Official audio reveals ‘another active shooter in the bar at the top of Mandalay Bay’ the night of the massacre

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Clark County Fire Department communications from the night of the shooting reveal that there may be more to the “event” then officials are claiming

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Newly released Clark County Fire Department radio transmissions from the night of the massacre reveal that another shooter may have been high up on Mandalay Bay’s 63rd-floor in the Foundation Room where the wife of a firefighter was reportedly ‘pinned behind the bar.’

The following is a transcript of the communications between Fire Dispatch and Batallion 6 Command which took place on Oct. 5 between 11:33 and 11:35 pm:

(1:27:54) Fire Dispatch: We have a firefighter’s wife at this event who is pinned down behind the bar at Mandalay Bay. We are trying to get further on the name.

(1:28:17) Fire Dispatch: Batallion 6, be advised that we are getting reports on Mandalay Bay, at the bar, we currently have a […] another active shooter up there.”

(1:28:31) Batallion 6 Command: Okay, I copy that dispatch […].

(1:28:34) Fire Dispatch: Copy that. Thank you.

(1:28:50) Batallion 6 Command: Can you confirm that last one, please?

(1:29:15) Fire Dispatch: The only information I have is it’s the bar on top of the Mandalay Bay.

(1:29:23) Battalion 6 Command: Copy. Can you confirm that there is a shooter up there? Do you have him pinned down or he just sheltering right now?

Moments later Fire Dispatch could be heard saying that she was trying to reach the woman via her cell phone but was having trouble.

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You can listen to the full audio here:

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