INTERVIEW: Dr. Robert Epstein – Big Tech & Google’s Election Interference


from 21st Century Wire:

TNT Radio host Patrick Henningsen speaks with psychologist, professor and author Dr. Robert Epstein, who discusses the important issue of monopolistic Big Tech firms manipulating U.S. elections through biased targeting of users through either propaganda or ‘get out to vote’ reminders – tactics which have already been proven to swing election results in tight contests, including a number of key swing states. To help combat this abuse by tech oligarchs, Dr. Epstein has launched a ground-breaking online monitoring system called Americas Digital Shield, which can now detect what firms like Google are doing in real-time, and then raise the alarm to try and stop attempts by power firms to rig U.S. elections. We also talk about the dangers posed by projects like OpenAI who appear to be merging with the national security state – a development which has been flagged by the likes of Ed Snowden and others. Watch:


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