Assange Destroys Liberals and Conservatives, Shows How They’re the Same in Epic Tweet Storm

by Rachel Blevins, The Free Thought Project: The false left vs. right paradigm has been used and abused in the United States for years, and yet in 2017, there is still a sense among Americans that there is actual difference between liberals and conservatives.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange called out the hypocrisy on Twitter by using one of the issues both Democrats and Republicans seem to agree on—the call for his assassination.

Assange began the Tweet storm over the weekend, with a Tweet that said “Hello snowflakes,” and then went on to note that he will focus on “some censorship double standards,” such as the “threats to kill” he has received on Twitter.

“I don’t think people should threaten to kill others, but I don’t think companies should be in the game of determining what is a threat and what is not because any such system will be played by those with greater access to the internals of the system,” Assange wrote.

Assange then went on to describe the “system” run within social media platforms such as Twitter, in which “biases about how close to the in-group that runs the censorship system the complainer is and their relative social standing of the complainant.”

Comparing the process on Twitter to the process that is seen in the modern day “justice system,” Assange noted that both can lead to the same result because it typically happens that “those people who need justice the most are the least likely to get it.”

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