Pentagon’s Smear Campaign Against China’s COVID Vaccine Echoes Anti-Vax Attack on Russia


from Sputnik News:

Recent revelations about the Pentagon’s clandestine smear campaign targeting China’s COVID-19 vaccine cannot but call to mind similar dirty tactics used against Russia, other rival vaccines during the pandemic.
Politically-motivated smear campaigns and double standards in the coverage of coronavirus vaccines abounded in western reporting throughout the pandemic. The latest revelations about the secret Pentagon-led anti-vaccine disinformation campaign against the Global South echo similar targeting of Russia’s Sputnik V jab.


A sweeping effort was launched by the US Department of Defense during the coronavirus pandemic to undermine the Chinese Sinovac jab was recently revealed by a Reuters investigation. No less than 300 fake accounts were created by the Pentagon on X (formerly Twitter) to disparage the efficacy and safety of China’s vaccine, face masks and test kits. The campaign was tailored to target audiences in the Philippines to counter China’s growing influence, said the report. It later spread to target people in the Middle East and Central Asia as a full-blown anti-vax effort disparaging rival vaccines.

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