Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Will Biden be “Clintonized” before the election?


by Robert Lowry, MD, America Outloud:

It seems Mr. Biden has played his given role perfectly over the past several years, but has he become more of a liability for the cabal than an asset?

Indeed, no one playing with a full deck of cards believes Biden has been running things at the White House these past three years. But up until the past few months, most of the blind faithful followers of the religion of Uniparty-governmentalism (generally known by its main denomination of the Democrat party rather than its less well-known minority cult – the RINO Republicans) were all willing to give Sleepy Joe a pass. That pass, however, may be coming to an end as more and more of the blind woke are waking up to the fact that American civil government, at all levels today, has been hijacked, and the elites are in a bit of a panic. And besides, with a little help from Hunter, he could be sufficiently caused to stay awake and alert long enough to manage his way through a debate.

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As a pawn of the elitists who actually control and run the US government, Uncle Joe has always followed orders to constantly push for the transfer of power from we the people, to the halls of DC. As vice president, the real chieftains kept him out of the limelight, allowing him to ramble on about whatever topic or thoughts his mind would wander around. At the same time, his family shamelessly enriched itself at the expense of the American people. Biden was a useful diversion for the elite. Nobody in power seemed to care what he was up to. He made the perfect VP – a stooge who would stay out of the limelight that was to be focused solely on the cabal’s chosen one, the Democrat’s new messiah – Obama. That he was already headed into cognitive decline didn’t seem to matter to anyone. He was playing the part they needed him to play.

As president, though, the swamp priests and priestesses have been unable to hide Biden’s cognitive decline from the public. The limelight of the presidency is a light that shines 24/7, and its daily highlight reel is broadcast worldwide. Although most Americans with IQs above 90 realized in 2020 that Biden was already several cards short of a full deck, today, even the most blind followers of the Democrat religion have begun to open their eyes and see that Joe is no longer capable of deciding what to eat for lunch, let alone make decisions for an entire nation.

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