The Russians Are Coming! New York in the Crosshairs


from Sputnik News:

Russian troops are fighting to liberate the town of New York in the Donetsk People’s Republic, which is currently occupied by the Kiev regime forces.
What makes New York and the nearby town of Dzerzhinsk so important is the fact that they shield the Konstantinovka-Adveyevka route used by the Kiev regime’s forces to resupply their troops in the area, one of the Russian soldiers explained during an interview with Russian media.


Situated near the city of Gorlovka, New York has been turned into a veritable stronghold by the Ukrainian forces which, coupled with its strategic location, makes it a priority target for the Russian Army.
Also, New York is located on an elevation relative to Gorlovka, which allows Ukrainian forces to survey the city and coordinate artillery and HIMARS rocket strikes against it from the covered positions in Dzerzhinsk.

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