MAN OF DESTINY: A Defiant Emmanuel Macron Says He Will Not Resign ‘Whatever The Result’ Of The New Upcoming French Parliamentary Elections He’s Called


by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday said he would not resign ‘whatever the result’ of the upcoming French parliamentary elections.

That Emmanuel Macron is a ‘man of destiny’ is readily apparent, even if his political career would end today. He has defied expectations from the moment he came on the scene in 2017, adamantly declaring he would one day rule as the god Jupiter. At the rate he is going, he just might do that, and maybe a whole lot more than that. Emmanuel Macron is ready for a fight.


Adolf Hitler was another ruler who enjoyed defying expectations, repeatedly doing things that no one saw coming, and astounding people with the results. It was his constantly going for broke at every turn, and holding the winning hand at the end that led to the German people viewing him as a messianic figure worthy of their worship. Hitler did not deceive with words alone, it was his actions that ‘sealed the deal’. Is Emmanuel Macron cut from that same cloth? That is the question we’ve been asking for the past 7 years, one that he continues to answer in the affirmative. Whatever the result of the election, Macron will be the winner one way or the other. He’s not going anywhere, he’s a man of destiny.

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