Pfizer CEO Admits Covid Was Just a ‘Rehearsal’


by Frank Bergman, SlayNews:

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has admitted that the Covid pandemic and mRNA shot rollout was just a “rehearsal” for something far larger.

Bourla made the admission while gloating about Pfizer’s future as a vaccine maker.

The pharmaceutical kingpin was defending his company over reports that Pfizer’s “best days” are now in the past since the Covid pandemic was over.


“I truly think that the best days of Pfizer are ahead of us, because Covid was for me was like a rehearsal.”

He then continued to boast that Pfizer can now rapidly roll out mRNA shots in response to the next “main disease.”

Bourla then suggested that Covid seems insignificant because Pfizer is now “after cancer and many other things in the years to come.”


This is not the first time Bourla has talked about new revenue “opportunities” for Pfizer from cancer, however.

As Slay News reported last month, Bourla revealed that his pharmaceutical company is expecting to reap “blockbuster” profits from treating the global surge in turbo cancers among the Covid-vaccinated.

Since Covid mRNA shots were rolled out to the public in early 2021, cases of rapidly developing cancers in young, healthy people have skyrocketed.

Oncologists and leading doctors around the world have been raising the alarm about the issue.

Many are reporting that patients who appear healthy are often dead within a week of being diagnosed.

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