'Something Has Happened And It's Very Bad' - Democrats Throwing Hillary Clinton Under The Bus Have Pundits Asking 'Is More Coming?'

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

While television networks are refusing to report on the series of scandals that have rocked Hillary Clinton, some other media outlets, as well as some top names in Democratic politics, have suddenly gone from talking about her like she is "all that and a bag of chips," to throwing her directly under the proverbial bus, then taking turns jumping into the driver's seat to keep running her over.

In the last three weeks, Hillary Clinton has been hit with what Fox News panelist, Charles Hurt calls "Three Watergate-Level scandals," each one more damaging than the other, all of them implicating others such as Barack Obama, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, other deep state members, the Clinton Foundation, the entire DNC apparatus, deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, and more.

Listen below:

Week One, Scandal #1- Uranium One: While "Clinton Cash" exposed quite a bit of information on the Uranium One deal, the majority of the MSM kept calling it all a "conspiracy" theory, when The Hill exposed the level of corruption seen from bribery to potential money laundering, possible racketeering, and more, it blew up all over the internet, and now has follow up reports implicating Barack Obama in setting up a back channel to allow yellowcake uranium, the raw material used to make nuclear fuel and weapons, to be exported out of the U.S. and into Europe and Asia.

So many people, including Robert Mueller, have been implicated in the Uranium One scandal, because Mueller was FBI director at the time, that three GOP lawmakers have just introduced a resolution in Congress, saying that "Robert Mueller is compromised and should resign from his special counsel position immediately."

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