The Propaganda Arm Of The Democrat Party Are The Real ‘Cheap Fakes’ – The MSM Is Literally Telling People To Ignore What They Are Seeing With Their Own Eyes When Watching Viral Biden Videos


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Until the White House diversity hire (first black, lesbian) press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, called recent videos of Joe Biden freezing up,  having to be led away from a stage by Barack Obama, wandering,  and having trouble getting into an SUV, and others, “cheap fakes,” there is a good chance not many Americans had heard that term, yet the second she used the term, every Democrat flunky in the media headlined with the term.

First and understanding of the difference between a deep fake and a cheap fake.

A website called Data & Society,  differentiates the two in the following manner.


Coining the term “cheap fakes,” Paris and Donovan demonstrate that the creation of successfully deceptive media has never necessarily required advanced processing technologies, such as today’s machine learning tools. A “deepfake” is a video that has been altered through some form of machine learning to “hybridize or generate human bodies and faces,” whereas a “cheap fake” is an AV manipulation created with cheaper, more accessible software (or, none at all). Cheap fakes can be rendered through Photoshop, lookalikes, re-contextualizing footage, speeding, or slowing.

As more and more examples of Biden’s fragility, confusion, and inability to stay focused have been going viral over the past few weeks, showing that his physical abilities and mental acuity is deteriorating at an accelerated pace, the term “cheap fake” and been given new life, with the propaganda arm of the Democrat party aka the MSM, mimicking Jean-Pierre in falsely calling unaltered and very real videos of Biden, cheap fakes, or misleading,

Page and after page of examples of the media providing cover for the 81 years old.

Fox News, which isn’t what it once was, still provided a good analogy for what we are witnessing, with the headline “White House deja vu: ‘Cheap fake’ Biden videos are media’s 2024 Hunter laptop lies.” The sub-header states “In 2020, Democrats and the media attacked Hunter’s laptop as fake. This time we have experts to warn us about the dangers of watching accurate videos.”
That is exactly what is happening.

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