How Anthony Fauci Weaponized Science Against America


by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World, 2nd Smartest Guy in the World:

Since the 1970s, Fauci has repeatedly used the same playbook to reshape America’s scientific apparatus to serve corporate America and become one of the most powerful bureaucrats in history.

From AIDS to VAIDS, how Dr. Mengele 2.0 aka Dr. Fauci infiltrated, perverted and criminalized an illegitimate Federal government and its unconstitutional agencies.

Dr. Fauci is the single most prolific serial killer in human history, and he remains at large precisely because he pushed through the slow kill bioweapons on behalf of his Intelligence Industrial Complex handlers; to wit:


The very same inexpensive repurposed cure for VAIDS (e,g, turbo cancers, prion-based diseases, etc.) may have also worked for “AIDS” as well, and will be shared at the end of this article…

by A Midwestern Doctor

One of the biggest problems in our government is that people are promoted based on their loyalty (and sociopathy) rather than their competency (and integrity). In turn, the leadership of federal bureaucracy tends to be infested with individuals who habitually cover up the crimes of the government and those who are eager to sell out America to corporate interests—rather than the best minds our country has to offer who could genuinely move America forward.

Because of this, the employees of the federal government (e.g., our scientists) are often trapped in a position where they want to do the right thing but can’t because a president appointed a boss for them whose only qualification was lifelong loyalty to the corporation which funded the president’s election. RFK Jr. for example, has shared this was what he learned from repeatedly suing the Federal government, likewise numerous CDC employees signed a letter attesting to this, and more recently, when the GAO conducted an investigation, they found employees in the Federal agencies responsible for the pandemic response reported that they had seen political interference prevent scientifically correct policies from being enacted within their agency.

In my eyes, this reality is a product of the fact America is a superpower in decline which has gotten such an excess of wealth and power (and propaganda) that its government no longer has to produce results to stay in power (e.g., consider how pivotal institutions in the country such as the current presidential administration are now filling their ranks with grossly unqualified individuals who meet DEI metrics and then not being held to account for the horrendous failures of these individuals).

One of the individuals who best embodies the dysfunctional foundation of our government is Anthony Fauci. Despite being grossly incompetent, Fauci has amassed an unprecedented degree of power over the decades because of his unwavering commitment to the pharmaceutical industry and to covering up the (scientific) crimes of the American government.
Note: prominent figures such as Rand Paul and RFK Jr have compared Fauci to J Edgar Hoover, as both of them were career bureaucrats who amassed an unprecedented degree of power in the government and then leveraged it to force everyone else to go along with their crimes. In Fauci’s case, this is particularly unfortunate because he corrupted our national scientific apparatus and transformed it into something that hurt rather than helped the people of America.

Throughout his career, Fauci has done heinous things to the people of America, but by and large, he has completely escaped accountability for those actions. Yesterday however, this changed and Fauci was forced to testify in front of Congress, where he was formally accused by our leaders of his crimes against America. I wrote this article because much of what they accused him of, many others previously did as well (including prominent Democrats who are still in Congress).

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