Pushback Against AI Hype is Increasing as AI Failures Continue to Increase


by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News:

As Silicon Valley investors continue investing in the AI hype that started at the end of 2022 with Microsoft’s release of ChatGPT, many now are beginning to wake up to the fact that AI’s promises are still all hype at this point, and may never develop into the techno-prophecies that continue to make the news each day, especially in the Alternative Media.

Here is an example that was published last week in the Alternative Media that highlights the hype still surrounding AI that keeps the money flowing into this technology, based ONLY on what the techno prophets tell us is going to happen in the future, as opposed to giving us real world examples in the present as evidence that any of this could ever actually happen some day.

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Summoning A God


Leopold Aschenbrenner, who says he worked at OpenAI previously, put out a 140 page paper on the current state of AI research, and what’s likely to happen within the next ten years (Situational Awarness: The Decade Ahead). Zach Vorhies read it and found it terrifying. Below is his thread on it. (Source.)

Right away one can see that this entire article is based on an appeal to authority, and that authority is Leopold Aschenbrenner, “who says he worked at OpenAI previously.”

So I clicked over to the original source to see what Leo actually wrote and if he had any evidence for this techno prophecy.

Here is the intro to his 6-chapter “essay”:

You can see the future first in San Francisco.

Over the past year, the talk of the town has shifted from $10 billion compute clusters to $100 billion clusters to trillion-dollar clusters. Every six months another zero is added to the boardroom plans. Behind the scenes, there’s a fierce scramble to secure every power contract still available for the rest of the decade, every voltage transformer that can possibly be procured. American big business is gearing up to pour trillions of dollars into a long-unseen mobilization of American industrial might. By the end of the decade, American electricity production will have grown tens of percent; from the shale fields of Pennsylvania to the solar farms of Nevada, hundreds of millions of GPUs will hum.

The AGI race has begun. We are building machines that can think and reason. By 2025/26, these machines will outpace many college graduates. By the end of the decade, they will be smarter than you or I; we will have superintelligence, in the true sense of the word. Along the way, national security forces not seen in half a century will be unleashed, and before long, The Project will be on. If we’re lucky, we’ll be in an all-out race with the CCP; if we’re unlucky, an all-out war.

Everyone is now talking about AI, but few have the faintest glimmer of what is about to hit them. Nvidia analysts still think 2024 might be close to the peak. Mainstream pundits are stuck on the willful blindness of “it’s just predicting the next word”. They see only hype and business-as-usual; at most they entertain another internet-scale technological change.

Before long, the world will wake up. But right now, there are perhaps a few hundred people, most of them in San Francisco and the AI labs, that have situational awareness.

Through whatever peculiar forces of fate, I have found myself amongst them. (Source.)

This is the kind of thinking that produced Hollywood science fiction blockbusters for the past 60+ years, starting with Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek TV series in the 1960s, and George Lucas’s blockbuster Star Wars films starting in the 1970s.

But 60 years later, we still have no real world operating examples of any of this kind of technology first conceived in Hollywood where its only value is entertainment.

Belief in this future of AI as Leo here describes, is a mixture of religious-like belief mixed with a magician’s slight of hand to fool people into continuing to believe in, and invest in, science fiction.

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