The Height Of Irony: Big Tech And Biden Lawyers Are Arguing That If They Are Not Allowed To Censor We The People’s Speech, It Is A Violation Of Their First Amendment Rights


by By Andrew Riddaugh, All News Pipeline:

The Supreme Court has an opportunity to save free speech and, ultimately, free elections in America. At the end of June, two cases regulating social media and government speech censorship are on the docket.

The highest court in the land will be focused on cases from Missouri and Texas that aim to prevent social media outlets and the Biden Administration from censoring and banning users based on their political views.

Any American who has participated on Facebook, or Twitter before it was X, knows exactly what it’s like to have their First Amendment rights trampled. The Twitter files brought examples of the censorship disease, which suppressed speech on topics damaging to the Biden family and the 2020 elections.


Ironically, #BigTech and the Biden lawyers are arguing that if they are not allowed to stop people’s speech, it is a violation of their First Amendment rights.

Any chance #BigTech has to suppress the conservative voice or cause, they take it. That’s exactly why I started Liberation Technology Services, a freedom-based tech platform. Understanding what is at stake from this Supreme Court decision and the actions you can take to protect yourself in these uncertain times, is critical.

The laws in certain states protect social media users from being canceled or removed based on political beliefs or opinions. These laws protect citizens and their First Amendment right to free speech and censorship from a bias in terms of service set forth by the big tech giants. But doesn’t the 1st Amendment apply to everyone?

What will the Supreme Court do? Last February, during oral arguments, the justices were conflicted.

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