Revealing poll asks whether ‘The government planned and executed the attacks’…


from Revolver News:

A great awakening has swept across America, largely sparked by President Trump splashing onto the scene. Americans no longer just take the government’s word for it—they question everything and trust the political elite about as far as they can throw them. This awakening has also prompted many to revisit past events with a more critical eye. Among these, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which many “fringe” folks have been suspicious about for decades, have now come under intense scrutiny from everyday Americans, creating more questions and skepticism than ever before.


Meanwhile, the propaganda media’s job is to paint anybody who doesn’t follow the regime narrative as some Q-kook. Like this piece from the AP that lumps 9/11 and COVID conspiracies together.

The problem with the AP’s story is that some of those so-called “COVID conspiracy theories” turned out to be right. So, could we see a similar pattern with 9/11? It’s hard to say, but given the misinformation about “weapons of mass destruction” and the disastrous nation-building efforts in Iraq, Americans have every reason to be skeptical. So, what do Americans really think about the 9/11 attacks themselves? Sean Davis, the editor of The Federalist, was curious too. He ran a poll asking Americans point-blank what they believed happened. The results? They were intriguing and quite revealing.

As of this publishing, the poll racked up nearly 3,000 votes, and clearly, a majority reckon the government had a significant hand in the 9/11 attacks. About 27 percent are convinced it was an “inside job,” while nearly 24 percent think the U.S. government knew about the upcoming attacks but chose to let them happen. Another 22 percent believe the attackers were intelligence assets gone rogue. That’s incredibly telling—and frankly, quite disturbing. It shows just how much trust in our government has plummeted, reaching depths many of us never imagined possible.

There’s still time to vote, so it’ll be interesting to see the final results.

He also broke down and explained each option in the poll, adding another layer of interest. This provides deeper insight into how Americans view the sketchy government and our disgraced intelligence agencies.

Sean Davis:

Inside job: The government planned and executed the attacks.

Knew, chose not to stop: The government was aware of specific plans to attack the World Trade Center and other targets, and deliberately chose to let them happen.

Lost control of fed asset(s): The government was tracking or potentially even working with terrorists involved the attack, but lost track of what they were really up to, and did not expect the timing, nature, or severity of the actual attack.

No idea/taken by surprise: The government was completely clueless and had no prior knowledge or information about the attack before it happened.

Many folks believe there’s a link between the 9/11 attacks and that mysterious missing $2 trillion that former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld mentioned. It’s fascinating—when you search for this so-called “missing money,” the top results are a bit of a mixed bag. A 2023 AP story claims no money actually went missing, while a 2023 Reuters article suggests Rumsfeld didn’t disclose the loss of the day before 9/11/01.

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