CLAIMS: Iran "Earthquake" Was Actually Covert NUCLEAR DETONATION

from Hal Turner:

Very serious allegations are beginning to surface from the Middle East, that the massive, Magnitude 7.3 "earthquake" which struck northwestern Iran earlier today was actually a covert NUCLEAR BOMB TEST.  The allegations are based - right now - on two not-so-coincidental public message postings made to a well known message forum run by and frequented by Intelligence Community operatives worldwide, which warned folks as follows:

"The Fuse is lit ... whitin (SIC) 8 hours ... more i can not say , you will all see it yourselves ..
on tv , mass media , and all other channels will only be talking about this ... within hours...
World... be prepared... for the shock."

That posting, made via an anonymous proxy server located in Belgium at 5:56 AM eastern US time today.   

About 8 hours later - almost to the minute, a Magnitude 7.3 "earthquake" rocked northwestern Iran.

Several minutes after the "earthquake" struck, the same entity, again posting via an anonymous proxy in Belgium, posted several other curious items:

the shock is the beginning ... from now on , its gonna come from airspace...

and then:

its not over yet ... this is just the beginning and some things might not be what the media says... the rest will come and follow from the sky ...


Obviously an earthquake cannot "come from the sky" but a nuke can!  Based upon the fact that recent North Korean nuclear tests have been recorded as "earthquakes" people on the message forum began putting  two-and-two together.

These postings, having piqued the curiosity of many, were finally followed up with this:

was it really an earthquake ? ;-)

last hint ... but what side, country did it ... is for you to find out i'm really gone ...


The link above is to an Internet article, from the year 2012, which talks about "covert nuclear test detonations in Iran."
[link to

We've Got a Problem

Thus, someone using a proxy server in Belgium, gave 8 hours advance warning of a "shock" the world would be talking about.  As promised, 8 hours later a "Magnitude 7.3 earthquake" struck northwestern Iran and the original poster followed-up and said "the rest will follow from the sky" and posted a link to a 2012 web site article about covert Nuclear Detonations in Iran. 

There is no way to forecast an earthquake . . . . certainly not to within 8 hours.  So what we have here is someone is hinting in a not-so-subtle way that today's "earthquake" was actually a nuclear detonation . . . and they knew it would take place 8 hours before it actually happened.


I reached out to my former colleagues in the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and "other" agencies and made inquiries.  All I could find out was that elements of the US military had been "tasked" to travel toward what would be "downwind" of the "earthquake" location, with radiation monitoring gear.  I was not told if any results were obtained.

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