As Israel Continues To Demolish Hamas Terror Tunnels In Gaza, Hezbollah In Lebanon Increases Rocket Attacks On Jews Living In The Golan Heights


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

Israeli troops operating in Gaza City’s eastern Shejaiya neighborhood have demolished six Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad tunnels amid the latest raid there, Hezbollah drops rockets on Golan Heights

Israel is making great gains in Gaza with the ongoing destruction of the terror tunnels Hamas uses to launch attacks on the Jews, but to the north, Hezbollah continues to rain down rockets on the Golan Heights from Lebanon. One step forward, and three steps back as wars and rumours of war continue to plague God’s chosen people.


The Jerusalem Post reports today “Lebanon’s Hezbollah published an almost 10-minute video on Tuesday showing footage of 17 military sites in the Golan Heights, which it said had been gathered by the armed group’s surveillance aircraft. The video is the second episode in a series intended to show how far Hezbollah’s surveillance of Israel has reached as tensions mount over Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza and over frequent exchanges of fire across Lebanon’s border with Israel.”

IDF demolishes 6 Gaza City tunnels as Hezbollah drops rockets in the Golan from Lebanon

FROM THE TIMES OF ISRAEL: At least three more tunnels have been located and were in the process of being mapped out and demolished, military sources said. One of the destroyed tunnels is considered by the IDF to be Islamic Jihad’s “flagship” tunnel in Gaza City.

The recently discovered 2.5-kilometer (1.5-mile) tunnel was used by the terror group for command and control, according to military assessments.

Troops found laptops, weaponry, and intelligence material inside, indicating it was still being used by the terror group recently. The operation carried out by the 98th Division in Shejaiya, launched on June 27, came after the IDF said it had identified Hamas operatives regrouping in the area, as well as new intelligence on the terror group’s existing infrastructure. Other tunnels found by the 98th Division in Shejaiya included a significant Hamas tunnel within the heart of the neighborhood and several attack tunnels that were dug toward Israel, at least two of which reached close to Israel’s border barrier — just across from Nahal Oz — according to the IDF. source

2 critically wounded in Hezbollah rocket attack on Golan Heights, say medics

The IDF says some 40 rockets were launched at the Golan Heights in the latest barrage from Lebanon. One of the rockets directly struck a car near the Nafah Junction, critically wounding a man and a woman, medics say. Separately, the IDF says it struck a building used by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon’s Kafr Kila earlier today. source

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