Another One! United Boeing 757 Loses Wheel After Taking Off From LAX


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

United Airlines stock photo

Another one!

This is what DEI looks like in action.

A United Airlines Boeing 757 lost a wheel after taking off from Los Angeles International Airport on Monday morning.

The plane landed safely in Denver, Colorado.


“United Airlines Boeing wheel fell off after take off from LAX this morning going to Longmont, Colorado! Is this another maintenance issue?! What the heck?! husband was on flight and texted me the pilot luckily landed the plane safely,” a woman said in a post on X.

CBS News reported:

A United Airlines plane landed safely in Denver on Monday after a wheel fell off the plane during takeoff from Los Angeles earlier in the day.

Officials at Denver International Airport said United Flight 1001 — a Boeing 757-200 — landed at DIA just before 11 a.m. after a wheel on the rear landing gear fell off the plane upon takeoff at LAX. No injuries were reported among the 174 passengers or seven crewmembers.

United says an investigation is now ongoing to determine what caused the wheel to fall off. The wheel has since been recovered in Los Angeles.

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