The French Fraudulent Disaster Elections


by Peter Koenig, Global Research:

It looks and feels like this past Sunday, 7 July 2024, second round French election is one of the biggest election frauds in French history, maybe even in European history.

The vote engineers have been at it in the same way they have been at it in the 2020 US elections, when by all appearance, President Trump, the Republican, but much more important, the anti-Globalist, won with a landslide. However, the Democrat, Joe Biden, an easily bought Globalist, suddenly emerged as the winner.

Similarly in France, Madame Le Pen’s Party, the National Rally (NR), is called unfairly by all mainstream as the Populist far-right, when in reality, Madame Le Pen is primarily an anti-Globalist wanting a new sovereign France, not one submissive to the European Union and by proxy to the United States, as are most members of the EU.


These two-tier elections, with a second round when no first-round absolute majority winner emerges, are tailor-made for fraud. Because between the two elections, the vote-manipulators and election engineers go to work with well-refined techniques and tools, having observed people’s election behavior during the first round.

These parallels can and MUST be noted throughout the Western world.

Together: Brigitte Macron, Baron David de Rothschild, Emmanuel Macron

There is, of course as usual, no proof of manipulation. Not yet. The sophistication in this trade has achieved extraordinary technological IT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills.

Yet, the election results after Sunday, 7 July, just smell very bad. All odds were broken. The “National Rally”, excelled with 34% of the votes in the first round, just ONE week earlier on June 30.  

All predictions gave the NR a large advantage for the second round – even an absolute majority was projected.

That did not happen. Madame Le Pen’s party came in third after the second vote. Behind the New Popular Front (NPF) Coalition Party and Macron’s Centrists, Ensemble.

The so-called “setback” of the NR, winning only 142 Parliamentary seats (out of 577), gave, at least at the surface, President Macron the edge to continue on his Globalist bandwagon and especially on his warmongering odyssey, pledging sending French / NATO troops to Ukraine fighting against Russia. French boots, some mercenaries, some advisors, are already on the ground in Kiev, Odessa, and other places in Ukraine.

What did Russia do to France? Or to Germany? Or to the UK? Or to the European Union? No harm at all. Just seeking friendship and alliances.

Indeed, Russia is only seeking peace and friendly relations – seeking a normalization of the Eurasian continent, a move also strongly supported by China’s President Xi Jinping. Presidents Putin and Xi are very much interested in peace with Ukraine. But the NATO-West does not allow it, it is not interested. They want more war, and eventually conquer Russia. This is a ludicrous dream or quest of the West, over 200 years old. They have not achieved it, and will never achieve it.

In the meantime, the war industry becomes richer and richer – as people die, families are destroyed, the future of societies are devastated. Of no importance. The hegemon and its war industry must continue making money, and the world must continue being destabilized, and the world must continue being depopulated – and wars are just one instrument to do so.

European politics and European politicians are sick beyond rescue.

The left wing New Popular Front (NPF) won apparently 188 seats, but no absolute majority (289 seats). In fact, none of the alliances won an absolute majority.

The NPF consists of a loose coalition of several left-wing parties, ranging from the Socialists to the Greens, the Communists and the radical left France Unbowed, and other, minor parties. How reliable is this alliance? Not very, or not at all.

It is a make-shift and make-believe alliance to keep the Globalist and warmonger in place; the WEF-obedient, EU and Washington vassal submissive to the hegemon: Mr. Macron, also called “Little Napoleon”.

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