

Best selling author and founder and executive director of TPUSA, Charlie Kirk tweeted out pictures of the protests today and he is echoing the same sentiments of my question above.

Nails on end of sticks for radical leftist rioters in Boston.

Who can possibly say they are there for peace? 

"Nails on end of sticks for radical leftist rioters in Boston," Kirk tweeted.  "Who can possibly say they are there for peace?"

Twitter is censoring  the picture, but I grabbed a screenshot.


I agree, but bring a gun and have it holstered on your side and these Nazis will be calling for your weapons.

If that was not enough, you then have this open endorsement of murdering police officers.

The radical left in Boston pic.twitter.com/IhFfrU33Vb

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) August 19, 2017

While there are certainly issues that need to be dealt with involving police officers who act criminally and enforce pretended legislation, calling or endorsing their murder is the mindset of today's young Marxists in America.

It's funny that these people are so courageous that they will not even show their faces, isn't it?  That makes them cowards.

Then there's this.

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