Why Has China Purchased Farmland Near 19 Different Military Bases Inside The United States?


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

The Chinese aren’t exactly being subtle about what they are trying to do.  Today, they own more than 300,000 acres of farmland inside the United States, and they have been specifically targeting areas that are located near important military bases.  As you will see below, the Chinese now own farmland very close to 19 different U.S. military bases.  How in the world could our leaders have allowed this to happen?  Foreign adversaries should not be allowed to purchase farmland at all, and yet somehow they have been able to acquire land that is ideal for spying on our military bases over and over again.  In fact, the New York Post has “identified 19 bases across the US from Florida to Hawaii which are in close proximity to land bought up by Chinese entities”…

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China has been buying up strategically placed farmland next to military installations across the US, raising national security fears over potential espionage or even sabotage.

The Post has identified 19 bases across the US from Florida to Hawaii which are in close proximity to land bought up by Chinese entities and could be exploited by spies working for the communist nation.

When I read stuff like that, it makes me want to tear my hair out.

Are the people that are in charge of our national security really this incompetent?

According to the New York Post, the list includes some of our “most strategically important bases”

They include some of the military’s most strategically important bases: Fort Liberty (formerly Fort Bragg) in Fayetteville, North Carolina; Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood) in Killeen, Texas; Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California, and MacDill air force base in Tampa, Florida.

We know that the Chinese are very interested in our military bases.

Do you remember the Chinese spy balloon that was allowed to fly over our country?

The path that it took allowed it to gather intelligence on Malmstrom Air Force Base, which is where some of our key nuclear assets are located.

And the Wall Street Journal has reported that Chinese nationals have been caught accessing “military bases and other sensitive sites” inside the United States close to 100 times…

Chinese nationals, sometimes posing as tourists, have accessed military bases and other sensitive sites in the U.S. as many as 100 times in recent years, according to U.S. officials, who describe the incidents as a potential espionage threat.

The Defense Department, FBI and other agencies held a review last year to try to limit these incidents, which involve people whom officials have dubbed gate-crashers because of their attempts—either by accident or intentionally—to get onto U.S. military bases and other installations without proper authorization. They range from Chinese nationals found crossing into a U.S. missile range in New Mexico to what appeared to be scuba divers swimming in murky waters near a U.S. government rocket-launch site in Florida.

Look, everyone knows that the Chinese are trying to spy on us.

That isn’t a big secret.

Just don’t make it easy for them.

At the same time all of this spying is going on, there has been an unprecedented surge in Chinese migrants coming across the southern border…

US border officials said they detained 37,000 Chinese migrants attempting to cross the border in 2023, or 10 times the number detained in the year before. The true number of those attempting to cross the border is likely higher.

The flow of Chinese migrants continued to surge in 2024, with CBS reporting in February that it observed 600 migrants, many of whom were Chinese, entering the US in a single day.

The House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Accountability said in May that the number of Chinese nationals encountered by authorities at the US border in March had jumped 8,000% from the same period in 2021.

Most of the Chinese migrants that are coming across the southern border are men of military age, and they commonly travel to the border in groups.

Suspiciously, these groups of military age Chinese men are often decked out in matching equipment.

But they are let into the country anyway, because that is what our leaders have decided to do.

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