CNN May Be Toast, But The Globalists Are Doubling Down...

by Peter S, SGT

The voice of the people rising [in the form of Trump's air force, his social media supporters] has defeated the globalists' 24-7 cable news air wing (CIA News Network).  Make no mistake, though.  The battle has been joined. 

The globalists are not playing around.  Consider the following three articles:


The greatest threat facing the United States is its own president

Democrats: Did Americans help Russia hack the election?

The immensity and seriousness of these articles cannot be overstated.  Consider the two July 4 articles in the Washington Post, playing two of their most senior "cards" in their deck, Kendall and Rothkopf, Kendall asserting on the one hand that Mueller and his parallel Justice Department--SOLELY under the control of the deep state coup plotters dedicated to bringing down the duly elected president of the United States in this farcically evidence-free and entirely lawless coup that is underway--are entirely untouchable (pray tell, how can you reach that conclusion, good Mr. Kendall?); the other, Rothkopf as senior a mouthpiece of the globalists' top visible operatives (the 6,000 highest ranking visible globalist agents) declaring the globalists' war on this administration stating that Mr. Trump himself is the greatest danger facing the American people and our constitutional republic (when of course, the globalists themselves are, in fact are the greatest danger facing the human race, and in fact the most fearsome and unspeakably evil intraspecies predators ever faced by life on this planet).  And the third article in globalist agent Politico, shows that the deep state coup plotters will stop at NOTHING, and are now moving to the "Infowars and Mr. Trump's social media supporters are subversives that must be dealt with now!!!" argument as their evidence-free "the Russians did it!" narrative morphs into its latest surreal, and sinister form.

But yesterday's a day to celebrate . . .

see the attached 'it is the end of CNN' (and this is what Twitter looks like last evening, like a shower of meme confetti floating down from the heavens, the heavens which themselves are smiling at the defeat, today, of unspeakable evil . . . the CNN arm of the globalists mindwar psychological warfare mind control machine).

Their armies, including CNN, will be back, but they were badly beaten yesterday.

Think of the narrative that was planned in the script by the directed history programmers--for example, the two op-ed pieces in the Washington Post, by Kendall and Rothkopf, were assuredly planned months ago for this day to build the propo case for bringing down the president.  Too bad Pepe and the boys (and girls) showed up instead . . .

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