by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

If you’re a member of this website or a regular follower on its forums, you will know that over the past couple of years there has been an increasing inability for me to schedule regular events such as vidchats. The reason for this is very simple: weather, and, to be more precise, the possibility of severe weather. I live in an area where, quite literally, severe weather can “spin up” very quickly and with little warning, leaving me but few precious seconds to scoop up my dog and my radio, and scramble to the storm shelter in the back yard. As this procedure is alone somewhat risky, if there is a probability of severe weather – massive hail or winds or tornadoes – I will cancel events to allow me to monitor weather radars and to take shelter long before the sirens are blown. Indeed, if you’re hearing the sirens and are not in your shelter when they blow, it’s probably too late. And over the years, as the storms seem to become more intense, I’ve adopted the “better safe than sorry” philosophy.

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But this year has been the absolute worst. During last month (May, 2024), the cycle of storms seemed to hit with weekly regularity, and virtually every time they did, there were warnings of severe weather and tornadoes. We were in our storm shelter no less than five times in four weeks, for a total of about 15 hours spent in it. From Texas to Ohio the country has been pummeled with storms, and as I’ve remarked, we seem to be incapable of having a simple rain with a rumble of thunder every now and then. Every storm now becomes severe. Other people, when I talk about the weird weather, are perceiving the same thing.  But before we get to today’s high octane speculation, we must take notice of the following article kindly shared by E.G., because there is a telltale financial and economic indicator that this perception is not merely some sort of “group subjective phenomenon”; it is very real:

The Rise In America’s Billion-Dollar Extreme Weather Disasters

This article says it all, and it’s best to begin at the beginning:

Since 1980, there have been 383 extreme weather or climate disasters where the damages reached at least $1 billion. In total, these disasters have cost more than $2.7 trillion.

Created in partnership with the National Public Utilities Council, this chart, via Visual Capitalist’s Jenna Ross, shows how these disasters have been increasing with each passing decade.(Emphasis added)

But note carefully the following important points: adjusting for inflation, the costs of weather disasters has been steadily rising (and note also that benchmark cate of 1980; we’ll get back to that):

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) tracks each disaster and estimates the cost based on factors like physical damages and time losses such as business interruption. They adjust all costs by the Consumer Price Index to account for inflation.

Both the number and cost of extreme weather disasters has grown over time. In fact, not even halfway through the 2020s the number of disasters is over 70% of those seen during the entire 2010s.

Note that according to the above table, we are not even halfway through the 2020s, but are well over halfway to the previous inflation-adjusted cost of weather disasters in the 2010s, and notice the steady increase of the costs.

In other words, measured by the monetary costs, the weather is, indeed, getting worse, much worse.  It is not merely a “group subjective impression.”

And that brings me to today’s high octane speculation: the question is why? Of course, we know that the “climate change” nitwits will trot out their usual sauce of whining claptrap and nonsense: cow farts, methane, greenhouse gases, farmers, too many people. But nary a peep will ever cross their ideologically blinded eyes and mute lips about weather modification technologies, from the simple procedures of cloud seeding, to Baal Gates’ (and others’) kooky and insane idea about blotting out the sun with chemical spraying, to the use of ionospheric heaters to actually alter and engineer the ionosphere and magnetosphere, and hence, to be able to manipulate the weather. Remember, the original patents for HAARP included weather modification and missile defense as one of the uses of the technology, and that was in the late 1980s! Let us add to this the chemical spraying that began with the Reagan Administration to increase the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere as a component of its Star Wars program (and of course, that would make those ionospheric heaters more efficient). In other words, that 1980s date is important, because it is an indicator, a symbol, that mankind is indeed causing the climate change, but for none of the “reasons” offered by the climate change advocates. Their version of it is merely a cloak for the military-industrial manipulation of the weather, and all the blowback happening as a result of that interference and manipulation.

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