New Zealand data leaked by Barry Young has a smoking gun: a 27% increase in all-cause mortality over 12 months if you got the jab


by Steve Kirsch, Steve Kirsch’s newsletter:

It’s amazing nobody noticed. It took just 2.7 seconds for Oracle to run the query that shows this. You can replicate my work yourself on the data I published last year.

Executive summary

If you were age 65-69 and you were one of the 4M people who opted to get one or more jabs in New Zealand, on average, your mortality over a 1 year period from when you got your first shot was elevated by at least 27% from the official baseline mortality rates published by the New Zealand authorities for 2021 as well as 2022.


Every single 5 year age range from 45 to 84 was elevated over baseline. The data was too noisy for lower age ranges (fewer than 59 deaths).

Apparently, Health New Zealand doesn’t care how many people they are killing. They won’t take the 2 seconds to run the query.

As far as I can tell from talking to Barry Young, the former Oracle DBA at Health New Zealand, their epidemiologists have never asked to look at the safety data and have no interest in learning the truth.

That’s their idea of protecting the public.

So the killing will continue.

The SQL query

Simply import the .csv file in the record-level-data directory into Oracle. During import, rename the columns to match the column names to match the query below. Make sure that the DOD field is imported as a DATE. Skip importing the vaccine type.

The query below basically computes how many people between the ages of 65 and 69 got doses 1 – 4 and how many of those people died within 365 days of their shot. It also computes the % died by dividing the two values. It is brain dead simple.

CREATE TABLE analysis_65_69_365_day_obfuscated AS
SELECT dose_number,
       ROUND((SELECT num_dead / num_vaccinated * 100 FROM dual), 2) AS percent_died
    SELECT dose_number,
           COUNT(*) AS num_vaccinated,
           COUNT(CASE WHEN dod <= vax_date + 365 THEN 1 END) AS num_dead
    FROM obfuscated
    WHERE TRUNC(MONTHS_BETWEEN(vax_date, dob) / 12) BETWEEN 65 AND 69
        AND trunc(vax_date)<'5-oct-2022' -- so that person has time to die before database runs out on oct 7, 2023
    GROUP BY dose_number
    HAVING dose_number BETWEEN 1 AND 4  -- Limit doses to 1 through 4

Results (in just 2.7 seconds)

Results on running the query above on the obfuscated dataset

The results on the original dataset (without the obfuscations) have slightly different counts, but exactly the same percentages which is a great validation that the obfuscation had minimal impact on the statistical integrity.

Mortality rates for 65-69 year olds

The official mortality rates for 65 to 69 year olds is available from Infoshare, using the Group: Death rates DMM selection.

For 2020, the rate was 0.975% per annum.
For 2021, the rate was 0.986% per annum.
For 2022, the rate was 1.055% per annum.

Shot #1 was given in September 2021, suggesting that the baseline mortality rate should be between those two rates. Therefore, a conservative estimate is to use the higher number as baseline mortality expected.

So we have 1.34/1.055 = 1.27 which means our Dose 1 people died at more than 27% above what was expected.

That is a disaster.

But the reasons the rates are higher is presumably due the vaccine so the baseline rate is closer to .975% and even lower than that since healthier people get vaccinated than the overall population so baseline is probably around .9 and we observed 1.34% which is a 48% increase.

The gaslighting attempts

Defenders of the “safe and effective” vaccine will go into overdrive on this.

Their claims will be:

  1. It was a skewed subset of the 65-69 year-olds that opted for the shots; the healthy people avoided getting vaccinated. That’s why the mortality rate is so high.
  2. Look! The vaccine worked!!!! By the time people got the fourth shot, they were able to reduce their all-cause mortality by nearly 40% from baseline! The vaccine is a miracle! Everyone should get it!

My response

Both of these statements are false.

  1. The people who opt to get any vaccine are health seeking and have, in general, lower mortality than the general population. This is known as the “healthy vaccinee effect.”

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