BIRD FLU PLANDEMIC 2024: The Secret Agenda


from State Of The Nation:

There seems to be a great amount of confusion and misunderstanding regarding the latest Plandemic-in-the-making. As follows:

The perpetrators of the COVID-19 Plandemic know that it’s now impossible to pull off another fake pandemic as they did with the non-existent SARS-CoV-2 beginning in January of 2020.  The world community of nations will simply resist any attempt to duplicate that engineered coronavirus hoax and society-destroying ruse.

However, that does not mean the same genocidal perps will not try to carry out a fake Bird Flu Plandemic with the explicit intention of decimating the world’s food supply.


So what’s really going on here?

As we all know by now, The Powers That Be have an endless number of complex and convoluted conspiratorial plots on the shelf designed as global depopulation schemes (COVID-19 bioweapon & weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’), as well as national genocide operations (Ukraine & Gaza).

Next up on the New World Order agenda to systematically reduce the world’s population to 500 million are geoengineered famines and artificially manufactured mass starvations. See: 92 Million Chickens have been killed by the government for bogus bird flu BS

In order to accomplish these major objectives, the perps are running with the rapidly evolving Bird Flu Plandemic (which has very little chance of ever becoming a human pandemic).

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