Government Whistleblower: Covid Shots Were Planned 20 Years in Advance


by Frank Bergman, Slay News:

A government contractor has blown the whistle to reveal that Covid mRNA shots didn’t just suddenly appear in response to the pandemic but they had, in fact, been in the making for two decades.

During a bombshell new interview, the whistleblower, Dr. David Martin, exposes the detailed planning of the Covid mRNA shots.

While working as a U.S. government contractor, Martin says he witnessed decades of criminal preparations, years before Covid emerged in 2020.


Speaking with Infowars’ Alex Jones, Martin outlines the government’s long-term plot to develop and release the Covid virus.

Martin reveals that globalists had the pandemic planned decades in advance.

The entire exercise over the last four and half years was wilfully misleading the population into taking something through coercion that would not have otherwise ever been accepted.

“Since 2002, there has not been a coronavirus; there has been an engineered pathogen,” Dr. David Martin said.

“Engineered by Ralph Baric at the University of Carolina Chapel Hill where, in 2002, he patented the’ infectious, replication defective, clone of coronavirus’.”

“The ‘coronavirus’ that has been branded to be part of covid-19, does not exist.

“What does exist is a pathogen modelled off of properties of what was once upon a time isolated as coronavirus,” he explained.

“Properties that increased its pathogenicity [and] increased its toxicity but … decreased its transmissibility …

“In 2002 it was patented to be non-transmissable.”

Essentially, coronavirus has been man-made since 2002 and has not been a pathogen of nature.

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