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Vaccinosis: Health Hazards of Scheduled Animal and Pet Vaccines


by Shirley Lipschutz-Robinson, The Tenpenny Report:

Most pet owners aren’t aware of the dangers surrounding animal vaccinations that have been discovered in recent years. Major veterinary associations now agree that immunizations can trigger all sorts of maladies, from allergies to cancer, but most pet caretakers (and many veterinarians, it seems) haven’t gotten the word.

“With vaccines that are repeated year after year, the frequency and severity of these side-effects in our pets has increased dramatically.” Dr. Donna Starita Mehan, DVM

What’s Plasmid DNA? Why’s the Cabal Putting it in Food, Water, Air & Vaccines?! Dr. Ardis Interview

from Man in America:


RIGGED: Two high-level FDA officials who approved Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine are now working for Moderna to develop new mRNA “vaccines”

by Lance D Johnson, Natural News:

What could be more dangerous in the field of medicine than government officials knowingly licensing dangerous medical experiments on the population, and then suddenly taking up new positions with the pharmaceutical companies that they were supposed to regulate? This revolving door of corruption is currently taking place between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Moderna, one of the manufacturers of COVID-19 “vaccines.” This collusion is the real public health threat, because it means there is no true regulatory oversight, no accountability for gross medical error and unchecked medical fraud.

Yale study exposes common chronic symptoms people experience after receiving COVID-19 vaccines

by Cassie B, DC Clothesline:

With all the focus on serious COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths, it is easy for less dramatic side effects to fly under the radar. However, many people who received these jabs are now contending with a host of chronic symptoms that affect their everyday lives in various ways. Now, a new study carried out by researchers from Yale University shows the most common chronic symptoms people are experiencing after getting the shots.

Pediatric Dentists Now Pushing Vaccines on Children – Dentists Medically Kidnap Children if They Don’t Keep Appointments

by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

In May of 2019 Health Impact News reported that Oregon became the first state in the U.S. to permit dentists to inject children with vaccines. See:

Oregon Becomes First State to Permit Dentists to Vaccinate Children

In 2021, under the PREP Act during COVID, dentists all across the U.S. were given authority to start vaccinating their patients in an effort to vaccinate more children and adults with the experimental COVID-19 “vaccine,” regardless of whether the state they resided in allowed dentists to give vaccines or not. (Source.)

iDNA Vaccines to Generate Internal Virus Production

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • “Immunization DNA” or iDNA is a novel class of gene therapy “vaccines” that encodes for the whole virus
  • iDNA “vaccines” transcribe the full-length genomic RNA of the live-attenuated vaccine virus. The full-length viral RNA then initiates replication of live attenuated virus in the tissues of the vaccine recipient, resulting in an immune response

Pilot warns of airline industry disaster due to Covid vaccines

by Sally Beck, Conservative Woman:

CAPTAIN Shane Murdock says the air industry is ‘poised on the precipice of disaster’. A pilot for more than 40 years and a qualified air accident investigator, he has found official data that back up his claim of impending global catastrophe. He adds: ‘When correlated, the data indicate there is an enormous problem that is having, and will have, a significant impact on aviation safety worldwide. There is enough evidence to be sending out red flags.’

I just saw data indicating that there have been 17M excess deaths worldwide from the vaccines.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?! What Are These Highly Complex Artificial Structures Photographed In The COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’


from State Of The Nation:

SOTN Editor’s Note: First take a close look at the next to last batch of photos taken by the Nixonlab in Australia from the Covid vaccines here:
PHOTO-GRAPHIC PROOF that some COVID-19 Vaccines
Contain a Sinister-Looking Chip

The Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was sold under the brand name Comirnaty.  The following images were also taken from a sample of the Comirnaty ‘vaccine’.

PHOTO-GRAPHIC PROOF that some COVID-19 Vaccines Contain a Sinister-Looking Chip


from State Of The Nation:

SOTN Editor’s Note: It does not get any bigger than this where it concerns the deliberate formulation of COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ to contain highly advanced technology which was never disclosed by the Big Pharma manufacturers.

The Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was sold under the brand name Comirnaty.  The following images were taken from a sample of the Comirnaty ‘vaccine’.

Ebola is in the COVID Vaccines! Respected Research Scientist Judy

from The Alex Jones Show:


Tragic: 15-Month-Old Girl Dies from Organ Failure and Cardiac Arrest Two Days After Receiving Three Vaccines During Routine Visit


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

In a heart-wrenching incident, Melody Rain Palombi-Malmgren, a 15-month-old girl, tragically passed away two days after receiving routine vaccinations. Her mother, Katherine Palombi, recalls the shock and sorrow of losing a child who was the epitome of joy and health.

On October 17, during a routine 15-month well-visit at the Herbert Kania Pediatric Group in Warwick, New York, Melody received three vaccines, News12 Westchester reported.

Why Did Pfizer Stop Their Clinical Trial For COVID Vaccines During Pregnancy?

by Arjun Walia, The Pulse:

During a time of a huge loss of trust in institutions, you’d think companies would want to be more honest and forthcoming. Then again, does that even benefit them?

During the rollout of COVID vaccines, a lot of concerns were raised regarding the safety of the jab for pregnant women.

These concerns were drowned in a number of statements made by health authorities. In April 2021, four months after the COVID vaccine was granted emergency use authorization, CDC director Rachel Walensky recommended that all “pregnant people” get the vaccine. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) “enthusiastically” recommended it three months later.

BREAKING: Israeli MoH data released in March 2023 proves the vaccines are killing people. How come nobody noticed?? Hello!?!?


by Steve Kirsch, Steve Kirsch’s newsletter:

In March 2023, MIT Professor Retsef Levi disclosed a troubling figure produced by the Israeli Ministry of Health. This is unassailable proof the vaccines are killing people. Nobody noticed.

Executive summary

  1. The vaccines are clearly killing people. You can see that from the Israeli MoH data. But that data was first made public in a tweet from MIT Professor Retsef Levi on March 7, 2023. It made no difference.


from Dr. Jane Ruby: