Wednesday, December 11, 2019


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

The entirety of human history has been shaped by one thing: theft.  Depending on who is allowed to steal the fruits of labor and how much leeway they gave themselves to steal has had an effect on every aspect of humanity’s history.

Taxation is theft. It’s a simple concept and not debatable.  Justification of it makes it nonetheless theft. And according to British author and co-host of Money Pit Dominic Frisby, the legalized theft by governments has been responsible for every war, mass murder, and revolution.  Frisby joined Keiser Report to discuss the history of taxation and how humans have been transformed into cattle to fund the overbearing and violent nanny state we are all living under.

NYPD Cops Brag About Stealing Legal Hemp to Be Used as Medicine for Cancer Patients

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

New York, NY — Despite marijuana being legal in some form in over half the country, police officers across the country still take pride in kidnapping, caging, and even killing people they catch with this plant. Despite a major majority of Americans supporting legal weed, cops still go out of their way to prosecute people for possessing it, even CBD. The ridiculous nature of depriving people of their freedom over a plant came to a head last month in New York after “hero” cops took to bragging about a massive “marijuana” bust. But because these cops were so gung-ho on arresting people for a plant, they became the laughing stock of the internet after they bragged about seizing 106 pounds of entirely LEGAL hemp.

The Most Significant Afghanistan Papers Revelation Is How Difficult They Were To Make Public

by Caitlin Johnstone, Caitlin Johnstone:

The Washington Post has published clearundeniable evidence that US government officials have been lying to the public about the war in Afghanistan, a shocking revelation for anyone who has done no research whatsoever into the history of US interventionism.

In all seriousness it was a very good and newsworthy publication, and those who did the heavy lifting bringing the Afghanistan Papers into public awareness deserve full credit. The frank comments of US military officials plainly stating that from the very beginning this was an unwinnable conflict, initiated in a region nobody understood, without anyone being able to so much as articulate what victory would even look like, make up an extremely important piece of information that is in conflict with everything the public has been told about this war by their government.

Central Planners: Out of Room and Running Out of Time

by Michael Pento, Market Oracle:

One would have to place their trust in unicorns, sasquatch, leprechauns, and the tooth fairy to believe the current economic construct is sustainable. You also need to be woefully ignorant of history. In fact, there has never been a nation that engaged in massive debt monetization and did not eventually face hyperinflation, depression, and mass chaos. There is simply no such thing as magic, and you can’t build an economy on the foundation of debt, asset bubbles, and unlimited fiat money printing.

The Next Takeout Targets in Gold


by Marin Katusa, International Man:

There have been close to $6 billion in gold buyouts the last month.

Coming into tax loss season, it’s time to sharpen your pencils and get your cash ready for opportunities on the horizon.

The deals that happened over the last month should not come as major surprises.

And one massive gold company that I was in early on in the story made major headlines.

Genetic Genealogy Company GEDmatch Acquired by Company With Ties to FBI & Law Enforcement—Why You Should Be Worried

by Jennifer Lynch, Activist Post:

This week, GEDmatch, a genetic genealogy company that gained notoriety for giving law enforcement access to its customers’ DNA data, quietly informed its users it is now operated by Verogen, Inc., a company expressly formed two years ago to market “next-generation [DNA] sequencing” technology to crime labs.

What this means for GEDmatch’s 1.3 million users—and for the 60% of white Americans who share DNA with those users—remains to be seen.

GEDmatch allows users to upload an electronic file containing their raw genotyped DNA data so that they can compare it to other users’ data to find biological family relationships. It estimates how close or distant those relationships may be (e.g., a direct connection, like a parent, or a distant connection, like a third cousin), and it enables users to determine where, along each chromosome, their DNA may be similar to another user. It also predicts characteristics like ethnicity.

Why “This Sucker Is Going Down”

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

Once the contagion starts spreading, loose money won’t put the fires out.

As the nation’s political and economic leaders struggled to contain the 2008 financial meltdown, President George W. Bush famously summed the situation up: “If money doesn’t loosen up, this sucker will go down.”

Eleven years into the loose money recovery, this sucker is finally going down for reasons that have little to do with tight money and everything to do with the inconvenient fact that none of the structural problems have been addressed, much less actually fixed.

Three Major Imbalances – Financial, Trust and Geopolitical

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

But greed is a bottomless pit
And our freedom’s a joke
We’re just taking a piss
And the whole world must watch the sad comic display
If you’re still free start running away
Cause we’re coming for you!

– Conor Oberst, “Land Locked Blues”

It’s hard to believe 2020 is just around the corner. If the last ten years have taught us anything, it’s the extent to which a vicious and corrupt oligarchy will go to further extend and entrench their economic and societal interests. Although the myriad desperate actions undertaken by the ruling class this past decade have managed to sustain the current paradigm a bit longer, it has not come without cost and major long-term consequence. Gigantic imbalances across multiple areas have been created and worsened, and the resolution of these in the years ahead (2020-2025) will shape the future for decades to come. I want to discuss three of them today, the financial system imbalance, the trust imbalance and the geopolitical imbalance.

Pompeo Goes to Tel Aviv to Pay Tribute to Netanyahu and Prepare War Plans for Iran

from 21st Century Wire:

The war drums are beating again. They’re beating for Iran.

Recent comments by Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett have shocked some, when he stated this week that Israel would consider striking Iran if it ‘came close to being nuclear-capable,’ and proceeded to warns Iran that, ‘Syria will become your Vietnam.

This is clearly a direct threat of war being made by Israel.