Countering the Deep State/Mueller Soft Coup: LaRouchePAC Circulates Report on Capitol Hill Regarding the Independent Counsel's History of Gross Prosecutorial Misconduct and Criminal Cover-ups

by Harley Schlanger, via Rogue Money:

Silverglate goes on to recount a meeting with Mueller at the Justice Department concerning the Jeffrey MacDonald case, which many consider to be a wrongful conviction of an innocent man. At a meeting called to explore possible law enforcement misconduct in the case, Mueller walked in and announced, "Gentlemen: Criticism of the Bureau is a Non Starter." Silverglate goes on to attack the General Counsel statute as a constitutional abomination, endorse Alan Dershowitz’s analysis that no crimes have been committed by the President based on what has been reported to date, but notes,

"Mueller’s demonstrated zeal and ample resources virtually assure that indictments will come, even in the absence of crimes rather than behavior which is simply politics as usual."

The impact of our mobilization and public disgust with the Russiagate charade are also demonstrated in the CNN Story, "GOP calls grow to end Russia investigations in Congress this year." The lead:

"A growing number of key Republicans are sending this message to leaders of the congressional committees investigating potential Trump collusion with Russians: Wrap It Up Soon."

Although it doesn’t have the poetic ring of "Suck It Up, Move On," we are, of course, dealing with Republicans. Senator James Risch of the Intelligence Committee said, "Nobody wants to move this so quickly that we miss something," but added, "The question is how many weak leads can you follow?" Rep. Adam [full of] Schiff (D-CA) countered that the Committees involved were trying to "rush" the now nine-month-old investigation. Schiff’s remarks were characterized as "nuts" by Committee Republicans, according to CNN, who accused Democrats of trying to extend the "fishing expedition" into the midterm elections. The report otherwise makes clear that sharp public demands for an end to this hoax are beginning to be felt. Last Friday’s call for investigation of Mueller was not some sort of "one off." We just have to increase that pressure.

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