Food Recalls Are Increasing In Frequency As We Get Closer To Nuclear War – Trying To Ban Our Meat While The Govt Is Restocking Deep Underground Military Bases So They Can Eat Like Kings


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

The constant yammering on the part of the global “elite,” regarding food intake, specifically meats and dairy products is hitting a fevered pitch as they discover that us pesky humans don’t want to give up our natural proteins and dairy products, and we also are getting tired of dire warnings about “climate change,” and their failed predictions.

Before moving on to the meat and potatoes of the article (yes, pun intended), a quick reminder for those new to ANP, that for more than 50 years we have seen dozens of predictions of how climate change would destroy the world, and not one of those predictions came true.


Instead of looking back at said predictions and trying to figure out where they went wrong, the “blob,” aka the powers that be, keep doubling, and tripling down on their arrogant assertions that mere human beings are capable of destroying Earth by what we consume.

If anything is going to totally annihilate Earth, it will be an all-out nuclear war, and even then, while humanity may go extinct, Earth itself will likely still be mostly intact, and hundreds or thousands of years down the line, it will repopulate with… something.

For years we have been seeing headlines such as “Eat Less Meat Is Message for Rich World in Food’s First Net Zero Plan,” and “UN wants Americans to cut back on eating meat. And that’s only the beginning,” all in the name of “climate change,” formally known as “global warming.”

All the available evidence shows that if Americans were to cut meat consumption, it would not cause the average global temperature to fall. Why, then, is the UN so keen on keeping meat off Americans’ dinner plates? 

Unfortunately, in recent decades, many UN agencies have been overtaken by environmental radicals, men and women who have promoted one extreme “green” agenda after another, and the problem is only going to get worse in the near future.  

This brings us full circle, right back to the 50+ years of failed climate predictions, which terrified generations of people, and they are the ones now making the doomsday predictions about climate change.

We see the outcome of those false and failed predictions in the protests blocking roads by “just stop oil” groups, and groups targeting priceless works of art, along with a number of other protests, all in the name of climate change.

These climate change hoaxsters, from King Charles of England, to the Biden regime and liberal politicians, have literally terrorized generations of the young, who are now using the same failed data to predict doom for the masses. It is like a creepy merry-go-round.

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